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I Want to Believe, and it's Painful

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posted on Aug, 6 2013 @ 04:49 PM
How do you cure cancer? Not by frying eggs.

How do you learn to drive? Not by cleaning your bathroom.

Skepticism is literally the worst thing you can do toward this phenomena if you want something from it, so take my above silly-isms as advice on how to be more intertwined in what goes on, and to be opened up to it for yourself, on a personal level.

PS. Drunk. So that's a general "out there" comment, from a swaying bearded in-the-corner man.

posted on Aug, 7 2013 @ 02:02 AM
reply to post by thesearchfortruth

A sighting is an awesome thing what ever it may be, although sometimes I feel ignorance would have been more blissfull. Keep looking to the skies!
It was nice to cross paths , see you out there

posted on Aug, 7 2013 @ 09:20 PM

Originally posted by mcx1942

Originally posted by thesearchfortruth
It's painful wanting to believe in something that isn't true.

I wouldn't say necessarily "not true" because it is still an open case in my opinion. I am not a "believer" per say but something is obviously going on that we are having difficulty proving. That is why we have the term Paranormal because things go on within our reality that can not be proven using our tools of science. We also can not disprove them fully, except for hoaxes of course. But I feel not every single unexplained phenomenon ever, is a hoax. I guess it's possible but I doubt it. Something is going on in the skies.

Could it be Aliens? Possibly.

Could it be Military related? Possibly too.

Could it be something we have yet to even think of as an idea? Very possible as well.

Until being able to fully disprove or prove a phenomenon, I like to remain open minded about.

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I agree. I am not sure what I believe on the Alien front. I really do feel like something is going on, i don't think that hundreds of people would make up seeing UFO's (although i am not sure how seeing a UFO got tied into space aliens) or being abducted by aliens. Why would most of them lie? Sure you have a few who do it as pranks or to get some notoriety out of it but most are normal everyday people.

They are experiencing something, what that something is, i don't know. Could it be something more along the lines of something spiritual? Could it be military? Could it be extra terrestrial? It could be anything really, but the only thing i do know for sure is that these people saw or experienced something, and I believe them. Until more conclusive information has been found, I will keep an open mind and watch and wait. And really that's all you need to do too, you don't have to throw it all out the window because we don't have all the answers yet. Look how many people were told they were nuts when they reported seeing pandas or okapi's until they were proven to exist. Maybe people who see ufo's are nuts, but more than most likely there is some truth behind what they are reporting.

posted on Aug, 8 2013 @ 04:11 PM
well i believe its a question of focus and your own mindset.
there are things that doesnt materialize the moment you start to believe in it.

it doesnt help to actively search for answers day in and day out.
sometimes a step back is a step forward.

i mean look at the universe and how big it is. there are millions of possible planets that could have intelligent life on it and i am only talking about planets in a habitable zone. how stupid and ignorant would it be to assume we are the only "intelligent" life form out there. what a waste of space

for me personally there is no questions if other intelligent life forms do exist in the universe. if we assume that this life needs water and oxygen, it is well possible that they have visited earth for thousands of years, at least to refill needed resources on travels.

so why dont show they up on a barbecue to say hello?
when you watch those 827498729374274 videos on youtube and listen to interviews with abductees, the most common answer to this question is "humanity is not ready for such an event". and you know what? i think this is absolutely true.

most people would react with panic to such an event. sad but true.
imagine you are an intelligent peaceful life form visiting earth and you can see what we are doing here. would you be interested to get in contact with us? look at all the wars on earth, how we treat our environment, the animals, people of other religion or just our neigbors.

there is much way to go for us until we are ready.

another thing is that an intelligent life form would see how we are organized with our countries and governments.
i dont think they would just pop in at a tv show and scream "surpriiise". i believe they would first contact our governments as they know that such an event could change many things and disturb a whole lot of organization here on earth. when the governments didnt want them to communicate with us, i guess they would not push any contact. remember we are talking about intelligent life and not humans ;-)

so is it painful to believe? i dont think so. the only pain you feel is impatience.
make your mind and move your focus away from searching for answers back to your life.

time will come...
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posted on Aug, 8 2013 @ 07:06 PM

Originally posted by thesearchfortruth
It's painful wanting to believe in something that probably isn't true. You can wish and hope all you want, you can stay up late and look to the stars for any signs of intelligence but in the end it will never matter.

Unless you trick yourself. Unless you lie to yourself and force yourself to believe in what you know deep down is false. And that's even worse.

There are no alien spaceships here! Thinking about it now it seems so ridiculous. Believing feels like a dream, when you're in it it feels real but as soon as you wake up your dream seems bizarre and unbelievable.

Ufology is a boat that is sinking. Most of it's passengers have already fled, and maybe I should flee too. I'm waisting my time, and it's saddening. I should go now so I don't have to watch this boat go under.

I hope I'm wrong, but I know I'm not.
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What would say to people who like yourself didn't believe or even care, and became abduction victims? Would you tell them they imagined their visceral connections with non-humans?

I'm not sure what you mean by the mix of words, "wanting to believe in something that isn't true." Its really a matter of pure faith and allot of scientific speculation based on raw data, to believe or not, since Pres. Obama isn't walking down main street with a dead ET in his arms. What would you define as evidence?

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posted on Aug, 22 2013 @ 12:27 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
The suppression of ufology is evil. It serves a force of mass murdering elites on this planet. They don't want to bring out real ufology, maybe their dark side stuff, maybe the ones that like pyramids and fascism. But not real ufo's and real cosmic citizens who are here to help free minds and this planet. Their dominion would be challenged. Scaristy system gone. Planet can be healed. Planet can support all the population and nature. But religions would be exposed....and theocracies gone.....their power structure for the people, and the people would be highly educated and empowered. They don't want that.

I don't believe with certainty that highly advanced alien civilizations have visited Earth. And even if I were to say that highly advanced alien civilizations have visited, I don't know their purpose.

Lets pretend we're like Iran or North Korea or Pakistan or Israel or Egypt. I am not sure whether we're more like Iran or Pakistan or Israel or Egypt or whoever. Whoever we're, we're considered somewhat backwards and perhaps hostile to the alien government forces surrounding us. So the cosmic alien government in our region of space has sent envoys to Earth to broker an agreement. We receive aide and educational assistance and in exchange we're expected to support government policies they suggest to us. However, we rejected some of the policies they suggested and this resulted in some conflict between us and them. They've threatened to revoke the aide and educational help and have several times stopped it completely. We've perhaps arranged for a weaker agreement, or not. Maybe the agreement is dead. Either way, I don't doubt conflict has arose and remains.

What if no agreement was reached? What if the highly advanced alien civilization(s) are considered evil by most measures? Perhaps there's a war going on and it's covert because of national security. If they were to admit there's a war going on with aliens it might threaten our success.

I am on the fence about UFOs. This post is not condoning the creation of conspiracy theories. I'm simply wondering if what happens on Earth might be a mirror to explain what happens in the cosmos. Maybe the patterns between nations on Earth are similar to the patterns elsewhere. I've often wondered if UFOs watch us in a similar manner to how we watch natives living in jungles. Or perhaps they capture us and take samples or do experiments just as we do to wild animals. More broadly, maybe the conflicts between first world countries and others are parallels to the conflicts between interstellar governments. In both cases, there's an attempt to control the population. It doesn't matter whether the attempt is confined to a planet or spread out among dozens or hundreds of star systems. I think nature tends to conserve and repeat these patterns on all scales.

I liked the post by one contributer who wondered if our brain might be limiting our ability to comprehend this. I believe that's very plausible. When was the last time dolphins comprehended human civilization enough to speak with us and debate political leanings and participate in our economy? I understand we've used dolphins in marine parks and in navy programs, but that's a far cry from true interaction between us. It's hard enough even for human natives living in jungles to transition to modern life. It's not a stretch of the imagination we're in a similar position. (Might I add that IQ is correlated to the level of civilization. Poor civilizations tend to have lower IQ's. This is not so much genetic in our case since we're all humans but more tied to the conditions people live in.)
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