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a dream I had, I thought I would share.

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posted on Aug, 21 2013 @ 10:42 PM
SO I had a pretty cool dream I thought I would share. I went to sleep at 5 Am and woke up around 8Am, so 3- 4 hours sleeping.

Basically The first part I can remember is:

I was in like an underground prison or dungeon. The whole pace was grey like I was in a 50s black and white movie. I was being led to a waist high stone post with like rusty metal loops on it by some guards.

I was then chained to the post with my hands behind my back and one of the guards placed an old pair of pliers in one of my hands as he closed the hand cuffs. The other guards were like building something in front of me to further seal me down there. Something like a cell in the wall.

I kept trying to move the rusty metal loops enough to free my chains and do so in tune with their hammers falling. At one point I got out of sync with them and I made too much noise. Then one of the guards walked over to me to see what I was doing. I managed to get one hand free and I hit him with the pliers in the face and took his keys.

I freed myself and ran down a corridor to a little old wooden door and went outside. I looked back and saw that the whole prison was like under a small hill. There was a fence around the hill and everything in that fence was still in black and white. It was all like in a slum of an ugly city, in a parking lot.

I heard the guards over their radios saying that I was going to get away in "some type of beemer" and I looked to the right and saw a solid black, old charger type vehicle. I used the keys from the guard that I stole to open the door and got in. Everything was blackened inside it. I felt the guards pulling at the door handles and I sped off. I knew that I couldnt break the "grey barrier" of the rusty old fence surrounding the prison unless I was in this black car.

SO after I ploughed through the fence I was in an impressive metropolitan city. It was empty though. Everything was in color and seemed right, but it was void of people.

I drove around a bit and I noticed that I looked like an "elvis, dark 50s greaser in a leather jacket". I thought that was important. I kept thinking that I was protected from the grey guards by being decked in black.

I ended up parking since I felt safe now and walked around a bit until I found this park I always go to in my dreams.

Its like a huge garden complex with old greek style statues and pillars. Marble everywhere. It looks like I place I go to in real life. The colors here were really special. Like some one spilled pixie dust and a bucket of rainbows. Really intense and almost "magical"

So I walk in and I notice that the fence is not like the one from the "prison". The prison fence was old and rusty like what you see in a ghetto in NYC around a dinky parking lot. This fence was tall iron with like ornate gold and gems on it. It was either decked with precious stones or was full of lights. I cant remember.

SO I was then thinking to myself how this fence would keep evil from getting out as opposed to the other fence which was keeping good in.

Then I notice a battle was raging between what I could only describe as "magic knights". I was just a witness here and everyone went about their business without really taking notice of me.

The knights had all sorts of colored armour with like "good energy" around them. They were fighting these huge monsters that commanded other "magic knights" that they had corrupted. The bad magic knights were all very colorful as well but were surrounded by bad energy.

At one point I saw one of the bad knights be punished for refusing to fight, and he was like stripped of his armour and weapons by one of the monsters after refusing to kill a good knight.

Then what I guess you could call like an "overseer" in the form of a mist protected the bad knight now demoted and made appear the top of an axe/ spear at his feet. It was green like his armour was but was full of the good energy. In what I can only describe as a "voice to all", the over seer spoke to all the good knights and myself to care for this one bad knight now repented. The new weapon and the knight disappeared and everyone went into a frenzy, good and bad alike.

This was all taking place in an upper area of the garden complex. I always have a way to the lower levels of the garden complex in my dreams by way of a hole in a fence that communicates the top part to the bottom part of the complex. In other dreams I guess I bent one of the bars enough for me to slip through. I slipped through and I was alone in this bottom area with the exception of all sorts of weapons scattered about, like the one that appeared to the bad knight. Axes, spears, bows, swords, shields...ect all different colors and decked in good energy. Some how I knew these were sacred and important weapons. (this is a reacurring theme for me)

The voice spoke to me as I examined each one and explained the names of these "sacred" weapons to me. Each was different colors like the good knights and had a name and a purpose. Then I came to a blue sacred sword and I somehow was drawn to it. I was told by the over seer voice that this was the sword of the "K something" people. I cant remember. I knew it was MY sword so I took it, unlike the others that I felt were not mine to take. Each was specific to someone.

When I did the conflict on top spilled down to the bottom and I quickly made all the other weapons vanish. I didnt take them, but I took them into myself if that makes sense. I then phased them out of that reality so the evil knights could not take them.

Then I phased myself out of that reality and I was in another familiar dream place I go.

This place is special to me in my dreams as well. Its a variation of my late mothers old house. We used to live across from a public school which I always saw as like a cold red "soviet" type building. In my dreams I always exaggerate the architecture and saw it like a modern gothic castle, like a judge dread type building. More about that later.

SO, In my dream I was in the house and there was a gathering of sorts of many different types of people. Everyone was just kind of standing around talking.

Here all the colors were just right.

There was this little POS demon dog that kept biting me everywhere I went. It wasnt hurting me, it was just annoying and ugly.

I would always grab it by the mouth when it bit me and I would pull its jaws open to the point that I felt I could tear them apart and kill the thing. It really wasnt a threat. Every time I did so and was about to shred the dog I would hear the overseer voice telling me not to hurt it because it was not harmful to me. Like death wasnt permitted here or possible.

SO I got doubtful that there wasnt a more terrible evil here than this POS poodle dog that was just annoying the crap out of me. SO I started to interrogate everyone at the gathering. I got fed up with their unrevealing answers and left the house.

I went across the street to the school I described earlier and just kind of patrolled the woods around it looking for signs of evil like the monsters I saw before. I ended up living like a wild man in the forest for a while...I would just patrol the area like a ninja in the woods with the blue sword I had from before.

At one point I noticed that nothing was coming of this so I went back to the house where the gathering was still going on. I again just talked to people, but this time not distrusting them like before. I was just confused.

Then I went outside to a patio that over looks the street and I saw my mothers old neighbors leaving their house and walking down the sidewalk in a funeral procession. They were this traditional Italian family in real life and that was reflected in my dream. The father had died and they were all in black.

I over heard one of the guests making fun of the dead father and I scolded him for his lack of respect. Then everyone just glared at me like I was insane. Two of them explained that death could not exist here. That the "death" I was seeing was because of the way he lived and that was what the other man was mocking.

Then I understood why I couldnt kill the POS dog before, and why evil wasnt powerful here...because good and evil wasnt as we understand it in other realities.

I must have woken up shortly after because I cant remember anything past talking to the guests who were just explaining things to me about that reality.

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posted on Aug, 25 2013 @ 05:44 PM
I read half of this bs and felt asleep. Good job man!

posted on Aug, 25 2013 @ 07:14 PM
reply to post by tadaman


Your dreams are just like mine. They're full of more imagery than a fantasy novel.

It's good that you shared your dream. What I like most about your dream are the reoccurring themes.

I am able to learn this about you, just from your dreams: You know what Final Fantasy and Secret of Mana are. You relate to the heroes in the stories, unlike most people, who always choose one of the side characters to "be more cool". This is especially evident by your choice of the sword.

But there is a double meaning there.

As well, you are the Achilles in the battle. While there are warring factions, you stand resilient.

There are some things I can tell you about yourself based on your dream. As for the exact meaning of the dream, that's a little more difficult.

But I can tell that you were picked on. I know that you are forgiving for it. You are highly intelligent, and have a hard time entertaining your family's or friend's stupidity, but you are quick to forgive the stupidity of strangers. You detest the morbid fantasy society portrays, and understand (though you don't see), that a much more beautiful world and way of living exists.

As to your beliefs, I'm not entirely sure because I'm not yet sure if these dreams are a manifestation of what you already believe, or if they are a message to you concerning what you should believe. However, the dream still is the same - you saw good battling evil. What is most interesting is the spear. This one that appeared to be fighting against the good on behalf of the evil, this one was protected by the overseer.

You know who that Overseer is. If you don't see it, I'm shocked you could have such a dream and not know it.

That knight that fought on behalf of the evil, whom the spear lay at his feet, that is the Son of the Overseer. He is the one that became the curse for us.

Because he did, you were given access to all the weapons, and you chose the sword; the weapon of the leader, the hero; the ability to speak. And that you have. You not only dream vividly, but you can convey your dream properly. You have a way with words.

You love beauty, or else all wouldn't be full of color.

Hence why the dream originated in the black and white, and the dark, and the black beemer is what was required to save you from the old grey stone post and rusted irons. The black beemer is a cloak, a disguise, which speedily and safely and sharply gets you out of trouble. No one is able to overcome you. But a guard helped you. Now therefore, there was someone looking out for you.

(Btw, side note, there is one at this website watching out for me. It's pretty awesome! I'm thankful.)

And you were able to break free because of the tool you had, to remove the face of your enemy.

And you ended up in a great city without people.

What you sought was not what you sought.

So therefore, you find yourself learning about the death of the spirit; how when works are pointless, that is when you end up in a place you thought you desired, but you did not.

For what are all the riches in the world with no one to share, without obligation, and only with love and freedom and peace?

That Italian family. Indeed.

They tried to tell you.

So you went back to the cold anti-social school, or the wilderness. You sought to hide yourself and to reequip yourself and seek evil to destroy. But the problem is, that the evil was within you which you sought to destroy.

And then you learned to go listen again.

And this time you simply just didn't comprehend how to apply the knowledge.

That dog at your feet represents petty annoyances, for a fact. You see them as raging crazy wild animal demons, but they're minor. That's how I know that you are highly intelligent, and yet also intolerant of stupidity from family and friends. (I have the same issue which I have been doing well to learn to overcome).

But, you see, the reality they were trying to explain to you is simple!

We see and feel with our flesh and our selfish emotions, quite often. It's really, really hard to break free from that and to see the truth. If we are to die anyway, then how can death bother me? If we are to suffer pain anyway, then how can pain bother me? Now we feel it, in the body, and that is bothersome. And for the mind, it's difficult. But for the soul, the soul knows. The soul itself is not in pain, unless we're confused, and wondering. It's not easy to say... pain sucks. Pain really sucks. Really.

But that's it.

Death really has no say in what you do, or how you live. If it does, we are failing miserably! If you make a decision to not do a good thing because, "I might die. Or I might suffer. Or those people will complain heavily at me. Or those people will see me this way (not that I care actually what people think, but because I love people, and don't want hate)."

Moving on...

posted on Aug, 25 2013 @ 07:22 PM
reply to post by tadaman

That was the immediate understanding.

You know, it sounds crazy, but your dream describes my life very well.

Another poster had a real live dream about me. Really.


Now your dream describes my feelings and emotions very well.

But I know it is you, and not me. I'm not narcissistic. But I am saying that I relate to you intimately.

That is how I understand you. I have been given little beyond that.

But beyond that, I think the message in your dream is clear: You will break free with help, to go the direction you desired, secretly; but you will find the result is not what you thought. Then you will come to realize what you knew as a child. When you realize that, you will become who you know you are supposed to be again. But you will have a hard time understanding that. So your eyes will be opened to the pointlessness of the habits of the people around you (and also including your own). You will then seek to destroy your own pointlessness. Then you will begin to see that the pointlessness which was shown to you before is different than what you had thought, and you were too hard on yourself. All the while, you will be harassed.

But because of your strong spirit, you will be able to see life for what it is, and the darkness will not blind you.

And this message is hardly different, I imagine, that what many people experience. You just had a beautiful dream as a guideline.

Don't you wish all our guidelines were written with beautiful dreams?

Have a beautiful night.

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 05:31 PM
reply to post by TarzanBeta

wow man, thanks for your input. I wasnt really expecting someone to break my dream and give me their take on it. I was pleasantly surprised once I saw your in depth posts and considerate, kind words.

Thanks alot sir, I feel you helped me understand myself a little more.

Have a good one bud.


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