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posted on Aug, 7 2013 @ 03:21 PM
I awoke with a start and sat up faster than you'd expect an old guy to. I was frantically rummaging around trying to find a pen and paper , before forgetting my dream. It was fading fast and I jotted down flare, magnetic reversal , and reactor meltdown.
Seems like I had been driving a truck in my dream and was heading for Byron to deliver diesel fuel. That was weird, cause I had driven a truck there when I worked for Safety Kleen back in the '70s. I remember the check points and high security , since it was a nuclear power station.
I sat back on my bed and tried to piece together what had happened in my dream, before I confused it with my memories. Byron and most of the 100 or so nuclear reactors in the U.S. had been crippled by a CME. Apparently it was a worldwide event, but news was sketchy at best, cause most all communications besides a few ham radio operators were down. The only other thing I could recall was something about the need to cool off some fuel rods ??
I lay back down.....maybe I can get back to sleep. I glanced at the alarm clock and it was flashing, which meant the power was off, which is nothing unusual here in SW Wi.

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