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Each beauty

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posted on Aug, 22 2013 @ 12:47 PM

must be felt

must be caressed

must be loved

uncovered body

tired of love

her lost sight

far away in the night

beautiful eyes

glittering lights

reflecting waters

a smile

white trees bending

blue flowers touching your hair

like a kiss

a ray of light

never finding her way

in the widening night

different colors

sublime touch

never wish too much

hidden desires are lost in the shadows



overwhelmed by your memories

deep reveries

waltzing in my mind

oh you are so kind

fields of echoes

listening to your voice

a night without noise

brightening the sky

we have wings to fly

together high above

where everything sings

where happiness lives

where each dream comes true

where each beauty is for you.

And in the end

don't cry for me

when will be gone

because I will always be

with you to see

your beauty singing for me.


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