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Connection between RH negative blood and extraterrestrials: The connection may not be what we think

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posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 03:32 AM
reply to post by Ploutonas

yeh i have read a lot of things about it , i have kids never any problems during pregnancy as the dad is neg but ab neg. not sure about the whole gods story not seen that one before

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 03:33 AM

reply to post by leopardpimps

we 0's love the stars, because they didnt created us here, we moved here from elsewhere... So its inside us, to love the stars and feel it as home.

i like star gazing for sure i wouldn't say i am obsessed with space i like to contemplate physics on occasion

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 03:35 AM
reply to post by leopardpimps

Dont be confused with the word : Gods... Gods in ancient Greece are the aliens... "Those who travel fast using technology " and GOD "the one who can travel fast, without the need of technology - the whole "

So basically, according to Dogon race and ethyopians, we are the white ancient aliens... who came from elsewhere. Ethyopians and dogons are natives, its their planet.

You should also know that even today, ehtiopians believe in Zeus and the ancient Sebila... Sebilla was a greek girl but mixed I think with black race, I am saying this because she was also dark in the skin.

Sebila was sister of Apollonas the god of the sun. Thats why some from the black race, believe that jesus is black... Because they believe that Jesus is reicarnation of Apollonas, as we do as well.

Sebila is the most ancient mistress (medium) her name was Airithrea (Erithrea) I dont know how you spell it. There is lots of stories arround the extra dna code found in greeks, (0 type of blood)... I could tell you.
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posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 03:54 AM
reply to post by Ploutonas

i am aware that there version of gods was actually what some believe to be aliens . from the story's and myths it would point more that way. could not say for sure as we was not there . i do find it curious where i originate from because rhesus originates from the rhesus monkey meaning to have evolved from the monkey but if you are rhesus neg u do not contain monkey blood . meaning evolution from some where else

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 09:33 AM
till 1 year ago, "science" tried to convince humans that we were monkeys 200.000 years ago... But they found a skull 1.8 million years ago, totally human.... So humans are a unique species. We never being monkeys.

Anyway, its not about myths, its just how things are.

The ancient vocabulary of the word GODS = " those who travel fast "

And the word Nephilims (we call them Nefelim )that Babylonians called them and jewish adopted after, is from the word Nefeles (or Nepheles) and it means smoke, cloud, steam... And nefeles are the ancient spaceships in my country, that have the ability to cloak and vanish into clouds or turn into clouds.

A part of them rebeled, true... And today they also praise him as a god, specific races. We consider him as a scum, an abomination, criminal. And that is Kronos (or saturn or sabbaoth). Kronos fleet allowed dragonians to invade earth. (thats the big picture of the whole story). The day " Saturday" is offered to this abomination " saturn day"

So as you can see, there is 2 factions of humans into this world.
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posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 07:28 AM
reply to post by Ploutonas

Okay I am going to have to intervene here because I am seeing some factual errors being stated in some of your posts. There are technically many blood types, not just 3. In the ABO blood group typing system there are technically 3. There are the A and B proteins (constituting A, B, or AB) and then the lack of both proteins (constituting O). However, there are actually many blood proteins and in one of my posts in this discussion I made mention of 2 new blood types that have been discovered just last year in February 2012.

If you ask me, I believe that humans generally speaking were created by extraterrestrials. And if anything, rhesus negative blood type is by definition a more recent part of their ongoing experiment and observation of what they've created. However, if you read the original post along with other posts within this discussion you would have made notice of the scientific reasoning I gave as to why I do not believe the rhesus protein is as big of interest to extraterrestrials as some people believe (or in some cases, want to believe).

Also, there are quite a few human "species" so to speak and there aren't just two lines of humans in that. I agree that there has been some mixing of different "species" of humans, thereby some people happen to have some peculiar traits but not that many. If there's any real credibility to the RH negative traits list floating around the internet, I would have to say that there was once a race of humans who had all those traits BUT... just because you have RH negative blood does not mean you are an "original" and just because you have RH negative blood does not mean that you are bound to have all of those traits. Just because someone doesn't have RH negative blood does not mean they cannot have most of these traits if not all (minus the blood type of course). Furthermore, I am extremely skeptical that the rhesus factor (or lack thereof) is the most interesting trait to extraterrestrials, nor do I think it has as big of a role in how people think, look, act, etc. If you really believe that just because you have RH negative blood that you are bound to have all these special traits, you really need to take a few science courses or at the very least do some online reading and get a better understanding of genetics.

Everything else you discuss about history however is quite fascinating and would love for you to keep posting more

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 11:43 AM
I know about that, these are secondary and a result of many merges, mixtures of dna.

Many families may have 0-A-B-AB (- + ) members. And as you can also noticed, beyond the 3 different types of "feet" there is few more, as a result of the first 3 prototypes.

I will give you an example : In the ancient years, in my country the word "slave" had different meaning. All slaves owned by someone and got paid money in my country. But they didnt have the right to take part in elections or decisions about the country or in special meetings. They had a house, money and freedom... but we didnt make babies with them.

We keep traditions even today and we also take big precautions even against the educational system (with our own ways). Politicians and goverments sold out, but we keep our spirit up... There is always some principles in us, " you cannot become a greek, you born as one and only ".
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posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 11:15 AM
reply to post by Ploutonas

I am aware that there has been a lot of genetic mixing due to people traveling and thereby meeting people from a broader range of places, resulting in procreation between more ethnicities (therefore more "mixing" happens). There are variations of the ABO blood groups, that is correct (heck, there are currently as many as 20 subtypes of group A blood and about 4 known subtypes of group B blood). However, the point I have been trying to convey here is that there are way more blood types than simply A +/-, AB +/-, B +/-, or O +/- which has nothing to do with the mixing of the ABO gene or even the Rhesus factor gene. There are literally thousands of blood types because of how many blood proteins there are. The ABO and RH blood groups simply are of more clinical interest due to the violent reactions should an incompatibility reaction happen; however, blood incompatibility reactions still occur even if someone with say type A+ blood receives type A+ blood from someone else. Why? Because there are other blood proteins that cause violent incompatibility reactions that have yet to be discovered.

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posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 01:12 PM
I am blood type B-. I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 18 years old. I experienced many alien abductions before my diagnosis, but never after.

I went bald at 18 from the chemo. My hair never came back. I have big dark eyes. I'm thin and short. Pale.

I work in a medical laboratory. I'm fascinated by the RH negative antigen blood type history. Thank you.

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by Damek

What type of cancer was it you were diagnosed with? What type of encounters did you have?

The idea of extraterrestrials and the connection they have with certain people is a mystery that has yet to be solved. My idea of starting this thread was to get different ideas of what it is they may be looking for (tend to think it's a specific immune system type or design they're after, not necessarily the rhesus factor or lack thereof in itself). What do you think?

posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 01:55 AM
reply to post by Damek

The information's bellow are official research by Doctors and universities. I could give you references.
Bispebjerg University Hospital, a japanese dr Takeji Furukawa, Yale uni, Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, etc...

Asians, Jewish and moggols have b type of blood . Very sorry for what you said, I hope you get along, all you need is strength. It appeared arround 10-15000 years ago. Chinese, japanese, etc, ladies, are crazy for O type of blood grooms (especially in Japan), according to local newspapers.

A type of blood is western Europeans, mostly Germanics and Scandinavians. And they believed during Hitler age, that A type of blood is the " area " race.. lol they still do.. lol It appeared around 20.000bc

AB type of blood is very modern as well, around 900bc, due to migrations in western countries (jewish with Scandinavians).

Type O is the most ancient type of blood more than 50000bc. And we can find it in Greece, in the UK and Americans. Its extremely rare in Asiatic countries and its considered as a HUGE deal, if someone has it there. (like china, korea, etc). We migrated in the ancient years, after cataclysmic event in some villages in Italy and Ireland, they merged there, so type O is very wide spread in the Uk and USA.

There is 1 more type that appeared recently, they call it BOMBAI type of blood, it has A- B- O- combined.

I could also give you the oficial reports from my country a decade ago (in Greece).

44,39 = Type O
37,93 = Type A
12,93 = Type B
4,75 = Type AB
this is due to high migrations in my country, but we still most of us are type O. And the overall % of samples they took, is from people with greek ID card, not necessarily Greeks in origin. Personally, all my family, even dead grandfathers, etc.. are O type. I dont know anybody with a different type.
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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 02:24 PM
reply to post by Ploutonas

Some of what you're saying is correct... BUT, there's new research that strongly suggests that type A blood is actually the oldest (and type O the most recent). You see, the difference between the type A variant of the ABO blood gene and the type O variant is literally 1 base different in the DNA sequence (a deletion of one of the A variant's bases, specifically either guanine 258 or guanine 261 [some sources say 258, others say 261]). The type B variant of the ABO blood gene is actually 4 bases different from the type A gene. therefore, it's a rather accepted theory that type O blood arised as a result of the said DNA base being deleted.

Furthermore, while those blood group types are generally more commonly seen in specific regions of the world (type B in Asians for example). The problem I have however is that this fails to explain why American Indians (another way of saying Native Americans) have a high percentage of type O blood, who by the way migrated from the vicinities of Asia many years ago. In other words, why would some with Asian descent have type B blood in one place, yet those of Asian descent will have higher percentages of an entirely different blood group in another place? Also, I do not believe that those statistics take into consideration the fact there are people who have variations of the ABO variants (said to be about 20 or so known subtypes of the A variant and 4 of the type B variant). Those variants are sometimes shown to be type O blood. Likewise, sometimes people who have those variants will be shown as having type A or type B blood but will still have a reaction to receiving blood from type A or type B blood of other variations (which is why those people are often given or "typed" as having type O blood [assuming the tests used were sensitive enough to catch the different A or B blood type subtype]).

I really enjoy the interest you have in this and I greatly appreciate your contributions to this thread; however, please keep in mind the newer research when posting. I do not want people to have misconceptions of this topic based on old information (much of your research is by the way based on what's said by D'adamo

posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 05:33 PM
I am trying to find what you said about A type on google, but I only find topics that debunk it, in forums, without any source link to read... Oficially scientific research.

I am not a supporter that A originates from O or O from A...

I am supporting that we are totally different races from different type of stars and/or creators. Thats what I am supporting personally.

I love biology as a book, science and I always read and I always pick themes in schools and universities, have to do with biology.

First of all lets say my country have a specific clima and all my country is O type of blood. (because the blood types seperate by some people with diet habbits), if we take a huge line arround the earth, in the same height that my country is... All these countries that this line is touching, have the same clima with my country. So our diet and our living habbits, are more or less the same. We should all have O type of blood there. This is not happening though, so lets forget that.

If we consider A type of blood as the most ancient, then A type shouldnt exist today with Darbinos theories, at the same time we have different body morphologies in all different cultures and its proved allready, that we humans, we dont originate from monkeys. But we do have differences in our dna codes from a race to another race, also body and face characteristics.

At the same time, in our books (we have it as references), when we built Parthenon and cities, also philosophers, germans lived in the caves and they were barbarians as a race. That doesnt sound more ancient, because they lived more primitive.

They should be more evolved is it?

I will give you an example about the A type blood that only western europeans (germanics and scandinavians have)... Today we have a kind of conflict, which one invented the chistmas tree. In our ancient years, once per year, we decorated trees with all kinds of fruits and colorfull cloth strips, it was a celebration to mother earth.

Germans/scandinavians in the other hand (about same age), they cut heads and they placed them into doors and trees as a decoration... So we have a conflict, who trully invented christmas tree... even today.

So I believe MY theory and beliefs, are more accurate. My theory is more crazy, but I love it... Lets say you are a species who visits a planet (invasion or not) and you need to create your own people in that rock. You have to study the morphology of the planet, get samples, decode and create youre people, be able to survive into this planets conditions. So for me, blood types, body morphologies, etc... are just signatures by the creators... each race creators.

So we have O type of blood that combines A- and B- together.. (i think)
We have a race that is B and we have a race that is A... If A is the most ancient, how B created? Or if B is more ancient, how A is created? A to B is not evolvement, B is a bit more vulnerable...

So you could give me some references as well, about this research, even if I always dont believe these researches.
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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 06:15 PM
reply to post by Ploutonas

Again we disagree here. I would love to see the "disproving" of this notion that type A blood is the most ancient blood type. Do you mean Darwin's theories when you say Darbino's (or D'adamo)? And whoever on Earth said that type A blood should not exist since it's the most ancient? If anything, according to your "logic" type O blood shouldn't exist ("it's the most ancient, only the more recent genes should exist today"). Darwin's motto on this matter would most likely be "survival of the fittest". The Type O variation of the ABO blood is the most common of the ABO gene variations, with a close 2nd being the type A variation. There is a big difference between something being the most common and being the most ancient. There are plenty of official scientific sources that will state type A blood is likely to be the most ancient variation of the ABO blood gene. Why don't you do a Google search of "type a blood most ancient" and you will find actual credible scientific sources disproving claims of type O blood being the most ancient (and showing that type A blood is in fact highly likely to be the most ancient). Oh but wait, I decided to put in the google search link in here for you, since you probably refused to do this in the first place after I challenged your views. By the way, blood types are way older than a few thousand years (are said to have evolved before humans ever came about). But go ahead and base your ideas on pseudoscientific "facts" and ideas created by people with very little understanding of basic genetics, biology, etc., not to mention on what is considered to be old research (since this diet was first published in D'adamo's book back in 1996). A lot of new research has come to light since 1996 in many different areas of science and in other subjects, no?

The only sources I see that suggest type O blood is the most ancient go back to the ideologies presented by D'adamo's theories (who by the way has limited credibility in the scientific community, due to little scientific research supporting his claims [no studies making a link between ABO blood type and diet]). There are however some studies that have been conducted suggesting some immune system differences between people with various ABO blood types (nothing conclusive at this point. Besides, diet and what people should or shouldn't eat are not a single factor equation. Forums do not count as official sources of reliable information either by the way (this is an Above Top Secret forum afterall).

I also never once said that I believe we evolved from monkeys as the mainstream view of evolution states (there are in fact many evolution theories to date, granted some of which are rather questionable). In fact, I could very well believe we were created by extraterrestrials (and perhaps could (key word could here) explain the differences in various races' genetics, due to mixing of multiple extraterrestrial races' genes into our race's). However, this does not mean that deletions in DNA bases from those original lines resulted in entirely new variations of said genes. Whoever said that evolution and being genetically created can't come hand in hand? Even if we were to have created by extraterrestrials, who says evolution (therefore changes in DNA) has not taken place since we were "put" or "sent" here? After all, do people not adapt to new environments? And do these changes not get passed onto future generations for better or for worse?
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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 06:19 PM
reply to post by rainprincess64

I brought up ΔΑΡΒΙΝΟΣ theories, its like Darbinos in latin and if you say so.... Darwin in english.

Everything you recall, about me typing, you mistranslated them. I only gave you my logic, WHY these theories about diet, etc.. are not true.

I gave you my beliefs, in the last paragraph. Alien involvement.

I ve read an article about A being the most ancient, but it doesnt speak about a research that proves that, just that 1 person was lucky 1 million years ago and turn to be O, that lived longer than others and made more babies than others... So we speak about Lamark here, not Darwin!!!

the result of luck is Lamarks theory! Because Darwin says : there is 2 types of animals. 1 evolves more than the other, due to unique different characteristics and the clima is against the weaker species....

Lamark says, when the need to change comes, "something happens" and the animal mutates to something else with different characteristics, be able to survive in the specific time. Considering the factor of " luck" and the need to change..
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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by Ploutonas

No one said that mutations (or in that evolution) are always "progressive" or beneficial. In fact, many mutations that occur in DNA are often detrimental, thus there being many diseases that would not exist if those mutations never took place. It is not true that only people of Western European descent have type A blood, even if limited mixing of different ethnicities took place in history (just that certain races tend to have certain blood types in higher amounts [and in others, less amounts]). I gave you a link showing you many different websites (scientific sources in that), so why don't you go click on it and see for yourself? Or do I have to spell out every source I read (which by the way there are many)? I posted a lot of those sources throughout the full-length original article I created on the other website (what the OP is about) here (since the original link in my OP no longer works since the website changed their address from .us to .net recently).

So you admit that you do not believe the theories with more facts and make broader connections in the big scheme of things because you don't want to believe them? If you really refuse to listen to outside opinions just because they don't fit your model of things, I deem this conversation to be over. And by the way, I know you edited your initial post before this one after I made my last post so no I'm not confused at all. In fact, I think you are the confused one here.

EDIT: with regards to Lamarck's approach to evolution, most anybody can do a quick Google search and see that his work has been discredited by more recent research and is questionable in the eyes of most scientists today. But no, you don't want to accept the notion your "logic" is erroneous. Yeah, sorry to hear that your beliefs "cannot" be changed (and that you cannot be reasoned with using true logic and reason). I feel sorry for you, lost soul. I hope you somehow find your way back...
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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by rainprincess64

I think I gave you my beliefs... they cannot be changed

And your theory is based in Lamarks theory....

My beliefs coming through historical events, cultural stories and mythologies and differences in our body characteristics... And my personal theory for my personal beliefs (because I am not selling it, lol) combines more different types of data.

Even though, the theory about A is not proved, they speculate.

An other example is... The greek feet, english literature, says that greek feet is more ancient and its a result of evolvement from the monkeys... lol so the roman and the egyptian type of feet, is more evolved. And its proved that ancient greeks had 0 type of blood.

today, its proved, that we are not coming from monkeys. But anyway, I mean, why shall I believe this theory and not my theory that is more revolutionary!! I feel more confident with my theory!
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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by Ploutonas

I never denied the possibility of aliens being involved and that differences between the various races could be due to ties with other star races. In fact, I tend to believe extraterrestrials do have a connection with how we came about into existence here on planet Earth. As I said, who is to say that evolutionary changes have not taken place since we were "created"? The difference between you and me is that I am open to possibilities (provided there's sound logic and understanding of various facts and theories involved) but you seem to accept and even indulge on ignorance (thus seem "open" to possibilities and different viewpoints, which you made quite clear really are not). I thought we were supposed to deny ignorance here on ATS....

EDIT: of course it's speculation (if you look at my wording in my previous posts, I said it's very likely type A blood is the most ancient and it probably is). D'adamo claimed type O blood is the most ancient based on speculation. Of course, the difference is that his speculations are based on logical fallacies, while the speculation about type A blood is actually based on educated guesses and using coalescent theory. Much more sound than speculations made on pure assumption with little background information on genetics, biology, basic science, etc.

And no, your "theory" as to how we came about is not revolutionary (is based purely on New Age blogs you've read). If it were truly revolutionary, you would have at the very least put your own spin on what you've read on those blogs (many of which are based on very little understanding and knowledge). You might as well have copied and pasted everything you believe from those blogs... LOL! Thanks for the good laugh, you made my night

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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 07:02 PM
reply to post by rainprincess64

Anyway, I am not trying to prove you that we greeks are more ancient... no, not at all.

Ethyopians/ dogons (the black race), are the most ancient on this planet. I dont know their blood type... But they also claim that we "white race" came from the stars. And we also have it in our books that we are Uranides (from Uranus - from the sky).

So trust me, if you collect all data from all over the world, today "science" is overestimated...
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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 07:04 PM

reply to post by rainprincess64

yes i read and enjoyed your article

Rh Negative Blood and Extraterrestrial Contact: Why We're Looking in the Wrong Direction

I did note the abduction by blood type but I was wondering along the lines of most common world BT.

I found a great chart here anyway i was wrong for mine.

Blood Types and the Population

AB +

not found on the links provided..

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