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Weird interesting dream

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posted on Aug, 15 2013 @ 08:13 AM
Now apply that same metaphor to anything and everything.

How does sweeping the floor relate to my dream?

Look at the general idea of the dream. Don't hit every spot, for you can think about that spot tomorrow, if you must. If the message was absolutely necessary as prophecy for you to discern this very moment, God would have given you extra power to understand. But He is waiting on you to perform the job; He provided the job and gave you life to complete it. So then, do a decent sweep. Develop a basic understanding. Then apply that knowledge to your relationship with God.

You said "a God".

I assure you, there cannot be two Gods. If God is infinite, and is inside and outside all things, there cannot be another to occupy His spiritual space, neither any physical space which He inhabits.

You have heard that in physics, matter cannot occupy the same space. It's impossible.

So then, if God is inside and outside all things, and is a true living being, therefore, God does not require matter to live. Therefore, He is even outside energy. He doesn't need that.

Not "a God". The living God.

For there must be a source for everything, and that lies within what appears to us limited beings as "nothing". What we perceive as nothing, there He is. What we imagine as nothing, there He is. We cannot see.

We cannot see infrared, or x-rays. But it looks like nothing; but now our instruments have found. But our instruments have only found what we saw evidence for to perceive. If we have not the perception to understand something, we can never ask a question about it. If we can't ask a question, we cannot develop any wisdom concerning the thing.

So therefore, we only know what He allows us to know. And we spend more time imagining that we know when we don't actually know at all. For we make suppositions based on our limited perception to serve our purpose, and everyone's purpose in this world is money.

It is not conservation, as some think it is. IT is not science, as some say it is. It is money. For if they weren't getting paid, they would not be doing it. Except for a very few that did stick with their passion before the money came. Then the money came, and their passion was infected with the world, and the passion was turned into mainstream pop music. Underground punk eventually translated to Justin Bieber. That's simply how the world works in everything that it does.

So therefore, all knowledge we have in the world is diluted and a lie. That is a verifiable fact. For no knowledge that the world has can be applied to 100% effectiveness anywhere, ever.

That's a very interesting fact that we should really understand. If our effectiveness is only 99.9999999%, we are 100% wrong. 99.99999999% is a lie. 100% is truth.

So we are completely wrong.

The living God is the only means by which we discern any truth at all. That is the only reason we have any truth in this world.

Science has not figured out reasonably how you could ever dream about me. All attempts by science to explain this become pseudo-science and full of mystic garbage. Science says, "It's not magic; it just has yet to be explained."

This is true, really. But to us it is "magic" in a way. I fear using that word because I don't want people to think I'm interested in the magic of the world and demons, which I am not. But the magic of God, His Spirit working, which we perceive to be magical, but really, it is His ultimate understanding of the universe and its true nature working within us that allows us to experience these things.

Now most of us do need money sometime. But at least we can be honest about it. "I am doing this job to earn money. But I will also do my best, but no, I do not think sweeping your floors is important to any of our lives. Maybe our livelihood, but not in the grand scheme of things."

But people who chase the dream of making this world perfect, they are completely lost.

But people who chase the dream of making the love in this world perfect, they are our lovers, our guides, our brothers, our sisters, our mothers. Not the ones that we have in the flesh, but the ones that will never let us down in the spirit. The ones that make our spirit cry, and our flesh wants to respond, but not to enjoy further, as it feels or seems, but to destroy. For wherever the spirit has dominion, if the flesh enters in, it is destroyed. Jesus said it, "Flesh and blood cannot enter into the kingdom of God." So whatever we have in the flesh, there is not perfection. But wherever our spirit lies, our heart's desire, not our bones desire, that is where the Spirit of God works perfectly.

So we are at war within and without ourselves constantly. Our flesh wants to taste what the Spirit discerns. Our spirit wants to destroy what the flesh has done. This war exists for as long as we are mortal. Jesus said, "My grace is sufficient for you."

It is clear that the message you needed is here for you.

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