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Why ghosts appear?

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posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 07:33 PM
Im writing this thread to discuss the possible reasons for ghostly paranormal activity.

Some of what's said may not seem valid to the discussion but i believe it is. It's important to take details.

Living in an English town that is 700+ years old, and a house that could be close to that. I've seen a great deal of strange activity over the past 10years I've lived here. As a child I also lived in a very old house that had numerous strange events happen. The events have ranged from voices heard by numerous people, actually see'ing ghosts only seen by 1 person at a time, and the movement of objects.

About 3years ago, I decided to look at ghosts in a more scientific manner.

I began first by noting the 24hr time of sightings and sounds, I found no pattern or fixed time.

Second I looked at the actual time of year, was there any increased activity at different times of the year? well from observations the end of summer seemed to have increased activity.
A little about the place..

The place is an old town house possibly more than 700 years old, definitely signs of tudor work on the top floor (house made up of ground floor, middle and top). The ground floor of the house is alot older than tudor. 5 people and a dog live here. Everyone has seen or heard activity, the dog has reacted strangley on many occasions.
What's been heard or seen?

Voices: Children singing, a child talking, a man and an elderly lady.

Seen: A small child, a girl between the age of 5-8 i'd say, blonde hair, wearing a dress, no transparency, no glowing she just appeared like a regular person for a few seconds, this has happened 3 times.

Objects: A book, a remote control (twice) have been thrown a considerable distance. All 3 times more than 2people where present.

This brings me to an event that happened earlier this year during a large storm. The storm started at about 04:00am - 04:10am, (im regularly up at this time due to work hours). The storm was an incredible display of lightning flashes, and the thunder was so strong things where shaking. I decided to get out my video camera and record the event. After the worst of the storm passed I looked out of the window camera still on and panned around. While i was looking around i heard an elderly lady say "Good Morning!", It was very clear. And immediately when i heard it i began looking around for someone who could of said it, i didnt hear any foot steps, nor do we have any neighbours. I couldn't find anyone out there, a massive storm had just passed it was now 04:20am , still dark and in a quiet area, still raining (can be heard in the audio clip).

I immediately took my camera to the computer and found it had recorded on camera, my first attempts to retrieve the video with the voice failed, so i tried to retrieve the sound file only, i tried this several times before I had got it, what made this strange is that I have never had a problem retrieving video or audio from the camera, and it didnt work the first few times but eventually it did is also very odd.

I also got the latest weather report after the event.

UV Index: 0 Low
Wind: From the South at 7 mph
Dew Point: 16°C
Humidity: 100%
Visibility: 6 miles
Barometer: 1,006.1 mb
Mostly Cloudy 16°C
Here I've simply wrote down my observations of one area, the questions on my mind: Are ghostly paranormal events related to weather, 24time, time of the year, the age of a building? Etc.
Im no expert, I just experience events similar to this often and Im interested in why they happen? There no reason to question the information I've given you im not looking for a debate on whether they exist or not. I would just like tohear your ideas and opinions on the causes of paranormal events of this nature

auido clip
Here's the audio clip. This isn't really necessary for this discussion, but it will just sit on my harddrive anyway. I still have the original tape and i will try and get the full thing with video, but no success yet

I look forward to your replies.


posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 08:26 PM
Well Damn!

Did you say Good Morning Back? LOL

On this topic, it has been noted that during typical hauntings, Electromagnetism Spikes. For some reasons The Paranormal Apparitions are still "alive" as it were in energy bands only. People themselves produce massive amount of elecrtomagnetism, specifically electric currents and brainwaves.

It is a theory that perhaps during particularly strong electrical storms it stirs up spirits by strengthining the electromagnetism in an area. I think it feeds them/strengthens them a little, or it reduces the barrier between our physical world vibration, and the vibration of purely energy beings.

Does this help, or make sense?


posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 08:35 PM
Yeah, that theory certainly makes the most sense.

lol no i didnt say good morning back i looked around pretty stunned, the next thing i said was WTF

I was that shocked by it i woke someone up and decided to scare them too
. It was really strange, next time there's a storm like that, I'l get the video camera out again and see if i pick up anything else.


posted on Nov, 11 2004 @ 03:43 PM
I never told anyone this before except my Fiance sooo bear with me.
I think there are several reasons why ghosts/paranormal activity occur.
I am no expert, just have had some experiences. My experiences all are linked with friends/family passing. The first one was when I was 5 and I have 8 other witnesses to what occured. We had just buried my grandpa and had come home from the funeral. Everyone was feeling pretty bad and
we were in the kitchen. I didn't really understand at 5 what was supposed to happen when sumone died, as this was my first funeral.....but I did know that your parents were not supposed to be possessed by the ghost and talk through them. Which he did talk through them each within 20 sec. of one another. My grandfather came back to make sure my father understood he was to take care of my mother. He felt the need to make sure my mom would be o.k. after he was gone.

My second was a friend who came back to let me know he was o.k.

so..I guess my point is that I think ghosts/paranormal activity is drawn to the place/people it is close to.

Hope that makes sense.
Is that was you were asking for?

posted on Nov, 11 2004 @ 04:00 PM
To understand why "ghosts" appear, you need to know that there are different kinds of paranormal "ghosts." When most people think of a "ghost" they imagine a floating white thing that moves around and makes scary noises.
A ghost is actually energy of a human that keeps repeating itself. It is not a spirit.
A spirit is the "soul" of a person that can actually communicate with the living if the spirit knows how. Most spirits do not know that they are dead so it is important that you let them know that it's time to move on to the other side.
Back to ghosts: A ghost is a replay of an event. For example, you might see a ghost walk down the staircases every night at 3am and then dissapear. That's the only thing that it does. It repeats itself. Like seeing a battle scene from a Civil War fight.
Back to spirits: A spirit can manouver things, communicate, become visible, etc. For example, a spirit might open doors, touch you, speak (different things usually) do things you ask it to do, etc.
Orbs: Orbs are angles. If you get an orb on a picture, it is an angel. That is why it doesn't take a specific form like a spirit.
Demons: Demons are bad. Don't mess with them. They are controlling, and will make you think that it is a spirit. Usually demons are not cought on film because they choose not to be.
I hope this can be of some help to you!

posted on Nov, 11 2004 @ 07:54 PM
yeah, I often feel something, you know like a presense?

My father commented the other day on how when ever someone dies he feels at least something of them around for a good few months, a friend of the family recently commit suicide and no ones felt him around at all, i suggested because he wants to go.

I understand there can be spirits and, those ghosts who are an imprint on time

Thankyou for your comments.

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