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Vanunu arrested again.

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posted on Nov, 11 2004 @ 05:48 AM
(Norwegian text)

The police in Jerusalem informs that Mordechai Vanunu har been arrested again.

After been in jail for 18 years because of telling the world about Israels nuclear weaponprogram, he was released 21. of april this year.
After serving his sentence he has not been permitted to leave Israel.

Vanunu has even filed for asylum in Norway. Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and France. Wether he has recieved any response from the countries yet is unknown.

posted on Nov, 11 2004 @ 07:18 AM
I have nothing but admiration for Vanunu. He's a man that spent 18 years in prison for denying ignorance (what Israel calls telling state secrets).

Apparently speaking the truth in Israel is a great way to get a one way trip to prison.

I heard him speak on ABC television (Australia) last week, apparently he wants to become an Australian citizen, but the Israeli police won't let him go anywhere near a foreign embassy.


posted on Nov, 11 2004 @ 05:40 PM
This extraordinary scum government of Israel is at it again

The Israeli former nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu, released in April
after 18 years in jail, has been re-arrested, police say.

He is being held on suspicion of passing on classified information, police
sources say.

Vanunu was convicted of treason over his disclosures about Israel's nuclear
weapons programme and jailed in 1986.

Strict conditions were imposed on him after release, including a ban on
giving interviews to foreign media.

He has denied passing on classified information since his release.

However, Vanunu has repeatedly been in contact with journalists and was
interviewed on BBC television just over two weeks ago.

He was said to have been arrested at the Jerusalem church which had been his
home since he had been released.

Police spokesman Gil Kleiman told the Reuters news agency that Vanunu would
be charged at a court hearing on Friday.

There have been suggestions that Vanunu's detention, coming on the day of
Yasser Arafat's death, may have been timed to avoid widescale media
coverage, says the BBC's Richard Miron in Jerusalem.

Israeli trap

Vanunu revealed details of Israel's secret nuclear facilities to a British
newspaper in 1986.

Despite Israeli denials, observers declared the country the world's
sixth-largest nuclear power.

Before he could reveal more, Vanunu was lured out of hiding in London by a
female Israeli secret agent, who persuaded him that she wanted to meet him
in Rome.

Once there, Vanunu was overpowered and drugged by other Israeli agents, then
shipped back to Israel to be tried in secret.

In an interview after his release, Vanunu said he had acted to prevent a
nuclear holocaust.

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