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Angel Stories/Divine Intervention stories, do you have one??

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posted on Sep, 10 2013 @ 08:50 PM

reply to post by HomerinNC

...God has so much for those who seek Him...


I will pray for you.

posted on Sep, 10 2013 @ 09:23 PM
reply to post by FinalAccount2008

Thank you....Im still trying to cope with it all...but im hopeful...I have to keep going...thank you for the prayers...God Bless and keep you safe...

posted on Sep, 10 2013 @ 10:22 PM
This incident happened several years ago.

My husband and I were in the back yard puttering in the garden when we both heard a terrible crash around sounded just like a bad traffic accident. Metal on metal, a vehicle hitting trees or flipping in the road and grinding against the pavement.
We live on a curvy stretch of back country road, and there had already been several accidents right out front, so we immediately thought that's what had happened....again.

We dropped our tools and hurried around front....Nothing there...No car off the road, no metal that might have fallen off a truck heading for the dump...Nothing at all, no sign or sound of even a passing vehicle at all.

My husband, who had previously worked as an EMT, was so sure there must have been a wreck bad enough to injure someone, that he checked up and down the roadway on foot and then jumped in his car to drive 'around the block' to see if there had been an accident on the road that ran around behind our place.

I returned to my gardening and my teenage son came out to help me....We had barely picked up the tools when we both heard screeching tires and again the sounds of a loud crash!! I was stunned for a moment, it sounded soooo much like the same crash I'd heard just minutes before! I threw down my hoe and ran to the front, determined that I would get around the house before the cause of this racket disappeared like the first one!

There was plenty of 'evidence' that time. A semi-sized feed truck had crossed the center line of the road and forced a Camero off into the trees along the side of the road. When the driver of the feed truck had hit his brakes, another vehicle had rear ended him. I came around the end of the house in time to see the passenger of the Camero being nearly ejected from the door as it buckled open from the impact!!

Thankfully there were only minor injuries...mostly from the flying glass from the broken windshield and door window. Something of a miracle, considering that there had been an unrestrained toddler in the rear seat of the Camero, and the man in the passenger seat was almost thrown from the open door. The child had blood on him, but it was only from the cuts sustained by the two men in the front seats...The poor tyke must have been terrified, he clung to me till the ambulance attendant convinced him that they would take him to see his mother!

The look on my husband's face when he drove up from the other direction!! It had taken him no more than 15 minutes at most to circle our 'country block', a distance of about 3 miles... and as if by 'magic' the wreck we'd heard but did not see had materialized while he was gone.
He of course jumped from his car and immediately checked the men and searched the child for injuries...his previous training coming in very handy till the ambulance could arrive!

We have often discussed this strange incident....Was it some kind of deja vu, a timeslip, a call or warning for us to be 'ready' to help or stop the accident...?

Did we manage to change the outcome? I think so, because.....When he left to drive around the block, he had to make a left turn about 300 ft up the road to make that trip around the block. He saw the Camero coming fast, and still turned in front of it....likely making the driver slow down at least a bit....if the Camero had been only a
few feet farther along the road, or going just a bit faster when it collided with the truck, how much worse might it have been.....
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posted on Sep, 11 2013 @ 02:59 AM
reply to post by frayed1

Wow! That's SIMILIAR to a story I heard years ago, or at least I think I remember.
Think you hit a hiccup in time, or that something made you hear the accident before it happened?

posted on Sep, 11 2013 @ 10:16 AM
reply to post by HomerinNC

I have posted this tale you may have seen it before.

What ever it was.....both my husband and I heard it. My son was in the house, but did not hear it the first time....tho he likely had the TV on and might not have noticed it.....I have wondered if we only heard it 'in our heads', since he didn't notice it, and no other neighbors came out to look....

posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by HomerinNC

I also wanted to mention that after my ordeal with the Angel and everything I recently woke up to find a marking on my left thigh just above the knee...its three white dots that form a triangle...does anyone know of anybody else what this is??? I'm just wondering I never had anything there and it appeared overnight...Is it some kind of mark? Or what does it mean thats what I wanna know...thanks.

posted on Oct, 21 2015 @ 08:17 PM
Sorry to revisit such an old thread, I just have a relevant story to share here. Still a bit frazzled from it. One second can change everything. I can't shake the urge that someone or something was watching over my family today. I had plans to do some grocery shopping after I dropped my daughter off at school, but instead I procrastinated and started putting up some Halloween decorations. I was hanging up spiderwebs in my front yard while my son played in his toy car beside me on the lawn. Suddenly stricken by the urge to use the restroom, I grabbed him and ran inside. A few minutes later, I heard the gut wrenching sound of a collision. I ran out to see a wrecked SUV in the middle of the intersection just east of my house. Then a sedan came speeding across my neighbor's driveway..towards my house. It plowed right through the lawn my son was JUST playing on, and smacked right into my Suburban, sending it OFF the ground and a few feet away. Just when I thought it was over, the sedan spun around at full speed and bolted across the street, through some trees, and into my neighbor's Honda.. Almost sending it THROUGH her house. A 92 year old driver was pulled from the wreckage, very incoherent and mumbling that he "had the green light."

Had I gone grocery shopping as planned, my truck wouldn't have been there to block the car from plowing through my home. If I didn't have a sudden stomach ache and urge to use the restroom, my son would have been hit by the crazed driver. I have always experienced gut feelings or instincts my whole life that have seemingly saved me from dire or unwanted situations. But the timing on this one has me feeling immensely grateful. The universe works in mysterious ways

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