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The OpenStealth Project: Visual Stealth for The Masses!

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posted on Aug, 19 2013 @ 11:55 PM
What is Stealth?

Stealth takes three forms:

1) Visual Stealth - Keep yourself hidden from eyesight view.

2) Acoustic Stealth - Keep yourself from being heard.

3) Multi-Spectral Stealth - Keep yourself from being detected
by RADAR, Radio Frequency Scanning, Infrared or Heat Seeking,
Ultraviolet Emissions scanning or even being detected
behind obstacles using X-Rays!

Why the term OpenStealth?

Stealth technology SHOULD BE open-source. The methods, means
and technologies to create and USE stealth I deem to be of vital importance
in MANY areas making INEXPENSIVE and EASY-TO-MAKE technologies
that will allow users in pursuit of academic sciences such as in wildlife
management, land management, general corporate and personal home
security to KEEP HIDDEN WHATEVER IS DESIRED from prying
or all-seeing eyes.

With the recent advent and acceleration of the development of
META-MATERIALS it is now possible to obtain consumer-level
visual, acoustic and multi-spectral stealth at a price that is
beneficial to your pocketbooks.

And with this desire to give stealth to the masses, it is necessary to
EDUCATE and INFORM the public of the current-state-of-the-art
in stealth technologies and then create a NON-PATENTED,
FRAMEWORK that ANYONE can use and create for FREE!!!!

Therefore I make ALL my POSTED hardware plans,
stealth-related posted software routines and CAD/CAM
drawings, price lists and parts lists FULLY OPEN SOURCE
Copyrighted (C) 2013 under the GNU General Public License
(GNU GPL or GPL) open-source licencing framework as of this
date Monday, August 19, 2013 at 9:00pm Vancouver BC Canada Time.

All hardware specifications, plans, usage videos, test suites,
and other stealth-related hardware device are ALSO copyrighted (C) 2013
open sourced under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL)
framework as of this date Monday, August 19, 2013 at 9:00pm
Vancouver BC Canada Time.

This and the following OPENING statements are outlined in a question
and answer format which help help you understand the whys and hows
my aims and desires regarding "The Open Stealth Project" (OSP for short!)

I will be soon making a custom web page containing links and ALL results
of my software and hardware developments and testing. AND I will also
be making available the means and methods to DETECT and MITIGATE
the results of my OpenStealth project which may sound contradictory
but I can assure you it is for ALL your best interests in being able
to DETECT against UNWANTED visual, acoustic or multi-spectral stealth!


Again? Why are you doing this?

Because I can !!!


I ALSO WANT to ensure stealthy secrecy ...AND...stealth detection for all!

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posted on Aug, 19 2013 @ 11:55 PM
reply to post by StargateSG7


What Prompted you to do this project?

This Canadian company (HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. - (TM))
made the following announcement:

"When Can We have it? - I don't anticipate that will happen anytime soon."

Which kinda stuck in my craw because of that
paraphrased statement to a question posed by media:

That REALLY made my boxers bunch up in a knot!
By intentionally keeping this tech from public view!

So I asked and answered the following questions:

Why disclose this technology to the public?

Visual, Acoustic and Multi-Spectral Stealth is a God-Given RIGHT
for EACH and EVERY Canadian, American, and other secrecy-loving
person to use wherever and whenever!

And UNLIKE another certain local Canadian company who has a knack
showing you photo-manipulated images or Chroma-keyed video, but
rather be giving y'all TOTAL DISCLOSURE illustrating with great
alacrity EXACLY HOW I accomplish all these new-fangled wonders
of cloaking which will be outlined in this "OpenStealth Project".

And unlike others, I WILL be using the Scientific Method:

I will be doing the following:

1) Formulate a Series of Questions To Solve a Practical Problem.

Example: How do I conceal myself from others in all types of weather
and under highly disparate base environmental conditions?

2) Formulate an Initial Series of Hypotheses.

Example: Light, sound and infra-red waves can be
directed, refracted, reflected or diffracted
in a number of ways to allow MASKING of visual,
acoustic and heat signatures.

Common outdoor clothing coated in metamaterials
of specific manufacture have the ability to remove
or divert human attention by manipulating the movement
of light into, upon or within a technically advanced covering.

3) Offer a single or series of predictions.

a) The pathways of incoming wavelengths of light (390 to 700 nanometres) can be affected
by engraved or stamped fractal-like patterns of a specific size and granularity within
a rubber-like material covering on common outdoor clothing, REDUCING or even eliminating
a visual signature detectable by daylight eyesight viewing AND starlight-based night vision apparatus.

b) The usage of temperature-changing micro-panels sewn upon or glued to the outer-coverings
of common outdoor clothing can be used to reduce or visual signature detectable by
infrared-based night vision apparatus by re-conforming an object's or person's
infra-red signature to a less threatening or less attention-grabbing heat signature.

c) Metamorphoric materials can bend and re-shape themselves on a concerted basis
when driven by custom software to re-direct and conform Radio or other Multi-Spectral
Frequency Waveforms (i.e. millimetre-band RADAR) to KNOWN BUT NON-THREATENING
object configurations in order to MASK the real configuration of a person or object when
pulse-scanned or sweep-scanned by RF/UHF/VHF/MM/UV/XRAY or even GAMMA rays.

d) Can ALL three modalities of Optical, Infra-Red and Multi-Spectral Stealth be COMBINED into
a full effective configuration for all major weather and basic observational environments.

4) Test the above predictions by simulating on a network grid-processing enabled computer
system, a FULLY RAYTRACED optical pathway network as encountered in common outdoor
scenes which can include bright, clear, dry, humid, rain, sleet, snow, fire, ice,
trees, buildings, electro-magnetic fields, RF and multi-spectral emissions, and
high-altitude low-pressure or vacuum, variable surface pressure or extreme
sub-surface pressure environments in addition to the usual deep-freeze of
Antarctica or space and up to the 2000+ degrees of an erupting volcano
or a close-to-the sun orbit.

5) Create a series of highly detailed CAD/CAM drawings, parts lists and videos illustrating
How OpenStealth works, how to EASILY BUILD your OWN OpenStealth products and how to USE
your products for maximum efficiency AND Create a Repeatable Series of Test and Evaluation
Suites to measure mine and YOUR OWN SUGGESTED and TESTED products.

6) Report My Results in an Open Forum.

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posted on Aug, 19 2013 @ 11:56 PM
reply to post by StargateSG7

Isn’t there a risk that someone else may figure this out or copy what you’ve done?

SO WHAT? This is the "OpenStealth Project", it's fully OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
FOR ANYONE to see HOW I create my stealth enhancing coverings and devices
and WHAT performance abilities OpenStealth has!

Are there counter-measures for detecting OpenStealth'ed people or objects?

ABSOLUTELY! Unlike others in this industry, I will be FULLY EXPLAINING HOW those
counter-measures work! To outline one common and fairly low-tech method, one simply
sprays FINE MISTS OF COLOURED WATER over the offending areas of OpenStealth'ed people
or objects and use SOBEL-edge detection equipped cameras to DETECT, MEASURE and HUNT
for the fuzzy edges and chromatic aberations that are produced by liquid water
droplets interacting with physical boundaries! And THAT IS ONLY ONE METHOD
to detect visual stealth! I've got PLENTY MORE SIMPLE AND COMPLEX METHODS
including the use of simple grids of cell phones, or volleys of paint-balls,
standing-wave and multi-spectral pulsed-wave interferometry, real-time echo
location and acoustic diffraction sampling and a whole box of other methods
I will be making FULLY PUBLIC ... WITH VIDEOS !!!!

easy-to-modify and easy to UNDERSTAND!!!! And it's performance is
OUT OF THIS WORLD on common Intel/ARM/AMD/NVIDIA GPU/CPU architectures!
It's designed to KILL OpenStealth!

Isn't that Counter-Productive?

YUP! But As the MAKER of OpenStealth, I'm fully allowed to OPENLY
destroy or mitigate the functionality/effects of my OpenStealth materials!

Will it affect OTHER manufacturers of Stealth Coatings and Coverings?


Why are you doing this again?


Can we make it ourselves?

OH YES! Not only will I be sending out images for public dissemination,
I will ALSO be distributing HIGHLY DETAILED plans and 3D CAD/CAM files
giving you "All The Right Stuff" on making Visual Stealth for yourself!

AND NOT ONLY THAT! I'm going to ENSURE that all my ideas are fully tested
with VIDEO EVIDENCE and made INEXPENSIVELY using commonly available materials
and technology found in your average hardware store. I'll give you part numbers,
chemical formulae, machining methods, CAD/CAM files, full measurements and TEST
suites to ensure that ANYONE can MAKE and get their own OpenStealth products
as they see fit!

Since I am also have a high expertise in the English language,
you'll not only be able to READ and UNDERSTAND what I am saying,
MAKE IT WORK REEAAAAAL GOOD! I'll even add in the professionally
produced How-To videos.

How much is this gonna cost me?


Is *** FREE *** good enough fer ya?

When Can I get OpenStealth?

Pretty much within a few months!
I should be done the WHOLE THING by December 2013!

Along the way I will be offering continuous updates
and how-to videos (PROFESSIONALY MADE and EDITED BY ME!)
with EXTENSIVE plans and parts lists and of course TESTED

ENVIRONMENTALLY PUNISHING test suites and real-world results.


And you won't GET anything LESS from me!

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posted on Aug, 19 2013 @ 11:56 PM
reply to post by StargateSG7

What the heck do you know about stealth?

A HECK OF A LOT MORE than that HYPERbole company!

Plus my 25 years of computer-based Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulation,
CAD/CAM systems development, Operating Systems Development, Extreme environment
synthetic vision systems development, 3D modelling, animation and rendering plus
all that super-power fuzzly-logic/neural net development allows me to bring

Before I build a darn thing...It will be all simulated and modeled on a computer
using custom-built computational fluid, plasma and wave dynamics modeling, at a 3D resolution
of over ONE MILLION by ONE MILLION by ONE MILLION pixels. And using a simple grid-network
ONE THOUSAND GPU processing blades, I can do a NARROWED-DOWN SUBSET (i.e. Min, Max, Mean, Average)
of those wave dynamics simulations in as few as SIX WEEKS running 24/7! This allows me to model
several configurations of the meta-materials and fractal-like patterns used within specialty
stealth coatings so that MAXIMUM effectiveness is maintained in ALL weather (rain, snow, sleet,
high wind, lightning, etc) and all base temperature environments such as -270 Degrees centigrade
C to +2000 degrees centigrade for extreme environments including Space, Surface, Sub-Sea,
Extra-Planetary, Helio-centric (i.e. Near the Sun), Low-Pressure, Surface-Pressure and Super-Pressure.

I should also mention my extensive PRACTICAL PERSONAL EXPERIENCE background
in photonics, metallurgy, ceramic and poly-aromatic compounds and composite
material design and manufacturing experience.

Did I also mention my vaaaaaaaast Video Production and Special Effects
experience which allows me to EVALUATE the viability and performance
of visual, acoustic and multi-spectral stealth?

Plus it seems I have a piece of parchment that says I can
probably manage a TV station or make RGBA pixels dance
on the head of a pin!

Isn't all this Stealth stuff B.S.!

Actually NO! Stealth of all kinds has been around for ages
but because of advances in the area of Meta-Materials, stealth
technology that removes, re-directs or delays detection of people
and objects has suddenly become REALLY IN VOGUE on the Military side
since about the mid-1970's/Early 1980's BUT NOW is just becoming VIABLE
for the average consumer (i.e. YOU!) and where I come in is to make it
EASY and CHEAP to get and deploy!

SORRY! I Didn't read all of the above. WHEN CAN I HAVE IT AGAIN?

Cough! Cough! Unlike those who have said that

"I don't anticipate that will happen anytime soon."

I rather beg to differ on their timeline.
I intend to give it to you BY THE END OF THIS YEAR !

Is That Soon Enough Fer Ya?


How can I help?

Show these messages to your friends
and make your OWN suggestions as to what
you would like to see in an OpenStealth product.

I got my own ideas but it will be a cascade for others.


Why announce this on ATS?

THIS IS A CONSPIRACY WEBSITE full of some highly skeptical
and KNOWLEDGEABLE people who ALWAYS want proof to go
with any story.And I intend to GIVE THEM THAT PROOF!
The Scientifically Validated and Punishingly Tested to Extremes TYPE OF PROOF!

Which means in MY OPINION, ATS is teh best forum to START this
OpenSource Project because not only are they a truly dirt-digging bunch
they'll argue and nose around at every point I and OTHERS will make
which makes the Scientific Method all the more valuable and illustrative.

So I WELCOME ALL CRITICISM and accolades too!
Plus please do bombard me with ideas so that I may
please and/or allay as many of your skeptical glances
as possible.

AND.................Since a certain OTHER Canadian company has
thrown down the gauntlet as to what THEY want to keep HIDDEN
from public view in regards to visual stealth, it means my hackles
are raised and I get to see if my brain-muscles are as strong as
I think they are.

The questions I will be answering for this HIGHLY SKEPTICAL ATS BUNCH is:

a) Does Visual and other stealth types truly exist?

b) Can stealth be made on an inexpensive basis using common materials?

c) Can Stealth of ANY kind be detected or mitigated on a practical and/or inexpensive basis?

d) If any or all of the above are true, When and How can I make it available
for ALL and at WHAT WILL IT COST TO YOU to make or get?


More info coming soon!

For a Primer on Negative Refractive Index Meta-Materials to allow Visual Stealth:

Wikipedia entries:

Scholarly sources:

Metamaterials and Negative Refractive Index
D. R. Smith,1 J. B. Pendry,2 M. C. K. Wiltshire3 =0CF4QFjAH& dxoGiWvN_uhAFCVXw3jXTDg&bvm=bv.50952593,d.aWc

Negative refractive index metamaterials:
Willie J. Padilla†*, Dimitri N. Basov#, David R. Smith#§
†Materials Science & Technologies-Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA
#Physics Department, University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA 92037, USA
§Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708, USA =0CEIQFjAE& m=bv.50952593,d.aWc

And you can also do a search engine search (Google, Bing, Wolfram Alpha, etc) for:

"Negative Refractive Index Metamaterials"

"Visual Stealth"

"Acoustic Stealth"

And for all you spooks, U2U me at ATS or call me at my home know how to reach me!

and for that OTHER stealth company....There ARE NO MORE SECRETS! --- DEAL WITH IT!

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posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 12:59 AM
So you, Stargate are the actual creator of this openstealth?

posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 01:26 AM
reply to post by P-M-H


The OpenStealth Project is my own brainchild and since I have actual expertise
and access to manufacturing capability and SOFTWARE/HARDWARE SYSTEMS
that would put DARPA and the NSA to shame, I think I can get this done in a
reasonable period of time!

No promises on the final results but that HyperStealth statement really cut my craw,
so I decided to put the Scientific Method to work and see if their claims are REAL!

I can assure you that my software credentials are SUPREME....I have coded systems
that track 65,000+ objects PER SECOND at frame rates exceeding 10,000 fps on
multi-monitor/multi-camera systems that have resolutions of 100 monitors/cameras
by 100 monitors/cameras with each at 4k, 64-bits per RGBA pixel resolution on
fully-gridded GPU accelerated COTS (Common Off the Shelf) hardware with ALL
the digital signal processing and visual enhancement and special video effects
used in Hollywood saved to EVERY incoming and outgoing video stream.

We've got SERIOUS computer horsepower and SERIOUSLY EXTENSIVE
real-time software systems coding expertise! Plus I write all my own FEA
and CAD/CAM software and my OWN 5-axis CNC toolpath and machining
software which means I CAN DESIGN AND BUILD ANYTHING using anything
from own stuff, all the way to using my 20 years of 3D modeling, animation and
simulation expertise on everything from Maya, XSI, Lightwave, AutoCAD and even
ultra high end D'assault CAD/CAM systems.

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posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 01:41 AM
OK great story...great intentions...and yes...a coolio idea

But this is umm...just funny...and I am not trying to pick you apart...just read.

Since I am also have a high expertise in the English language,

Your English may be expert

but your grammar Sucks

At the end of the day I do think most things should be open sourced....things would progress so much faster.

the older you get the more you want things to just SLOW DOWN

posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 01:03 PM
reply to post by StargateSG7

You say you have technological expertise and equipment, materials, and so on at your disposal which would and I quote "put the NSA and DARPA to shame".

Well, what with those folk having billions to mess about with, I find that statement hard to accept on face value, and thats not a dig, thats just basic economics.

However, I wish you every success, and I am deeply interested in any results you may obtain. I also really appreciate your stance on the access for the public to these technologies.

The very best of luck to you!

posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 01:36 PM
One trait of a reasonable person is to obtain the expertise of those
who have actual AND extensive experience in their respective subject area.
And since I'm not an English Teacher, I shall defer to a REAL EXPERT
and have any and all reports vetted for grammar and readability by
long-lived English Teacher before release to the general public

So I do apologize that my above musings seem somewhat like hyperbole,
but I do have Media Training which means it comes out like a SELL SELL SELL
advertisement....Which it is because I AM trying to sell you a FREE product
which is Visual Stealth !!!!

Originally posted by plube
OK great story...great intentions...and yes...a coolio idea

But this is umm...just funny...and I am not trying to pick you apart...just read.

Since I am also have a high expertise in the English language,

Your English may be expert

but your grammar Sucks

At the end of the day I do think most things should be open sourced....things would progress so much faster.

the older you get the more you want things to just SLOW DOWN

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posted on Aug, 20 2013 @ 01:49 PM

Originally posted by TrueBrit
reply to post by StargateSG7

You say you have technological expertise and equipment, materials, and so on at your disposal
which would and I quote "put the NSA and DARPA to shame".

Well, what with those folk having billions to mess about with, I find that statement hard
to accept on face value, and thats not a dig, thats just basic economics.

However, I wish you every success, and I am deeply interested in any results you may obtain. I also really appreciate your stance on the access for the public to these technologies.

The very best of luck to you!


This is a good observation and while my statement could be considered "puffery",
essentially they are TRUE! DARPA and the NSA pretty much buy off the shelf.
If they want a 5-axis CNC machine they have to buy it from HAAS. They want
advanced CAD/CAM software they have to buy it from a French company D'Assault.

I DON'T !!!!!! If I want ANYTHING from CNC to Software to Chip-making
from the Ground up from the most basic electronics and motherboards up to
the cameras and their housings to the UAV's and the advanced software
that auto-pilots them ---- we build all this stuff COMPLETELY CUSTOM!


If I want a top-end Laser-sintering or Ion-Beam 3D Titanium or Composite Metal Alloy
Powder deposition machining system and software with advanced multi-axis CNC toolpath
software AND a FULLY COMBINED CAD/CAM/ Finite Element Analysis and and FULL
Physics Simulation Engine......I've got that RIGHT NOW --- RIGHT HERE!!! All CUSTOM

DARPA DOES NOT HAVE a 100 monitor/camera by 100 monitor/camera, 10,000+ fps synthetic vision
system with REAL-TIME grid-networked RGBA/YCbCr SOBEL-edge detection and object detection/recognition
system --- I DO !!!!!! DARPA and the NSA DOES NOT HAVE A grid-powered fuzzy-logic/neural net-based
20-language speech-to-text and OCR system ---- I DO!!!


DARPA and the NSA DO NOT HAVE Compile-Pascal-and-C++-Code-Directly-to-Chip-Mask software -- I DO !!!!!

So I kinda beg to differ that we can't put them to shame....WE DO !!!!!!

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posted on Aug, 21 2013 @ 02:10 PM
Okay, sigh...

Sign me up.

posted on Aug, 21 2013 @ 09:20 PM
reply to post by weavty1

My Next Discussion will outline the use of layered flexible membranes
built up using micro-machining to create optical wave-guides that will internally
reflect light of specific wavelengths much like a fibre-optic cable, in a way
the light will exit and enter on OPPOSITE sides of a covered object or person.

The key technology is to shape micro-lenses almost identical to the types
used on the surface of many of today's CMOS or CCD camera chips so that
incoming light has an angle-of-incidence that will allow it to reflect internally
along a wave-guide. To prevent reflections OFF of the micro-lens typically
used in micro-lens structures one must use an anti-reflective coating on
teh micro-lens surface. That microlens is attached to a waveguide
opening/exit so that light can exit/enter from both directions.

In a visual stealth covering, waveguides are etched into flexible membranes
and layered together to ensure that there are enough optical waveguides
so that the exits and openings of those waveguides are on opposite sides
so that it LOOKS LIKE that light is wrapping AROUND a covered object.

Here are some primer web-links:

How fibre optics work:

Diagram of Internal Reflection:

See Angle of Incidence weblink:

See this Anti-Reflection weblink:

I am suggesting the use of Indium-based compounds for micro-structure anti-reflection.

Microlens Primer:

Micro Lenses in CCD and CMOS chips (Scroll down to see diagrams):

Optical Waveguides primer:

Clocking via metamaterials:


Flexible Optical Waveguide Film Fabrications and
Optoelectronic Devices Integration for Fully
Embedded Board-Level Optical Interconnects
Chulchae Choi, Lei Lin, Member, IEEE, Yujie Liu,
Jinho Choi, Li Wang, David Haas, Jerry Magera, and
Ray T. Chen, Fellow, IEEE, Fellow, OSA

Cut and Paste link to web browser address bar: u%2FGroupPapers%2FFlexible%2520optical%2520waveguide%2520film%2520fabrications%2520and%2520optoelectronic%2520devices%2520integration%2520for%2520full y%2520embedded%2520board-level%2520optical%2520interconnects.pdf&ei=inAVUpnKKYPKiwLR4oDQBA&usg=AFQjCNHhUjy78naUmcL5fz3jfAh_J5oY_A&bvm=bv.51156542,d.cG E

This is the BIG ONE for flexible waveguide manufacturing:

Microfabricated optical fiber with microlens that produces large fieldof-
view, video rate, optical beam scanning for microendoscopy
Eric J. Seibel123, Mark Fauver1, Janet Crossman-Bosworth1,
Quinn Y. J. Smithwick12, and Chris M. Brown13
1 Human Interface Technology Laboratory, College of Engineering, University of Washington,
Seattle, WA 98195-2142 USA, (206) 543-5075,
2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-2600
3 Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195

Cut and Paste link to web browser address bar:,d.cGE

THIS IS THE BE-ALL and END-ALL of making cloaking cloth
created using flexible-material optical wave-guides:

Flexible, Stable, and Easily Processable Optical Silicones for Low Loss Polymer Waveguides
Brandon W. Swatowski, Chad M. Amb, Sarah K. Breed, David J. Deshazer,
W. Ken Weidner
Dow Corning Corporation, 2200 W. Salzburg Rd, Midland, MI 48708 USA
Roger F. Dangel, Norbert Meier, Bert J. Offrein
IBM Research GmbH, Säumerstrasse 4, CH-8803 Rüschlikon, Switzerland

Cut and Paste link to web browser address bar:,d.cGE


The above are just a FEW of the PEER-REVIEWED publications that are relevant
to teh problem at hand of creating a FLEXIBLE cloth-like or rubber-membrane type material
that can contain layered embedded optical wave-guides used to create a visual stealth covering
allowing visual stealth from ALL ANGLES OF VIEW!

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posted on Aug, 21 2013 @ 10:26 PM
Every once in a while, a thread comes along that makes you sign in, so you can keep tabs on how something unfolds.
Your thread just became that something.
Thank you and good luck.

posted on Aug, 22 2013 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by briantaylor


Thank You!

This will be a by-the-book-as-much-as-possible example of the Scientific Method
to ensure that I get SOME SORT of answer as to whether or not TRUE visual stealth
is practical on a CONSUMER-LEVEL basis.

If so, then I shall outline that in this public forum.
If NOT, then I will ALSO say so.

The beauty of this endeavour is that RIGHT NOW
I do not have the answer but I WILL FIND OUT!

Keep checking back for more info.
I have recently been designing a website
for this project which should be up in
about 30 days.

But ATS is the starting point for this project since MANY HERE would LOOOOVE
to see if my supposition of YES Cost Effective Visual Stealth IS POSSIBLE holds true!

We'll find out soon enough!

posted on Aug, 22 2013 @ 11:17 AM
Becareful how many capabilities you list. There are only so many companies in the usa that have all those capabilities at a single location. Your facility is still classified.

That being said I have access to advance holographic imaging and printing systems if you need any of the molecular compounds blown up to workable moveable holographic plates.

They are essentialy look like the inage I linked here, with the sensor you can move the holograms around and reorder things then run the compound simulations in ur cad software.

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That one is really low tech I can print them on flexible plates as well in full life like color but I will not link anything directly related to the company. Most people don't understand the govt get all its cool toys from private companies not in house development.
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posted on Aug, 22 2013 @ 01:12 PM
reply to post by vind21


Thanks for the offer...I am taking a look at a NUMBER of different technologies
some inexpensive and decent enough performance and other stealth materials
and systems NOT so cheap but high performance.

I have NO PROBLEM with listing all my capabilities and since much of
my partners and the base technology is based offshore I have NO worries
about violating some legal issues with the U.S. or Canadian government.

working for a FOREIGN ENTITY who DIRECTS ME on HOW and WHAT to do!
I am NOT an original researcher but rather an aggregator of publicly available
information so there is NO legal issue especially since we use NO USA-or-Canadian
originated technology NOR any USA-originated or Canadian originated
electronics or parts.

AND...this project HAS NOTHING TO DO with my day job!
It's my own personal perogative, using my friends' gear
and systems and having absolutely NO relation to what
i do in the day. I even use ONLY the break time in-between
my tasks to update this forum. I work HARD during the day
but I also work just as hard off-hours as a stress relief and
rousing a few hackles in some hallways IS MY SPECIALTY
and I see it as my stress-relief hobby.



but it is DEFINITELY the EASIEST for me to make and
program the software for.

Take one inch by one inch ceramic plates with embedded
large micron-sized photo-diodes interspersed with LED/OLED
emitters combined with an embedded microcontroller and
super-low power completely custom ZIGBEE-style wifi radio
at less than 3 dollars per plate.

Zigbee radio controllers:

See Mesh networking:

All plates communicate ONLY with the immediate surrounding
plates to create a miniature MESH NETWORK that will be able
to send and emit the imagery from the photosites to the
OPPOSITE SIDE of the hard or soft cloaking cover.

The Photo-diodes receive the incoming light, send it
to the opposite side of the covering via a Zigbee mesh
network and the interspersed OLED emitters will emit
the SAME wavelength.

Since the 1x1 plates are FULLY ENCLOSED and DISCRETE
they can even receive power for the LED/OLED emitters, photosites
Zigbee radios and microcontrollers via an isolated but electrified
undergarment used for an induction-based charging system powered
by a master baterry pack worn on a belt. The 1x1 inch plates are
simply GLUED or fastened to a base covering and can
be made TOUGH ENOUGH that it is viable for heavy
outdoor use.

So for ME the above system is the EASIEST to
manufacturer but at $3.00 per 1x1 inch plate
covering at lets say an entire person at
4700 square inches you are looking at
OVER $13,000 per PERSON to manufacture
which is rather steep.

AGAIN the above is the EASIEST TO DO FOR ME
but it is DEFINITELY EXPENSIVE and NOT consumer level!
So BACK to the drawing board.


I should NOTE that plastic circuitry that can be created
bring the cost of such a System-on-a-Chip (lens, photodiode,
LED/OLED emitter, Zigbee radio/microcontroller) down to less
than 25 cents per 1x1 inch plate which should bring costs down
to near $1000 per person which is DEFINITELY BETTER than
$13,000 to manufacture. ...BUT.....The technology is NOT QUITE THERE YET!


I should ALSO note that this technology, while offering VISUAL STEALTH
at optical frequencies, WILL GIVE OFF infra-red and Radio Frequency signatures
and is therefore NOT invisible to IR-based Night Vision or RF scanners.
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posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 10:11 PM

It's been almost a week since my last post and mostly I have been
doing some digging in various optics journals and wikipedia to
try and LEARN how visual stealth CURRENTLY is attempted by
many agencies and to familiarize myself with the ACTUAL PHYSICS
of light and how it behaves within and/or moves through various mediums.

What I have found it that once Meta-Materials which were discovered
and STARTING to be understood since the mid 1980's, it took only about
5 to 7 years for a sudden dramatic rise of BASIC research that built upon
other research done in countries such as Russia, Japan, South Korea, Germany,
Switzerland, Australia, Italy, Canada and the USA to give us materials
that have a NEGATIVE refractive index that makes it PRACTICAL to make
hard-surface systems that can support Visual Stealth applications!

This means that from 1985 to 1999 MUCH research was done on
hard or semi-rigid panels which could be applied to wings or
aircraft fuselage surfaces or onto vehicles that would afford
protection from attention within the microwave frequencies
(i.e. millimetre waves or RADAR) and then a few years after
that further protection from Human-visible optical frequencies.

It is my opinion that there is CURRENT PRACTICAL APPLICATION
within military circles using hard-panels which have been ETCHED
with tiny waveguides used to bounce light waves within said
waveguides until they reach the opposite side this affording
practical (if expensive!) visual stealth capabilities.

AND ONLY NOW is this hard-panel approach being disseminated
to the public for commercial avenues of production. Yet in
my opinion the PRACTICAL application of Visual Stealth has
been available since LIKELY 1987/1988 based upon papers I have seen.

What was MISSING during those early years is SOFT-MATERIALS research such
as that for flexible clothing (i.e. soldier uniforms) that could be used
for Visual Stealth applications on a practical basis. It is ONLY AFTER
1999 that soft-material research has become more widespread and therefore
I must believe that practical applications have been viable SINCE that time!
Ergo, there PROBABLY ARE Stealth Clothed soldiers somewhere testing and USING
their visual stealth on a hidden basis SINCE probably the Year 2000!

Now for the hard part:

For CONSUMER-LEVEL pricing of Visual Stealth useable on
Flexible and daily-wearable Clothing, I believe there are
THREE possible technologies that could be CHEAPLY ENOUGH
made that OpenSource Stealth becomes a reasonable prospect!

1) Arrays of Plastic Flexible Circuit Panels using millimetre sized
LED/OLED lights interspersed with embedded microlenses/photodiodes
and embedded micro-radio networks to record and emit light on
opposite sides of flexible clothing.

This is the EASIEST one to manufacture because you just do
mass-manufacturing of 1x1 inch squares that are sewn onto
or glued onto clothing. Estimated cost: $1500 per person

2) Coarse-grid flexible fibre-optic bundles arranged in a square-grid
and simply routed along the interior of clothing to the opposite
side. Since plastic fibres CAN NOW have an EXTENDED BEND RADIUS
and are light enough to be embedded into clothing, it is now
possible to reroute incoming light through the fibre to the
opposite. There are NO extra led/lcd emitters or microcontrollers
OR batteries needed--just polished-end fibres arranged in a coarse grid.


a) WEIGHT (based on newer THIN plastic fibres, I'm talking
talking about up to 50 pounds (20 kg) of fibre bundles under your
outer clothing! There are NOW MUCH LIGHTER flexible thin fibre cables
coming soon from Corning, 3M and others but they're still quite expensive!

b) FIBRE BREAKS: Fibre DOES have a bend radius limit which will
cause it to fracture after a certain point so TOUGHNESS might be
an issue in using purely passive fibre optic bundles for visual stealth.

c) Fibre-end polish wear-down: The ends of optic fibres must form a light
gathering lens in order for incoming light to be gathered and as a
diffuse emitter on the opposite end. That polishing DOES wear out
and in SANDY or rough environments it could be a problem as the
micro-particles of desert environments or even just rough wear and tear
GRIND AWAY at the polished fibre-end lenses. HOWEVER, 3M has recently
released a new micro-thin glass coating which is so hard and
tough that fibre-end sand-blasting will no longer be an issue.
It's like Gorilla Glass for fibre optic cable ends!
Scratch resistant and tough as nails!

GOOD THING: I could get this down to less than 300 dollars a person
IF we do mass production of the fibre bundles.

Continued Below: ====>
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posted on Aug, 28 2013 @ 10:12 PM
3) This one is a biggie! I just got wind of the technology
and it's CHEAP to make and EFFECTIVE as well, PLUS being
quite tough! ....I'll update you with the full details
on this new Visual Stealth technology called:

Flexible Fluid-Filled Etched Waveguide

It's so cheap because there are TWO methods to make it!
Rotating Mirror Laser Etching OR simple lithographic printing
and Glass master stamping which can get the price down to
mere dollars per square metre!

I'll give you the full details just as soon as I finish reading up
on this new method likely by September 9 or 10th or so.

And very soon now my NEW website will be up and running
to make this project look all pretty and gussied up for public consumption.
This should make the Hyperstealth people QUAKE in their boots as I use
the OpenStealth Project as a public platform for GIVING AWAY CHEAP Fully
Disclosed GNU-GPL Open Sourced Visual Stealth hardware and/or software
to anyone who wants it!
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posted on Sep, 20 2013 @ 02:44 AM
reply to post by StargateSG7


Just an update on my wearable Fluid-Filled Flexible Wave Guide:

1) Tiny etched U-channels embedded into an impermeable membrane
can be organized using a mathematical model to originate on one side of an
object to another side of an object by following a winding zig-zag like path
that takes into account all other etched channels and thus do not interfere
with each other nor criss-cross each other.

The "Shortest Distance" problem is solved by software and it is reasonable that a
grid of wave-guide entry/exit points of 50 by 50 per square inch is not
only possible BUT ALSO CHEAP TO DO using simple printing press technology
to etch the U-channel wave-guides into impermeable flexible membranes
(i.e. thick plastic sheeting)

2) The size of the etched U-channel can be a multiple of a specified wavelength
so that the fibre-optic like reflection path of incoming and outgoing light waves
can be realized and TAILORED for specific lighting conditions.

3) Many would think why not just let the U-channel be filled with air
bouncing light waves off of the micro-scale U-channel walls as those
light waves try to travel to the opposite exit/entry point?

Problem 1) Impermeable membranes made of one of many types of common
plastics do NOT readily reflect light but can refract, diffract and
absorb any number of wavelengths in a given lighting condition.
This is BAD for wearable optical stealth!

Problem 2) Since the etched U-channels are NOT CIRCULAR in cross-section,
internal reflectivity in an optic-fibre like configuration is nearly
non-existent so wave summing and even optical harmonics
COULD BE an issue (I haven't explored that one yet!)

4) Solution: High surface tension fluid that RESISTS cavitation (i.e. water hammer).

An optically clear fluid with a HIGH sidewall surface tension that ADHERES
in a near circular cross-section to the etched U-channel sidewalls WILL CREATE
fluids from BASF, 3M, etc that create a highly reflective meniscus side wall
when placed in a constrained space under pressure. These fluids are coherent
enough (i.e. oh-so-pure!) that cavitation (Vacuum bubbles) will NOT occur thus
allowing for a CONTINUOUS-length liquid waveguide to be manifested.

Even as an optical stealth clothing wearer moves about, bending, sitting,
walking and running that there is enough molecular forces at work
that tiny bubbles that WOULD INTERRUPT the light-path of any given
fluid wave guide will NOT occur.

This property is highly dependent upon the side-wall
composition of the U-channels which REQUIRE that they REPEL
fluids of all types and of the composition of the fluid itself
which REQUIRES high surface tension to form the side wall meniscus
that becomes the reflective inner surface of the optical wave guide.

The inherent Micro-abrasion profile (i.e. tiny nicks, scratches and pits) within
an etched U-channel will be of MAJOR importance during optical stealth membrane
manufacture, and it is this profile that requires much further study to see if
PERFECTLY SMOOTH U-channel side-walls hinder or help the formation of
high surface-tensioned fluid meniscus/sidewalls used for flexible fluid-based
optical wave guides.

....MORE THOUGHTS coming on the ACTUAL manufacturing of a test block
of etched U-channel waveguides and light wave entry/exit points will be discussed.

P.S. My website design for this project is almost done and should be up soon!

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posted on Oct, 25 2013 @ 09:07 PM
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How to PRINT passive optical stealth waveguide technology
onto BREATHABLE flexible plastic membrane for use in
RUGGEDIZED sport and outdoor clothing.

GLASS PLATES !!!! Taking a cue from 1980's era compact disc stamping
using GLASS MASTERS, we can imprint the upper and lower HALF of
an optical waveguide into flexible plastic panels.

The GLASS MASTER PLATE of ANY desired side (i.e. 1 metre x 1 metre)
contains a POSITIVE IMAGE of a computer-generated groove structure
that allows light-waves to bounce around within AN EMPTY SPACE
groove that emulates a fibre-optic cable letting light travel along
a pathway from ONE end of a groove to another groove exit.
The grooved pathway can be of ANY length configuration.

High-precision stamping and plastic panel alignment ALLOW
optical pathways to be BUTTED together on panel EDGES
(i.e. thickness of 2 mm or less panels butted and GLUED together)
which will allow for "Wiggle-Room" as adjacent panels flex
and wrap around a person or object yet STILL ALLOW
light waves to travel between adjacent panels
using principles of refraction and reflection.

For optical pathways that must EXIT or ENTRANCE through
the FACE of the plastic panels, the glass master stamp
can contain EXIT-ways that contain a 45 degree or
ANY OTHER desired angle of exit cut at the END
of any pathway that is on the FACE of a panel
and not on a panel edge. This allows light to
enter the front face of an object and travel
to the other side where the light exits
the backside face thus "BENDING LIGHT AROUND"
a covered object or person. The Exit/Entrance
to any given optical pathway can contain
a MICRO-LENS which can be configured to
allow light to ENTER the stamped waveguide
at a specific angle for internal reflection
along the waveguide and when EXITING
diffract so as to provide the same light
configuration as what entered the waveguide
so as to form TRUE optical stealth.

Now that I have the Bezier curve-based groove structure,
I just need to use a micro-machining tool to create the
positive-print glass masters. That might get expensive!
I either have to MAKE ONE myself or buy one of the micro-machiners
I saw in Germany which have 1/50,000 inch accuracy (OR BETTER!).

Since the glass master stamp cuts/imprints only
HALF the cross-sectionally circular optical pathway,
in order to achieve PROPER REFLECTANCE of lightwaves
through the imprinted wave-guide, the POSITIVE PORTION
of the groove imprint is electro-statically coated with
a nano-particle REFLECTIVE powder that will be EMBEDDED
into the WALLS of the stamped wave-guides. This will form
a reflective-enough surface that optical frequencies will
BOUNCE/REFLECT within the confines of the stamped
groove to form an EFFECTIVE fibre optic-like waveguide.

Through precision placement, the lower and upper halves
of the stamped/imprinted plastic panels are FUSED together
in such a way that the stamped waveguide grooves will form
a PROPER waveguide that EFFECTIVELY bounces light from
one end of a pathway to another without significant light loss!

This NEW and NOVEL method of pressing together the waveguide
stamped/imprinted faces of the optical stealth panels
a single and SEAMLESS reflective wall surface suitable
for light transmission via internal reflection.
Since these nano-particles are like so-very-tiny-glass beads
embedded into the sidewalls of all grooves, it means the walls
are REFLECTIVE YET FLEXIBLE still allowing the angle-of-incidence
required for internal light reflection so that the optical waveguide
can emulate the performance of fibre-optic cables. For a practical
modern-day example, look at a projector screen up-close using a
magnifying glass. You will see many tiny beads of glass that are
glued onto a flexible backing which cause light to be REFLECTED
back to a viewer. Since we are using a glass stamp master
and electro-statically charged powder only on the grooved
areas of the glass master, we can precisely control the
placement and configuration of the reflective surface
nano-powder (which looks and feels like laser toner but
is WHITE in colour) to achieve optimum waveguide performance!

To ensure clothing BREATHABILITY so that users
DO NOT become hot and clammy, micro-pores
can be stamped IN-BETWEEN the optical pathways
to allow water vapour (but not WATER drops!) to
pass through easily, similar in nature to how the
breathable but waterproof Goretex fabric works.

On a current basis, stamped optical waveguide panels
can be created at 1 metre by 1 metre segments with
the future possibility of 3 metre by 3 metre (OR MORE!)
optical stealth panels being made on a COST EFFECTIVE
basis at a current ESTIMATE of less than $10 (CAN) PER
square metre. This means IT IS POSSIBLE to STAMP and GLUE
HUNDREDS of optical stealth panels PER HOUR which can be
EASILY made into FLEXIBLE AND BREATHABLE clothing for an
estimated cost of $70 per PERSON if that person is 6'3" at 250 lbs in size.

And that is with TWO facing Glass Master Waveguide Stamps!
This means my means of production can be scaled UPWARDS
to 10 or more glass masters so I can do MANY THOUSANDS
if not tens of thousands of flexible optical stealth panels per day!

For now, glass is the best material for positive print stamping
BUT I envision using MUCH LARGER reinforced and HARD ceramics
(i.e. aluminum oxide composites) to create 3x3 metre, 4x4 metre
and larger optical waveguide stampers to allow the creation
of very large flexible optical stealth panels at an almost
ridiculously LOW COST for use as tents, vehicle coverings
and on dwellings of almost any size and configuration!

Heck! I might even give more than a few optical stealth panels away FOR FREE!
This glass-or-ceramic stamp master technique can ALSO work for microwave (i.e. mm band)
and other multi-spectral frequencies by VARYING the size of the stamped pathways.

This means clothing or items that can HIDE from RADAR, LIDAR, optical, infrared,
UV and even certain Acoustic frequencies IF the pathways are configured correctly.


My next update and website IS COMING SOON!


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