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I have a dream - sorry I forgot

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posted on Aug, 18 2013 @ 08:03 AM
What was Martin Luther thinking when he said "I have a dream"

Do you know that ?

Was this anything but to corrupt this planet and rule the jungle ?

1 - Drugs be so cheap
2 - people seek for sexual pleasure and do anything they can
3 - media washes the brain
4 - leaders get elected by people but meet in secret meeting and groups
5 - MSM teaches people to be kings
6 - rich show the carrot to get the masses moving
7 - governments making fictional enemy for nations
8 - people and society get divided into self-protecting individuals
9 - people kill others by bombs from back of a console
10 - Hypnotized people seek for the carrot they saw on the TV
11 - People go and borrow money from the greedy rich
12 - Some other greedies go to war to get big money to run their 70-80 year old lives.
13 - Secret society turn children into monsters and slutty little creatures
14 - people get easily killed around the world

And when the jungle is built , they claim that this jungle needs a lion and that is when the real ritual begins.

Be aware people.

The ones who make the jungle are the ones who are torn apart first.
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