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Conspiracies, Mysteries, & End Times.

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posted on Nov, 11 2004 @ 04:01 PM
Recognizing that this site bills itself as one of conspiracy theorists, it is not surprising that I note the preponderance of same in the first three mentioned in my header. What I do notice is that most have the predilection to perpetuate the conspiracy and theme of mystery for the purpose of proclaiming it is so, but not going further as to offering a solution as to what to do about them. From that I conclude that those accepting of the doom style conspiracy, also acquiesce to there being no resolution to same. What I have not been able to discern is whether or not the conspiracy theorists buy into more than one theory, and if so how do they tie in; and whether or not they believe in the end times as foretold or something similar; and whether they tie in to the end time; and therefore, is there a purpose to uncovering the conspiracies?

The following are the more predominant conspiracies and mysteries, each of which share some crossing over, but none of which are attempted to be explained, why.

NOW- Illuminati/Freemasonry/Bilderbergs/Skull&Bones/Vatican/Royalty

ALIENS-Reptilians & Greys, their relationship to the NOW; their relationship to the military; Why all aliens want secrecy; good alien; bad aliens.

MYSTERIES- Pyramids, why aliens would build them/ Easter Island/ Crop circles, and I throw in Coral Castle, which I have not seen talked about in here during my stay..

END TIMES- Book of Revelations/ The Tzolkin, Tonalpohualliiand year 2012.

Iíve thought about the conspiracies and how they might each fit into each other and the larger picture, since I have been on this forum, and while I can link some to each other, I wonder if not all doom style conspiracy theorists believe in the same theories, if not why they believe theirs and not others, and do they feel the end times can be changed? And I wonder this because I have not seen any attempts at convergence for understanding why all these theories exist. More particularly I wonder if doom style conspiracy theorists also believe in the end times, and which do they most fear, the conspiracy, the end times, or the fact the latter cannot be changed?

Perhaps the moderators will indulge me with my quest for understanding what lies behind the thoughts of the members as far as the future goes, and so allow me to ask some of you can share your thoughts.


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