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California state of emergency. The "Rim Fire"

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posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 10:39 AM
The firefighters are slowly gaining ground on this massive fire, but it is still spreading. Here is the link to the 6:30 a.m. update:

Incident Statics
Acres Burned: 219,277 (343 square miles) Structures Threatened: 4,500
Containment: 35% Residences Destroyed: 11
Fire Start Date: August 17, 2013 Commercial Property Destroyed: 3
Fire Cause: Under Investigation Outbuildings Destroyed: 97
Cost to date: $54.8 million Injuries: 4
Total Personnel: 4,995

The authorities have not extended evacuation warnings to Yosemite Valley, because the fire is still a good distance away, but after seeing the air quality this morning, I think they may.

This link is to the Yosemite National Park air quality page, all of the following images can be accessed by various tabs on this page.

Look at the past hour's particulate matter, measured in Yosemite Valley (about 4 miles east of the webcam location).

Smoke. This is what is causing the poor air quality (you can just make out the trees at the bottom of the screen):

For comparison, the same webcam view 24 hrs ago:

This graphic shows the webcam's location (above the Hwy 140/ El Portal entrance) & direction it is facing, WSW. (I also marked up the image to show highways and approximate fire perimeter location):

Breathing will be difficult, especially if your trying to hike up into the backcountry, or have respiratory issues.
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posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 10:45 AM

Originally posted by TheLotLizard
The "Rim Fire" as they are calling it.

I've been telling people for years that our mountains are overgrown with vegetation. Untouched for years now, the growth has gotten to all time highs. Weeds here easily can get to your chest.

A couple days ago me and a friend were going to check out a fire at my old house because some drunk hit a telephone pole. We got there about five minutes too late, as the ire was already out. So we start heading hue and we see another fire. We tried to drive close but it was sadly too far away. Fire reports on the radio said it was 40 acres. So we head home and check them again it was up to 200 acres already! Seriously only ten minutes after it gree that much. I knew this was going to be a bad one.

About four days have passed and this inferno has gotten to 70 THOUSAND acres and 1% containment. This fire is only about fifteen miles in a line from my house. For the past couple days its been snowing ashes some the size of quarters.

This fire I headed to multiple houses and towns and can be there by Sunday. Tousands can be taken from their homes. Multiple evacuations have undergone and more to follow.

Feels like an apocalypse right over those once beautiful mountains.

Omg!!!! My prayers are truly w/ you!!!! Please be careful and again... My heart and prayers are w/ you!!!

posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by Olivine

Wow, the air quality degradation in Yosemite is off the charts. This is the latest data from the Yosemite Village air monitoring site. As of noon, Pacific time, the average particulate matter concentrations were 409 micrograms/ cubic meter.

Here is the link to a .pdf just updated to the Rim Fire inciweb page that shows actual and anticipated air quality in and around the fire.
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posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by Olivine

Thank you VERY MUCH for keeping on top of this and also your info on the quake threads!

Ive only been here on the west coast for a short time and ATS is usually the first place I look when things are happening that I need to know. Our local media is notoriously slow and NOT forthcoming with details on things.

Again...thank you!

ETA....Thanks for the 'air quality' pic of the area. It convinced hubby that we really shouldn't go visit the area anytime soon.

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