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Decision Day Has Arrived : Schrödingers Doodle 12/8 [luna and moon VI ]

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posted on Aug, 18 2013 @ 02:25 AM
"Isis" is about "Sight " - the brow
the brow being "creative consciousness" - blue ray

.. or "the injured Eye of Horus " - injured by set [ = Adam] ,
because Adam, temporarily, took over Rule, when Eden started

this Eye goes under the epithet of "Wadjet"

The uraeus blasts the enemies of the cosmic order with a mystical flame called nesery, and Wadjet is hence sometimes called Neseret, ‘the Fiery One’ or ‘Fiery Serpent’.

The uraeus is considered the personified ‘Eye’ of Re, based upon a pun on the word irt, which means both ‘eye’ and ‘doing’ or ‘one who does’. The ‘Eye’ of Re enacts his will in the world, hence it is his agent or ‘doer’.

... that is 'creative consciousness'

PT utterance 220/221 is an address, first by a priest, then by the king, to the Lower Egyptian crown, which is called both Neseret and Weret-Hekau, ‘Great of Magic’, another common epithet of Wadjet and Goddesses performing her function. The king prays of the crown to “Grant that the dread of me be like the dread of you; grant that the acclaim of me be like the acclaim of you; grant that the love of me be like the love of you.” The power embodied in the crown, the power of the uraeus and of Wadjet, is thus a power of charisma as much as it is the capacity for violent mastery.

BD spell 17, where the operator states, “I am a follower of Wadjet, lady of the sky and the devouring flames; but they [the flames] let few of them ascend to me,” to which an ancient commentary adds, “Wadjet, lady of the devouring flames, is the Eye of Re.

"let few of them ascend to me"
translated: is trying to Burn Down anyone who desires rapture

PT utterance 318, in which it is said of the deceased king that “The King is a serpent … who swallowed his seven uraei and his seven neck-vertebrae came into being, who gives orders to the seven Enneads [assemblages of Gods] which hear the word of the monarch … who gives orders to the seven Bows,”

seven urae = 7 chakras ... who are based in the spine
"7 neck vertebrae"refers to "being stubborn"... as scripture says "neck of iron and brow as bronze"

and this king [ the pharaoh was Evils "manchild", indeed commands the seven Bows [ the egyptian pantheon]
...though, ofcourse, he does so, cause théy rule him

these days, the lion gate,
is about integrating the both Main Attributes into the Heart - which is God

..though Evil s doing anything to keep them seperate and imprisoned,
trying to integrate them in *Its* "heart" : the emerald flame [ ray]

posted on Aug, 19 2013 @ 03:15 PM
..seems to me They are in a hurry :

Typhoon headed for Fukushima ?

NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the tropical cyclone known as Pewa after it strengthened into a typhoon in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. The Aqua satellite image revealed that Pewa had developed a small eye. - map

1 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 20, Japan time: Pewa was upgraded to a Category 1-equivalent typhoon by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, but its forecast track still takes it well out of Wake Island group’s way, about 270 miles northeast at around 2 a.m. Thursday. JTWC projects Pewa to peak at 121-mph sustained winds and 150-mph gusts around midnight Thursday, then slowly regress as it moves into northern climes. It will be the most powerful typhoon to frequent the area since Super Typhoon Ioke around this very time seven years ago.

- radioactive release has been in Progress massively the past two weeks already ;

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has detected the highest radiation level in seawater collected in the harbor of the crippled nuclear plant in the past 15 days, Nikkei reports. The last measurement showed tritium levels at 3800 becquerels per liter.

...seems to me, They are in a Hurry :

send in a created hurricane as excuse to Once more disperse
and then Ignite all

posted on Aug, 21 2013 @ 05:49 PM
- just for the record.

Google Doodle 22 august, Claude Debussy

..the past two days, but especially this morning,
was like the eardrums get hammered by a sound or tone, just outside the hearing range

making the head to feel like made of Iron

Rudolph Reti points out these features of Debussy's music, which "established a new concept of tonality in European music
Glittering passages and webs of figurations which distract from occasional absence of tonality;
Frequent use of parallel chords which are "in essence not harmonies at all, but rather 'chordal melodies', enriched unisons"; some writers describe these as non-functional harmonies;
Bitonality, or at least bitonal chords":

[source: Wiki] these days, it is about "tonality" , frequencies being broadcasted

and the doodle shows you the "Synchronisation" of the 3 head chakras [ the "balloons"]

We are still on the Right Track.

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