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The Danger of the new God-Men

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posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 04:22 PM

When men ceased to learn the whole course of knowledge, their brains shrunk and their minds narrowed just like their cirruculae. That's why leaders and great ones in antiquity were given the FULL COURSE of intellectual training, even if they never used it, it let them be whole beings.

That's problably the best way to say what I had on my mind. Gracias.


posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 04:57 PM
What you are saying does have some ring to it of the New World Order. But I do agree that it seems wold leaders do tend not to care are there subjects so it seems at times. And as to the anchient leaders, many more were quite ruthless then the ones that were good to there people, but there were the good ones. As for my self, I will hope that our leaders will serve the people who put them there. Perhaps wishfull thinking, but on the flip side, once the subjects are gone, there will be nothing to be the leader of.

posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 06:18 PM
On one hand: economics is the management of scarcity.
On the other hand: as knowledge grows, there should be less scarcity.
In the end, the difference between the would-be gods is on which side they are.
As economic advantage depends more and more on differences of knowledge, it is becoming plain how morally unjustifiable and wrong our reasonings based on economics really are.

In Hong Kong, at street level, I saw people living in cardboard boxes.
While the gods lived way above, in the high-rises.

I don't believe in the ability of this machine to bring good outcomes by itself, unless there are intelligent beings running it somehow. I don't believe in the invisible hand. Outcomes always must have causes.

Some of those who benefit astronomically in the most developed countries have the clout of small nations. Are they not already like gods? But this attribute is mostly unseen, and so are the responsabilities that come with it.

The roman empire fell out of moral bankruptcy. As the people had their basic needs satisfied, the people fell into conspicuous consumption. They coexisted happily with slavery. While the rich minded their own lives, corruption ascended into the high levels: the quality of government began to decline. Productive work also declined because robbery was more rewarding. At some point there was no longer a cohesive society. Next thing they knew, they were overrun by the barbarians.

posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 07:14 PM
It's not that I am tring to describe to you what a god is, or how men live under them, I am trying to show you that it is rational and even required for free men to understand the powers that be.

Unless he has a concept of how really great power is, and has a precedent to judge from, then he is unaware. How can a reprentative democracy like our Republic manage to keep its Liberty under a system of powers that are unheard, unseen, unaccountable, and outside of the reach of the law? Of course, it is impossible. Any thought of "freedom" under such a system is a total lie. As long as the people accept the lie, and don't think it through, then it will remain stable.

But like everything else, if the foundation isn't sound, it falls. That's the fate of this current system. It's built as high as the sky and as bright as the moon, but underneath it is just snakes and sand, and will collapse into dust.


posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 09:55 PM
I understand exactly what your saying, basically, "Absolute power corrupts Absolutely". People should realize that they aren't, "better" than any other and that everyone is equal. I think it is sad that people conform to these governments and are taxed to meet there needs and buy what is neccessary to keep them alive.

posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 09:56 PM
The world should be molded around the society envisioned in the old testimant fallowing the laws in the holy bible. Those should be the rules that everyone conforms to, no others.

posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 10:57 PM
Huh? I'm not a Jew. I have nothing to do with the old testament.

To force the entire world under an old-testament style tyranny would be a horrible development for the world.

The Old testament had nothing to do with Liberty. That's what Killed Christ! The OLD TESTAMENT. Christ was all about Liberty combined with Wisdom combined with Goodness. Those three things in combination are what need to rule the world.

Laws don't make people good. When Socrates was at his trial before the jury of Athens, he asked his accuser: "What makes the people good?" And his accuser answered: "The Laws."

It's funny, that's the exact same answer I get from the people who live today, thousands of years later. There is something that makes men think that that is strangely persitent. People who answer that was are usually similar in other ways too.

There is no connection between the goodness of a people, or the success of a nation to its laws. If that were true, then be would be the most enlightened and rational people in the world. We have more laws than anybody. How many way can you say not to kill, steal, or lie, or to use force or fraud against another?

Something else makes people good, and it never came from LAW. Good people are developed from something holy, they receive something from heaven that dwells inside of them. They don't need a law, or a ruler, but are good because of their own mind's decision and the harmony they enjoy with goodness. That's what people need. If they can't manage that, then its their DAMN FAULT.


posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 02:05 AM
"if you want to rule the world you have to have the character of God?"

well seeing as you decided to mix religion with world rulership you should have consulted a bible. firstly the above statement you made is wrong, according to the bible there is a ruler of this world, who is the god of this world but he is as far away from Gods character as any living thing could be!!! (no points for guessing who this entity is!)

as far as TRUE rulership goes there is only ONE God in heaven..thats one is or ever will be like him and no one will share his character.

posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 12:12 PM
This section is to do with the New World Order not faith, please stick to the subject.

posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 12:37 PM
There have been many great kings, emperors, hierophants, and nations. Most of them had nothing to do with the Bible or the Hebrew God.

Many modern American "Christians" revolve around the King James Bible as though it is the authoritative teaching of all the world's history. That is perhaps an intellectual failure of our school system.

God-like attributes are always described in the great civilizers of ancient times. There was always a component of high intelligence, virtue, and justice, and they were always great lawgivers or healers. Those traits have always been considered essential to the character of any truly great leader. There have been many kinds of deities worshipped by humankind - but always the traits of the most venerated leaders were constant. Virtue translates the same in all languages, because the God of Virtue predates the Bible, and is constantly the benefactor of man's intellect and civilization.

This is the first time when mankind has rebelled against God's plan for man's civilization: That virtue , learning, and justice be established by the rulers for all mankind. That was always the covenant that great men made with the people. If they broke that covenant, then chaos and war would swallow that people up, and their glory would fall to another race.

This time, there are no other places, as all places have become common and connected one another. All nations are under the same influence and rule, and those behind it have no intention of relating to the people, or providing them with any virtuous creation, because they must hide from the people! They are forming powers that exceed the limitations of most societies, laws have not yet been made to govern supernational cabals, or global combinations of power, because men have not yet caught up to them intellectually. They are operating right now on their own accord, with nothing to challenge, debate, or check their power. It is my estimation that these power and groups represent no virtuous things at all, that they have no godly traits whatsoever, that they are mercenaries of commerce and greedy, demonic individuals.

To rule the world, or to have a great influence on the world with such traits as these is a disastrous situation, because by the very same principal that causes good to emanate from the wise, evil will emanate from these men and groups, and will contaminate the whole world. I believe that these men are ignorant of the true responsibility of leadership, that they have no guiding principal among them, they think they can merely focus on their business concerns and become rich, and reap the powers of the world as it were something their business and industries could provide them.

My words are to help common men like myself better conceptualize and understand the nature of great powers, because most of our educations didn't include the study of the great men BEHIND the empires we studied in school. We may have heard of the Empire of Alexander, but we never quite learned why Alexander was able to do these things. I also believe that this was purposefully done to Americans so that they never learn the full potential of godly power in men, and they begin to assume that all people must conform to an establishment. In today's world, having men grow to think in terms of their own supreme independence is dangerous, and our society has become quite opposed to the liberty of males in this fashion. Free and powerful men are dangerous to the efforts to make one world order, because they won't cooperate as easily as the drones who feed off of the system.

Until you Bible-People begin to understand the purpose and meaning of individual greatness combined with goodness, and the necessary attributes that a man must have, even a common citizen, you are in danger of losing your Liberty entirely.

When you come to understand that it was Christ's intention to make all mankind like himself, rather than have all mankind worship him, you will understand what the true Christ is. You are correct when you say that Christ was unlike men - so why do you think he came to establish some kind of top-down hierarchy like men do? He doesn't want to be feared and worshipped by inferior sorts of beings. He wanted to free his brethren so they might form a perfect society of Liberty, not an oppressive tyranny that many of you American Protestants seems think is proper in your religion.

Many of you bible-Christians think it impossible for a man to attain equality with Christ. This harms your development, and makes you more susceptible to submit to the powers of THIS earth, because you are hobbled with a celestial inferiority complex that bleeds over into your judgment of other matters. You think it improper for a man to judge matters because you misinterpret the words of the new testament, so you allow great crimes to go on in this world and you say nothing, and develop a sad culture of ignorance and permissiveness. You let the women judge things on a personal level, but let the great things go unchecked, because you are "not worthy."

I have come to tell you that you ARE worthy, that you CAN stand up and not remain on your face, that you are a citizen and have AUTHORITY of your own, you can gain the wisdom to JUDGE the world and everyone in it. You attain equality with Christ according to your wisdom. Christ is not envious and wrathful like the Hebrew God and his relations with the Jews. You are not Jews, folks, and I will never understand why you pretend to be. I could never serve a God who was envious of His creation of matter, or upset about the activities of men. Many of you bible protestants worship a strange God of a very human nature, nothing at all like the Christ you say is King. Doesn't the son resemble the Father? How have you made Fear his scepter?

Liberty is the reason why Christ came to us - so that we might learn how to have Perfect Liberty: it requires perfect goodness. The only way to develop perfect goodness is to remove yourself from the material world, and to cease after the lusts of the body. Advance the cause of Liberty - that is what America was founded on - because the founders understood Liberty, and its spiritual nature. That is how Christ helped found our nation. Not make us serve Hebrew Law, like you assume in your church houses and petty judgments of things, but to free us from the gods and powers of this world.

These new powers that have risen up from the world are pure materialists, the most demonic sort of greedy capitalists, and they hate Liberty because of the kind of souls they have developed. They are the most spiritually deformed pigs ever to rise to power in this world, such that men would reject them if they were ever to come into plain view. That's why I raise the alarm, because your short sight has kept you from seeing and understanding what they are attempting to do, and your short memories are allowing them to steadily change and destroy the Liberty of the world.


[edit on 13-11-2004 by Arkaleus]

posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 12:44 PM
infinite is right. We have a forum named Conspiracies in Religions, its for the discussion of conspiracies and scandals in organized religions, or conspiracies influenced by religion. Please lets try to keep this discussion focused on the NWO. If this thread simply concentrates on religion it would make sense that I move the thread to Conspiracies in Religions. Thanks all

posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 01:15 PM
Yeah, I agree with KL. Granted, Arkaleus is trying to conect the two somewhat (the NWO and some sort of religious aspect) so it's a little ambiguous as to where this thread belongs, but the strong religious overtones as opposed to the wishy-washy references to global eilte/shadowy powers mean this belongs in the Religious Conspiracies forum.

Oh, and Arkaleus, I respect your opinion and you have been very gracious in your attempt to get your message across.
However, can you please stop trying to make your points seem more esoteric and intellectual than they are by being so vague, by eluding to things rather than stating your thoughts clearly, and by attempting to express your thoughts with pointlessly lofty-seeming vocab/syntax/grammar. Most folks on ATS have researched a lot, are pretty well-informed and are quite intelligent. You should credit them with that. Most want to read clear and to-the-point thoughts/theories, evidence or observations to support them, personal conclusions from the author, and requests for comment, agreement or rebuttal from others. That's it.

You are shooting yourself in the foot with your attempted literary eloquence. I for one was interested in the beginning but got tired of your pontificating. Please remember this is a message board, not a draft testing ground for your college thesis/new book.


posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 12:54 AM
After reviewing my words here I agree that I have focused a lot on the theological aspect of my thesis.

I do not agree that my words are unecessarily eloquent. That's just my writing style. I learned to read on books that were written when the Republic was young, and I have gotten this complaint since I was in grade school. My writing style is like those I learned from - flowery and eloquent. I don't care much for "TV NEWS ENGLISH."

I agree they are wordy - that's because I am thinking on the fly as I write, and this is perhaps an editing flaw on my part. I also do most of these posts while I work in a tech support call center
) I will try to be more concise.

My central thesis is that we modern Americans must have the ability to judge these newly emerged groups and powers related to the NWO in the proper context. We need to understand what world-ruling entities are like, what they have beenin the past, and understand their dynamics and how they affect the world they govern.

It really is a specific point! It belongs in this thread because it pertains to the architects of the NWO, and how we need to view them. Part of your defense against them is to see them clearly, and to fit them within our own intellect, instead of regarding them as part of an inpenetrable cabal of mystery, which is what the want.

I would place them right next to Alexander the Macedonian and look at them both. Both conquered the world, both were powerful figures commanding large forces of civilization. We can read all about Alexander and study him, praise him, and see him fairly clearly. BUt with these new powers, they have purposefully hid from the review of the populations they are trying to govern. I say it is time we challenge this secrecy with congressional inquiry, and bring light to this den of thieves.


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