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Earth Tomorrow...

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posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 08:29 PM
Some tings bush might do:
-Worsening our enviroment
-Economy will get worse
-Iraq will be destroyed due to civil war
-He will limit the right for a women to choose
-Big buisness will continue to reap the benefits of tax cuts. And the middle class will continue to carry the tax burden
-More troops will die in Iraq
-Countries are not gonna support the U.S. anymore in the war because of Bush's stupidity
-Tony Blair will lose position as prime minister
-Korea will continue making nukes
-A good chance there will be another terror attack in the west coast(eitheran chemical, biological, or nuclear bomb).

- As the next presidential election goes on, ppl will learn from their mistakes, and try to choose the right president.
-A huge earth quake will hit Calirfornia, a small piece of California will be lost.
-The new U.S. president will try his hardest to fix the problem in Iraq. He will also try and nagotiate with Korea to disarm the Nukes.
-Another terror attack will happen around Florida (Suicide Bomber).
-Economy will get a little better.
-Less troops will be sent in Iraq
-Environment continues to get worse, and nobody can do anything about it.
-As the environment gets worse, so do our crops. Because of the UV rays of the sun going through the holes of the ozone, they will burn crops and soil and make many parts of the world un-fertile.
-Because of shortage of crops, we begin killing more and more animals for food.


-Bin Landen's caught, but war on terror continues
-Troops are finally sent out of Iraq
-Terror attacks will begin to worsen, terrorist attacks will continue in many countries.
-A younger, more angry man takes Bin Ladens place.
-With this new leader of Al Qeada, he will spread terrible messages about to muslim societies about the U.S.
-A rumor will spread about Al Qeada creating a Nuke that will be launched to D.C.
-The new pres. will be frightnened about this threatening and attack Afghanistan (The place which is believed to hold the Nuke)
-Soldiers bomb many Afghan territories.


-Muslim society will be pissed about what's happening, and will dislike westerners even more.
-Parts of the world will continue to lose animals for food, and they will starve. Many animals have died and the eco-system is now messed up.
-Terror attacks continue
-The new Al Qeada leader is captured and Al Qeada has weakened again.
-Starving countries begin to turn to the food filled countries for help.
-Starving countries will get help.


-The food filled countries will not have enough food to give to the other countries, this causes anger to many people.
-Starving countries begin to turn cannibalism.
-Starving countries begin to lose their cool, and attack the countries with food.
-Countries begin to attack and attack back, causing a world war.


-The war lasts for years. Soldiers and civilians eat the dead bodies on streets to prevent starvation.
-Because of the bombings, there absolutely no food left in the world.
- Nukes fly everywhere, destrying 1000s of cities, and killing millions.
-War stops due to lack of soldiers and materials to make weapons.
-People turn to their prehistoric and kill each other with fist hammers, pitch forks, etc.


-ETs finally show themselves and help the remaining humans rebuild the earth. They lead humans to peace

posted on Nov, 11 2004 @ 03:00 AM
Hey, if you make enough predictions, one of them is bound to come true!

I like the one about people trying to choose the right president in 2008. I don't know what that means, but it sure is funny!



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