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Life is a Mighty Joke.

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posted on Aug, 8 2013 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Life is definitely a joke, it's a series of jokes, puns, double entendres, pies in the face, shared winks, allusions, illusions, tricks, metaphors and little funny compliments. "God" is a comedian, and he's a little bit MUCH at times, especially when the joke's on you, but you have to admit when he nails it.
(kind of like when he nailed his only son to the cross! HA HA, God! Jesus WAS kind of a "dick", though, anyway, Am I right, folks?! Mary'll tell you all about it - )

posted on Aug, 8 2013 @ 12:45 PM
reply to post by rawheroine

Hey - guys - did I ever tell you the one about Peter and Paul? Total Marys. No relation to that Mary - trust me! ;-) They wouldn't touch that thing with Judas' staff!
Talk about a Burning Bush, folks!

posted on Aug, 9 2013 @ 08:50 PM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
From the thread Man vs. Consciousness

The "problem" however, with this all-or-nothing proposition being made and extended to us by life itself is that IT is what's real and true, and WE were false and absurd and ridiculous by any comparison or stretch of the imagination, so it's very very humorous, even if at the expense of all our own folly. But that's ok, once you realize or re-realize yourself and your true spiritual (and psychological) nature [without ever forgetting, again] as a sacred being of incalculable valuation even as a mere variable of a supreme value (life itself). Once this is fully "grokked" and accepted - then and only then at that final turning point, is the great lesson learned in the epiphany of ecstatic humor where it could be said that the manure of our lives was absolutely essential for the sweet smell of the rose, which is our true life as it was meant to be lived and experienced and enjoyed, not an inner life or an outer life but a real life. Consciousness then is life telling us to "get a real life".

Humor, the humor of understanding, is both the true nature of consciousness, and the final "ah ha" of any good and reasonable philosophy, as a cosmic joke of sorts told through us, with us, and for us, in mind, you see. It can't be told in fact without us, nor without all our prior ignorance and absurdity and the more the better as a final contrast by which to compare and distinguish as we march straight into the new creation or the real life, the resurrected life, laughing our asses off the whole way, but for all the RIGHT reasons this time 'round. That's precious!

The joke, WAS on "me"!

Prayer.. (let us pray?)

Oh God do not let my ears hear you laughing AT me unless it's the real you, the good God of all love, joy, peace and happiness, then it's ok I suppose since you would know best what's truly funny, and we know or at least are beginning to become aware that indeed you do have a rather wicked sense of humor, but thank you, for drawing the line and distinguishing so as to keep good humor alive, and resurrected and thus held in reserve as the best for last for all the right reasons even if it's reason enough to make us first cry tears of sorrow and regret and repentance before having those tears wiped away from our eyes and then converted instantly to tears of blessed and sacred hilarity.

By allowing us to laugh along with you, at ourselves warts and all, you give us the tools by which to vanquish evil in your good name, and come into the joy, the pure joy and happiness of reintegration in absolute forgiveness according to a degree of mercy and love that we had not fathomed in our wildest imagination, and therefore he who shows mercy will have mercy shown him, but what mercy and kindness is this and who knew that God could be so gentle, kind, trustworthy, and above all, FUNNY even playful.

We were scared of you God. Please forgive us, we also know that you share our sorrow and suffering as much as our joy, we know this to be true in the person of Jesus, or well YOU (in spirit and truth).

Thank you for giving us the space within which to discover the truth that sets us free, which because it's for your sake (for the sake of goodness) makes us truly free, indeed.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we gives thanks and praise. Amen. (I will on your behalf no worries..)

Some came to the celebration, in the end, and many did not, but who cares if it's too late for them once we've already got it because then it's too late for ignorance's rule in the world, and before you know it everyone's get's back in one way or another, but where the last are first, and the first last. Sounds greedy I realize, but it's not, it's funny. The double-bind of humor, of the joke capable of saving the world, is unstoppable and inevitable because it works directly on our own blind spot, opening up the whole field of awareness which includes equal measures of both sorrow, AND, of joy!

That Jesus, he really knew what he was doing, what he was "up to". Saved the best for last as far as I can tell.
"I am the resurrection and the life!" [Not merely - I am death on a cross and into a tomb.]

He took it all back, you see, the whole thing. Those Pharisees and "elite" even "the mob" were left with nothing while Jesus leaves town to that pasture yonder (see avatar), his bride to be at his side, never looking back, for the sake of WE and for all the right reasons as the last who his first - the courage to be happy. That's our calling. But who's got the guts these days?

It's irresponsible not to realize an equal measure of joy to our sadness and our discontent. It's insane. We were, seriously insane to think otherwise.

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