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"smoke them out of their hole"

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posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 07:03 PM

Smoke-free areas will save lives and improve Scotland's health, First Minister Jack McConnell has insisted.
He told the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday that a "comprehensive ban" on smoking in public places would be introduced by the spring of 2006.

Mr McConnell said the country's health rates were "lamentable" not least because of smoking.

He said fines of up to 2,500 would be levied on employers and licences would be removed for non-compliance.

Earlier, the Scottish Executive considered a range of options but agreed unanimously to introduce an all-out ban on smoking in public places.


The following work is skewed by the author's own personal interests, it is intended as a "point of view" designed to expose the corrupt propaganda models employed by the New World Order and their on going attempts to enforce the prison without the bars.

In February 2003, McConnell thought the ban "impractical", he thought the best way forward was through smoking/non-smoking segregation.

In March 2003, when the Irish ban began, he DID NOT change position.

In June 2003, the UK Cabinet approved a ban, believing it would work.

In July 2003, Jack McConnell changed position and said he believed in the benefits of a ban. I wonder why?

As he delivered his speech today, the glint in his eye said "I'm going down in History for this".

he's wrong, history is ending, he is a mouse fart on the edge of reality, I can't stand mice, metaphysically-speaking, I like to grab them round the throat and rip their bellies out with my claws...I'm definitely coming back as a cat...

The Herald Newspaper claims that McConnell was for the ban from March, proving that some Scottish Journalists will do anything to lick the boots of those with only partial power. Most Scottish Middle-Class Political Journalists are spineless sychophants.

the Upper Echelons of Scottish Society present the performance of being "above it all", so "knowing", they know what's "right" for us and they intend to ensure we are bludgeoned into acceptance of it.

Freemasonry is rife amongst Scottish Society, as you would expect if you know anything about Freemasonry, In many ways, Scottish Political Expression is a fine litmus test if you disbelieve that the NWO exists...The New Parliament even features a rolled-up trouser leg on the front of each Politician's Podium.

(Note to Non-Scots: the "rolled up trouser leg" is an old, commonly used phrase used in Scottish Pubs when people speculate on the goings on at an initiation ceremony of the Freemasons.

That theory usually comes up after a few pints and cigarettes...and now? When a politician stands up to speak in Parliament, the podium from the waist down, when seen in clear view, makes the speaker look like they are wearing trousers with the right leg rolled up. Symbolism is rife.)

All other political parties, except the Conservatives, are for this ban. The Conservatives are utterly despised in Scotland after Margaret Thatcher, here we see a new application of the "tag team" that goes on elsewhere (Democrat/Republican pretending they are fighting for Election etc). unhappy about the ban? well, vote Tory cause everyone else is for it.

Devolved Government under Labour means surreptitious testing of the water, just like Thatcher's hated 'Poll Tax', and just as sneaky. Introduce it on Scotland, see how it goes, then apply it to the rest of the United Kingdom.
The tactics of what's occuring here fit into the "overall" ambition of a New World Order.

Every individual should live in their own little compact unit, with only 'professional' contact or 'nuclear family' units.

This law, utterly fails to take into account that pubs are full of people who are different from each other. Criminalizing smoking in pubs means people will go to the Off-Licence and get some drink, then sit at home.

Pubs in Scotland are often, full of old men smoking and drinking, causing no harm to anyone, many of these men "fought in the war" to protect our liberties, now McConnell will fine them 1000 for their service if they smoke in the pub they ultimately ended up protecting.

The only places that are exempt from the ban are, bizarrely, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Prisons.

A murderer has more social rights than a free man , the sick are still allowed to pollute each other, and the elderly encouraged to go on killing each other. This kind of twisted hypocrisy, proves my point that it's not about our health, it's about our mind's acceptance of Tyrannical Judgement.

Scottish Society and Good Times revolve around pubs and clubs.

I hear what non-smokers say, and they have a choice, they can tolerate it or they can go outside and drink their drink...why should I have to go outside to smoke a cigarette i can BUY cigarettes in the pub, so it's legal to sell them but not legal to smoke them?

this law, like the "marijuana" laws, is another example of "having your cake and eat it" political policies of the legislators and the politicians intent on pursuing us until we succumb to their twisted logic of "how the world works".

McConnells spurious "argument" comes from the basis that a non-smokers health is, in reality, worth more than a smokers, we are, apparantly a "drain" of 200 million to the NHS.

How much exactly does smoking generate for the Inland Revenue?

I demand vehicles are only driven on private roads. Why? Because the fumes from exhausts are killing me when I walk along the road. it's exactly the same argument as this sham, and just as spurious, but it's true that Exhaust Fumes affect my lungs and brain...why stop with smoking cigarettes?

it's the destruction of Scottish Socialising. Binge Drinkers will get theirs, for the moment, it's us smokers who are getting it.

Enforcement will be attempted, this is sure.

On any given Friday Night when the heaving club is full, who are they going to get in to stop us? Bouncers who are already dealing with drunks? Police already out in vast numbers trying to stop violence from drinkers?

This legislation will also be used as an excuse for more 'Community Wardens' with powers of Penalty...I point out the precedents of Germany in the late 1930's and early 40's. At the moment the "wardens" can issue "fixed penalties" for various "anti-social" behaviours, however, just last night, I watched a BBC News report where some "wardens" said they wished they had "more power" to help them stop kids hanging around on the streets.

It's the stepping stones approach, start with a limited law, then start "progressing" the law into more power and "targetted help" for the "masses" the politicians love so much.

that's whats occuring with the smoking ban, it's not about "care" for public health, if it was, they'd wipe poverty and homelessness from our streets, there wouldn't be NHS waiting lists, and our food wouldn't be full of suspicious additives.

Many on this planet know full well the plans of the New World Order, the application of this law is to ensure we are "trained" into acceptance of any decree they make.

If smoking is such a threat to our nations health, ban the sale, prohibit manufacturing and block imports. Threaten huge jail sentences for breaking these laws, provide support to help addicts kick the habit, if we're going to waste police time with criminalizing the consumer, then why not criminalize the manufacturer and seize their bank accounts and liquidate their assets, whilst jailing the Directors?

I'm clearly deluding myself, why would anyone want to convict the Corporation if the 'little guy' can be crushed under the wheels of what I'm calling, "Propaganda Justice".

"the best way to get people to pay attention to the big laws, is to enforce the little ones"

Mavis Analogue (a smoker)


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