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Dekalb County Sheriffs Department Police Brutality

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posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 05:03 AM

Originally posted by gotya
reply to post by InverseLookingGlass

Well as long as it took for the people to open the door maybe the police thought they were armed or hiding / destroying evidence. At that point I feel they had probable cause.

Why didn't the person who wrote out the description of events include the type of warrant? I keep going back to that because it's the key factor.


An arrest warrant allows law enforcement officers to take you
into custody. An arrest warrant alone does not give law
enforcement officers the right to search your home (but they
can look in places where you might be hiding and they can take
evidence that is in plain sight), and a search warrant alone
does not give them the right to arrest you (but they can arrest
you if they find enough evidence to justify an arrest). A warrant
must contain the judge’s name, your name and address, the
date, place to be searched, a description of any items being
searched for, and the name of the agency that is conducting
the search or arrest.

posted on Aug, 15 2013 @ 04:33 AM
reply to post by ATSmediaPRO

At the start the guy making the video claims they are at the wrong address. Clearly, if that was the case, they would not have had a warrant for the arrest of a person living in that house, which they did. So, from the start, the video maker is lying. Can we trust anything claimed that starts with a lie?

The cops tell them to dial 911 to verify who they are. The video maker then claims the cops "never came". Hello? They were already there! Notice we don't get all of that portion of the video?

Next, he claims they are "doing it so 'hostilely'" he's scared, but we have NO IDEA how long they have been waiting before his little video starts. This is after the 911 operator CLEARLY tells him to open the door.

He admits on the phone that they have been there for thirty minutes, and those inside are refusing to open the door, and claiming they "do not have permission". The police don't need permission from the suspect to act on an arrest warrant.

Next, the woman who they are there for states, "If I'm dead in the morning, you know what it's because." There is NO indication that her life is threatened. She claims this is some sort of retaliation.

The guy says, "We will open the door." repeatedly, while not opening it.

Clearly, they have a warrant, as we can see the papers held by one of the officers, but this kid continues to refuse to open the door, demanding an explanation.

Next, the woman freaks out, saying, "I rebuke Satan back from the depths of Hell from which he came.", repeatedly.

The door opens, the cops come in, and instantly, the guy is screaming, "stop, stop!" very loudly, and the woman is hysterical, and the cops are simply entering. The cops have done NOTHING aggressive, but the guy screams, "Stop!"? WHY? To add to the hysteria, and make them look like victims, perhaps?

Then he claims they pulled his mother outside (we can't see that on the video), and that they were "abused" in the house.

Now we have a nice black screen, and an angry cp, but we can't SEE anything that's happening. We can't see what anyone in the house does, or doesn't do. All we have are claims. All that video, and no abuse caught?

More claims of "93 minutes" of "abuse", but none caught on video? He even claims the police "tried" to shut off the camera, but somehow failed? Yeah...because that's so difficult to manage.....

We now hear his mother IN THE HOUSE, even according to HIS captions, after he claimed she as taken outside and arrested. All the video, which was STILL RECORDING, and we get nothing but audio? WHY did he cut out that portion of the video? He claims abuse, but cuts the video that might actually show it? I call BS.

Next, it's all, "Why are we in handcuffs?" Gee, resisting arrest comes to mind! Unreal!

Now the captions, so readily provided, suddenly drop out, as someone in the house is refusing to stay seated. How convenient.

Cop states he spent an HOUR putting them on tape. An hour? Can we say STAGED?

They even claim they didn't know it was the police. Right. They state the police are hostile. We can see uniforms and flashing lights, and he even calls 911, and they "didn't know"? Really? Who is gullible enough to believe anything this guy claims? Anyone?

The cop is astounded that a college graduate would act so stupidly. I can certainly understand the cop's position! The guy then disagrees that the ONLY reason this was out of hand is because they didn't open the door.

Now, we mysteriously have VIDEO again. Gee, how convenient. Seven minutes of audio only? No, this guy could not possibly be concealing anything, right? *rolls eyes*

The cop is trying to talk some sense into this clown, but it's clearly not sinking in. Then the guy APOLOGIZES to the cop, for being so ridiculous. He KNOWS he was out of line.

Next, some yipping dog shows up.

We hear one of the guys is 20, and the video guy is apparently 23. The cops then state they can video themselves going to jail. I hope they did!

There is apparently a sister there, probably underage, and they pull this crap? Then slander the cops?!?!?

Again NO captions, as the younger guy bemoans that he might lose his scholarship. Gee, you think? How does someone that stupid get a scholarship? I can't blame the cop for wanting to smack them both.

I would just about bet money that the reason they didn't open the door was so someone in the house could HIDE something, or dispose of something. This does NOT look like a case of police brutality, but more like a case of someone buying time for some reason, and making a video to try and play the victim later on. If there was actual abuse, why was the video portion cut out for over seven minutes? I don't believe a word this guy claims.
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posted on Aug, 15 2013 @ 04:49 AM

Originally posted by semperfortis
Yes the Deputies language was unprofessional

Convenient how the video went dark during all the allegations of physical abuse.. HMMMMMM

YES the Deputies CAN come in the house and "secure", ie. Handcuff, EVERYONE when serving a warrant on a wanted person

The mother was a WANTED person and after being arrested law enforcement is ALLOWED to Search Incident To Arrest.. THE SEARCH WAS LEGAL

This is a perfect example of video manipulation to make the BIG BAD cops the bad guys

There was a warrant for her arrest

If she had taken care of that, none of this would have been necessary

But of course

It's all the cops fault

You can bet, too, that they KNEW the cops were going to show up at some point. This was too well rehearsed to have been spontaneous.

Nice to see someone else noticed all the issues!

I can't even blame the cop for being angry, considering how long they waited, and the needless hysterics when the door was finally opened.

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