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Why we COULD repel an alien invasion

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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 09:32 AM
Our technology is insectoid/antlike in comparison to beings, thousands, 100's of thousands, millions and billions of years over our head, with true understanding of the universe, unlike us. Think Keely, Tesla, and also metaphysics.

The lower Ets who are dark hats and working with the para military here to destroy earth and kill people, could stage a battle and a loss I suppose.......

posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 05:03 AM

Originally posted by MrInquisitive
reply to post by James1982

I'd think the worse case scenario would be sentient machines who don't need no stinking life forms, and who respect them even less.

But I also think it highly improbable that any aliens that came here would be able logistically to come here in force. Then again, perhaps all they need is one robust spacecraft, along with a data bank of describing every aspect of their race and the flora and fauna of their planet, with which they could go about reconstituting all the organic matter on this planet in their planet's image -- not a pretty picture for us or terrestrial microbes for that matter.

Ya - I have a hard time trying to get inside the confined space of the OP's head.

Sentient machines is almost certainly the most likely alien beings that we encounter. Possibly they were originally organic, and perhaps are able to switch between machines and organic forms at will - creating the organic form out of handy material - like a transporter, but just using raw data to create a new body.

However sentient machines are more likely to be far more humane than us, people often think of machines as not having emotions - but that is purely because our current machines are so low tech. Emotions are very useful for survival, and advanced machines would definitely make use of that improvement - but they would likely have absolute control over their emotions.

You suggest the ET's might not be able to arrive in force, I find that likely only in the most primitive ET's. Advanced species could simply move our earth into the orbit of their distant star to check us out, or bring one of their suitable worlds into out solar system.

They would be able to take over human bodies via remote control at will using signals attuned to our mental facilities. They could just turn us all into slaves with a flick of a switch.

If they just wanted to get rid of us they could introduce virus and kill us all before we even knew they existed.

It depends on how advanced they were - but looking at the numbers I'd say if we are visited its most likely they will be thousands of years more advanced than us, probably tens of thousands. The very advanced species we might never encounter because they simply don't exist inside physical reality anymore.

If an alien attack appeared, it is likely the entire thing only occurs in our minds as they take control and show us possible events. Or if they appear and we fight hem, that the bodies or machines that we kill are just replicated and can be replaced an infinite number of times - they would only be fighting this kind of battle to allow us to learn, not to defeat us.

The OP has a massive failure of imagination and an incredible hubris - if someone who can come here means us harm, then its almost certain that we will have no hope.

Intelligent species are almost all likely to be drawn from predators if they are organic, inorganic ET's may just be terraforming drones, but they will probably be equipped to deal with anything we could throw at them. So biological ET's are likely to know the arts of war, and have advanced weapons.

If they are true sentient inorganics then any contact with them would be of the order of ants to humans, they could understand us and communicate - and they might present themselves as very normal and interesting humans - but that would be like us playing fetch with a dog - the dog thinks we are the pack leader, but our social organization is so far above the dogs that we just humor the animals because they are loyal and without guile.

Of course then we can consider beings who exist outside of space time, they would simply be gods to us - we could not effect them in any way and only detect them if they decided to manifest themselves.

Considering that the universe is supposedly 14 billion years old - and that a planet can produce complex life only after about 3.5 billion years, and our current 'advanced' technology has existed for less than 100 years, the chances of meeting an alien species who are within our range of technologies, give or take 100 years would be as follows;

14 - 3.5 = 10.5 billion year range of possible age of intelligent ET.

100 years variation /10,500,000,000 possible age of ET civilization = 0.0000001% chance

We are not going to run into some backyard hick ET, they are going to be far more advanced than us - its just math.

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 09:08 PM
I'd suggest we are likely protected already... or owned.

We're finding life is a tough, widespread phenomena and it stands to reason it is most everywhere. If I hadn't seen what I can only guess was alien tech in our skies first hand, I'd say the other "UFO" reports tell a story of this planet being managed, watched, or at the very least... studied.

Since we haven't been wiped out... lately, anyway... the guys in our skies are using us for something (experiment, entertainment, food [emotional snack anyone?]) and since there's likely loads of intelligent life out there, then perhaps they are keeping the inevitable xenophobes away who would drop a mini black hole, asteroid or microbe, etc. on us.

Or then again, maybe our EM emanations are just now hitting the sensors of an alien self appointed pest controller 90 some light years away and they are coming soon... to be observed by our saucery friends while we're being exterminated.

It is probably stupid to blast organized energy out into space if we don't know there's a big brother to run crying to. In the vastness of space there has to be some super macho soldier types wanting to beat some butt (or the alien equivalent).

Either way, we're likely already subjugated... most of us just aren't aware of it.

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 12:19 PM
I find the OP's possibilities are grossly over-anthropomorphic. Comparing our wars of conquests, which were primarily for territory, to an invasion on a planet-wide scale is very inaccurate.

No invasion 'just happens.' There is a great deal of thought involved before anyone decides to move in and initiate combat. Let us assume that aliens do exist, and they've decided that (for whatever reason) they want Earth.

Firstly, they would have to have undertaken some serious surveillance to determine whether or not whatever they want is here. Part of that surveillance would have also been the monitoring of media, the analysis of military might and likely the reactions taken by world powers and the mood of the people to different terrestrial threats. This would stop them from underestimating us. That only happens in movies.

Secondly (and perhaps most importantly), it is reckless to assume that there are different factions within the alien military or species that would oppose us. It is more than likely that we'd be facing an enemy that is of one mind, and that that mind would be 'kill!' Let me also revert to your very 'humanistic' view on the alien invaders, and state that our own recent history shows that just because the people don't want to fight, doesn't mean the fight won't happen anyway. And that those same people will regardless send their children to serve.

Thirdly, if there is something on this world that they wanted badly enough to launch an invasion, they wouldn't be sending a 'limited response.' The logical move to make would be to bring a large enough force to bear to cause us to simply surrender. And if we didn't surrender, that could then simply blast us away.

Fourthly, despite thoughts to the contrary, tech is everything! Superior technology wins wars. That's fact. And considering they've just hefted a fleet big enough to clear off the Earth, thoughts are their tech would be pretty far beyond us.

Fifthly (is that a word?), the assumption that the invading species would be anything like us is, somewhat, racist. To assume that other life in the universe evolved in a humanoid fashion is a very arrogant belief. What if they didn't come in ships, and instead they were gaseous? Or giant blobs of protoplasm? What if they arrived in meteors and were nothing but living colours, or sentient crystalline lifeforms? What if they possessed a hive mind that directed all actions meticulously and with extreme efficiency? What if after death their corpses, split in two and reanimated? Point here is we could be not only outclassed technologically, but also physiologically. How would we fight 100m tall aliens with masses of secondary organs who bleed nuclear waste? Or beings who actually thrive on nuclear detonations?

You have to understand, the current generation of humanity has no concept of what war is. We believe that the last 50-60 years have been war. It's not. Since WWII the conflicts we've had have been nothing but tools to keep people occupied. A full scale conflict, another 'Great War,' would completely catch not only the people by surprise, but also the people who are supposed to know how to react in that situation. How would today's population of latte drinking, Netflix subscribers react to air raid sirens every hour on the hour? How would the masses of obese, over contented people deal with rationing? Or conscription? We wouldn't.
Don't get me wrong, a lot of people will be shining examples of humanity. It's just that more of humanity will be terrible examples of it.

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 08:57 PM
reply to post by JackofBlades

Fourthly, despite thoughts to the contrary, tech is everything! Superior technology wins wars. That's fact. And considering they've just hefted a fleet big enough to clear off the Earth, thoughts are their tech would be pretty far beyond us.

This kind of thinking always cracks me up!!!

And, just what star would these aliens be from that's makes them so much more advanced than Earth?

Are you aware of the real state of Terrestrial technology? Like Earths Field drives for space craft? Energy weapons, Kinetic devices?

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 08:43 AM
reply to post by tanka418

I'm aware of the fact we can't provide enough for the people we have here. That tells me all I need to know about the current state of our technology.

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 08:53 AM

Originally posted by JackofBlades
reply to post by tanka418

I'm aware of the fact we can't provide enough for the people we have here. That tells me all I need to know about the current state of our technology.

Are you so sure it's "Can't" and not "Don't" because I'm not sure about which it is. I'm sure lots of others are equally unsure. Is important which it actually is.

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 09:53 PM

Originally posted by JackofBlades
reply to post by tanka418

I'm aware of the fact we can't provide enough for the people we have here. That tells me all I need to know about the current state of our technology.

I think I have to agree with ArdenWolf here; just not so sure it a "can't" situation. Though I tend to think its more of a "won't" kind of thing. Either way, its not a reflection of current technology.

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