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Hassan Rouhani officially takes over as Iran president

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posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 05:10 PM
I appreciate everybody's feedback

Time will tell eh?

Thanks again.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:48 AM

Originally posted by SLAYER69

This will be interesting to see how he separates himself from the path and legacy of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I've read the article and wonder how will he in your opinion ' end Iran's international isolation'?


Ahmadinejad was a master, I would be surprised if they can find anyone of caliber to replace him. However, this guy was a nuclear negotiator - and that has probably been one of the toughest jobs in Iran lately, and they have managed to walk that razorblade - so he does have some credibility coming into the job.

The problem for Iran really lies in the timetable, with the US and Israel already having invasion plans on the table, and increasing their provocations trying to make a justification for an aggressive attack - it really depends on whether Russia and China have enough time left to tip the petrodollar off a cliff (gutting the US military power) before the US can find some justification.

The good news for all of us, is the increasing political awareness in many nations, including the US - where the internet is allowing political power to be widely distributed through the population with highly distributed leadership.

This means that the western oligarch control over the military and police has increasingly come under threat - they are slowly losing the psy war, and people are beginning to understand that war, especially war with Iran is unjustified, and incredibly bad for the world, and for their own interests.

The real threat to global stability lies within the US, and the more places like ATS that exist where people can discuss and understand the nature of their own corrupt govt, the better chance they have to avert the incredibly destructive war (nuclear) war that is almost certain to erupt if the US and Israel attack Iran.

I wish this new guy the best of luck, I think he probably has the hardest job in the entire world right now - in many ways this guy lies between us and WWIII.

Hopefully the western warmongers who are desperately trying to cling to their fiat money based power empire will increasingly be overcome by the power of truth before they can launch the world into WWIII.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 03:05 AM

Originally posted by TDawgRex
reply to post by SLAYER69

I'm not holding out a lot of hope concerning the new President in helping to end the sanctions and possibly bring peace to the region. Opening their Nuke sites to inspectors would go a long way towards that.

Maybe in six months or so...we'll see.

As others have said, I think that it is going to be same-o, same-o.

Iran has been in compliance with the IAEA the entire time - if it hadn't this would have been jumped on as justification for attack.

The entire 'Iran is seeking the bomb' mantra is pure propaganda and lies, its documented lies. Wake up man - this is about the oligarchs propping up the dollar through control of oil - ie the petrodollar.

The sanctions are an act of war, and its been going on a long time. In the medieval days, they would lay siege to a castle to starve out the occupants - this was known as 'siege WARFARE' - it doesn't matter how pretty the US language is - they have engaged in war with Iran. An aggressive and unjustified attack.

People need to get a bit more educated, and understand that this attack on Iran has nothing to do with the reasons stated by the evil regime controlling the USA - this is about power, power to issue the worlds currencies and profit from it, but more to increase their control over your lives. This is about fiat money, and the necessity of creating demand for that worthless money by forcing oil producing nations to sell oil in dollars.

Without control of oil, there is nothing that will stop the collapse of the US dollar - the levels of debt pile up, interest payments are created by buying its own debt - the system has hit its theoretical limit. However the controllers are losing the political battle in Europe - the people are waking up, they are beginning to lose the political battle in the US.

As far as shutting down polical dissent in Iran is concerned, the US and Israel are desperately attacking Iran within with agents to try and destabilize the nation, to either overthrow it internally - or to weaken it before a military attack.

Iran has already been through that - it knows the tactics, so when it imprisons 'bloggers' - you can be fairly damn sure they are Mossad or CIA agents - and even if they are not, then the response under the current circumstances is perfectly justified.
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posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 06:42 AM
reply to post by Amagnon

I'm glad to see that people give the Iranian issue some thought. I know that sanctions are a form of siege warfare. I should have been more clear though I guess.

Iran has not been in compliance nor totally honest with the IAEA as they have not been let into all the sites, most to be sure, but not all.

I have no problem with the Iranian people, just their government and theirpolicies and rhetoric, but I also have that problem with most governments, including my own.

I was just responding as to my thoughts on Irans newest president...not the world stage.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 07:57 AM
reply to post by SLAYER69

Same steaming pile of crap as the one before him.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 08:02 AM
reply to post by TDawgRex

Thanks for the measured response - I jumped in there a bit.

However, the cornerstone of understanding the Iranian issue - in my opinion - is to understand the context, and to rationally review the information.

Pakistan has nuclear weapons, they are not members of the nuclear non proliferation treaty, and the US military is landing strikes inside that nation, killing a lot of innocent people. If you are very worried about an muslim nation having nuclear weapons who might consider using them - then look no further. They have the bomb, they are being seriously provoked - but almost no mention of it in the media? I am sure one reason is because the existence of a nuclear armed muslim state, who is trying so hard to cooperate with the US that they are even allowing the US to kill their civilians (which is criminal) - undermines the whole meme behind the 'Iran is dangerous and shouldn't have nukes' propaganda story.

Iran is a threat to the banking oligarchs - because it is selling oil and not in dollars, it is a stabilizing force in the ME, able to resist the threat of US and Israeli aggression. It has been able to withstand sanctions, and maintain an incredible amount of restraint and continued diplomacy.

Like Pakistan - they absolutely do not want war or conflict, and have shown restraint, and consideration of international law.

The oligarchs do not want nations like Iran to have nukes, not because the Iranians might use them aggressively - but because they might use them defensively to protect themselves from Israeli and US aggression.

Follow this link to see how the warmongers think, and what they are actually considering;

This is a lobbyist advocating the use of a false flag attack to provoke Iran into war. You will notice this guy goes through a list of incidents that caused past wars;

Lusitania - this was again arranged, the ship was commandeered as a munitions ship at first, but then returned to service as a passenger ship. It was loaded with munitions, and it was ensured that the Germans knew about this - it was then sailed on a specific course with the Germans having full knowledge, they of course sank the ship. The allied govts denied the ship carried munitions, and accused the Germans of sinking a passenger ship filled with Americans - this event brought the US into WWI.

Pearl Harbour - there is very little doubt that the US regime intimidated Japan into this attack, by closing embassies, removing diplomatic relations and making sure the Japanese knew they were massing a task force at Pearl Harbour - and did not warn the fleet when they knew the Japanese were about to attack. They wanted Japan to attack, in fact they left them with no choice - and then they ensured the attack would cause significant damage by not warning the fleet. The result of this was public support for the US to enter WWII.

Gulf of Tonkin - the fact that this was a fasle flag, ie the US govt simply lied to the American people in order to gain support to enter the war with Vietnam - is declassified, and public record.

Explosion of the Main - blamed on an attack by Spain, allowed the US govt to gain public support for entering the war against Spain. Recent investigations have revealed that it is most likely caused by the explosion of the munitions. Considering that the Maine was obsolete even before launching, it is not at all unreasonable to assume that this was a deliberate act in order to provoke public sentiment and allow the US to enter the war.

Fort Sumter - the guy actually explains that this was a deliberate act on the part of Lincoln to provoke a war.

Following all of this, the lobbyist - Clawson says 'if Iran is not willing to compromise, it would be better if someone else started the war. Be clear in your mind, when he says compromise - he is not talking about nuclear weapons - he is talking about the sale of oil for dollars.

Listening to this piece of scum should give you a much clearer idea of what I am talking about. They want war, war is the business they love the most - the death and destruction mean nothing to these scum - they want power, control and they are willing to kill American soldiers, and innocents in any nation to get it.

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posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by Amagnon

You are falling off topic, which is what Irans newest president will be like.

But I have to give you kudos for giving me my first chuckle this morning. Anytime that someone used a nuke, whether the justification for its use be offensive or is always aggresive.

I would suggest that you take your last post...maybe add a little plus links and you'll have a great thread going with all sorts of conversation.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 09:04 AM

Originally posted by Domo1
It doesn't matter if you change the puppet when the same guy is still pulling the strings.


posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by Amagnon

BRAVO ! A cyber unit that gets " IT " ! A rare breed in a world of disinformation. Thanks for the insightful commentary. It is unfortunate he only had two terms in office. Frankly, I admire the man. Cheers.

posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 07:34 PM
It's good to see last guy gone. He was a terrorist that usurped political power, simple as that. He had no business being a world leader. Iran could be a KEY nation in the world but they are held back by radical psychopaths who would rather be terrorists than join the rest of us humans in the 21st century and act like human beings instead of rabid animals.

Looking into Rouhani's history.....he may not be PERFECT (who is?)....but he's a real human being, who I can respect as another human being. He is a seasoned world politician, who's not going to just spout off redicuousness at every given oppotunity. While yes, he is of that old revolutionary mindset in some way, he's a total moderate compared to that last whack-job. I'm HOPING that now that he's President he wants to start allowing his people to live a more western style life if they so chose, and on the political world stage starts opening the doors to work with the west instead of fight it, because if they did they could not only get good, fairly reliable nuclear energy in their country for the Iranian people who want that modern life, but they could also make alot of money with their oil while at the same time helping the rest of the world to bring oil prices down while we figure out a way to get off the stuff.

I really think Iran and it's people (the non-radical ones, who should all just be killed which would solve alot of the world's problems overnight) have the potential to be a real leader for good and positivity in that part of the world, and truly be a role model for moving forward to other middle-eastern cultures. They could become a real World Leader with alot of "stroke" so-to-speak. So I'm 100% willing to and am going to give Rouhani the benefit of the doubt, and hope he can bring about some change in the ME because Iran is VERY influential on that whole radical muslim culture out there. I'm going to stay positive and see how he does, and hope he doesn't start shooting off radical religious BS instead of being a world leader.

If I were the little devil and angel on his shoulders I would get him to mastermind a political Coup against the Ayatolla (yes, that means exectutions or assasinations if they refuse to hit the bricks) to take the country's power away from the religious whack-Os and put it into the county's actual elected leader's hands. Religious radicals of any kind, if not killed to better the world, should at the very least have absolutely no world power in any way. I don't mind religious people mind you, I think people have free will and can believe anything they want. But when you justify violence with religion, that's a whole other story. He has a chance here to be seen as one of the greatest leaders in Persian history if he plays his cards right.
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posted on Aug, 5 2013 @ 10:12 AM
I think Ahmadinejad was the bravest most honest leader Iran has ever had since the fall of Persian empire,(feel free to laugh as much as you want btw)...Rowhani has a very difficult task of continuing that path without being as extreme and up front as him,and at the same time containing the same principals when dealing with different policies....Westerners expect Iran to abandon their nuclear activities and to basically bow down to west and to close their eyes when powers interfere with the ME affairs,and that is just not going to happen,not as long as there are people living in Iran....All that Iranians want is to have an independent,free life without being a slave to international corporates and bankers.I know it sounds like too much to ask especially for a ME country who is been devoted to the super powers for centuries,but hey! we are working on it, you got to start somewhere anyways....Iranians started the wave 34 yrs ago and it is still going strong....This is the course of the nature ,people want to eventually be free of ties and chains and sooner or later they will try to brake up....Just look at what is happening in the region as we speak....Iran is a very peaceful and tolerant country,it is the most powerful country in the ME and if it wasn't for a bunch of sisy Zionist bankers and their constant nagging and fear mongering and if US's oil and arms companies were not as greedy and violent as they are, we could have been the perfect ally of the US and a great stabilizer in the region,and that would have been much nicer and better for every one than the status quo....Peace

posted on Aug, 5 2013 @ 10:19 AM

Originally posted by shapur
(feel free to laugh as much as you want btw)

No problem.

Just did, wholeheartedly

posted on Aug, 7 2013 @ 07:46 AM

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posted on Aug, 7 2013 @ 09:14 AM
In the Bible Zechariah saw a Nuclear Missile coming from the Land of Shinar which is IRAQ/IRAN, he called it a Flying Scroll with a lead lid. So the Bible says Iran will use its Nuke. Read the comment on the pic, then the article here:

ISALM IS THE BEAST OF REVELATON - Here's my Channel about the Islamic Mark of the Beast

Or my Free Book on the coming Islamic Antichrist and Revived Ottoman Empire. The Arab Spring is only the first stage to reviving the Islamic Caliphate! Prepare for the Islamic World Order.

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posted on Aug, 7 2013 @ 09:18 AM
The US Presidents have always been Freemasons. The Pope himself is Freemason. And Many of the Presidents around the World are Freemason. Infact the Antichrist may be a Muslim Freemason. The Masonic desire is to help built the Third Temple. This is why the American Presidents are trying to create a Peace Deal in the Middle East, so that the Jews will be allowed to rebuild on the temple mount. Masons believe that once the Third Temple is built the "Christ" (which is really the Antichrist) will seat himself in that Temple and rule the NWO. So the reason there's both a hidden Star of David and Crescent, is firstly the PEACE DEAL between JEWS and ARABS (the GREAT SEAL represents the covenant between JEW AND ARAB), so that the Pyramid/Third Temple can be built, for Lucifer/Eye who will seat himself in it. Freemasonry is only one of the Secret Societies which all have the same Agenda which is Satanic and helping to create the NWO. And here is what the DEGREES in Freemasonry represent "CLIMBING THE STEPS" to take the "SEAT OF GOD" in the "Third Temple" in Jerusalem. The same thing the Antichrist will do, and Lucifer tried to do. To become your own God (Luciferian Enlightenment) and sit on his throne. (This is the Highest Degree of Evil, belief that you are God, which is what the Antichrist himself will claim when he sits on God's Throne) ------2Thess 2:4 He will oppose every so-called god or object of worship and will put himself above them all. He will even go in and sit down in God's Temple and claim to be God. ----- The Antichrist will indeed be Muslim and may very well also be Freemason. But his primary agenda will be to impose SHARIA LAW on the World.
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posted on Aug, 7 2013 @ 09:28 AM

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posted on Aug, 7 2013 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by johnpreacher

The Real Babylon the Great is Mecca the Religious City in a DESERT/WILDERNESS where John said it was. Mecca is the ONLY religious city in a Desert and built on SEVEN HILLS

Babylon the Great is accused of having the blood of holy men and saints.
Jesus accused only ONE city of the same... that city is Jerusalem and no other.

Oh, and also... Jerusalem is on the list of cities built on seven hills.

According to the Bible, Jerusalem is the whore / Babylon. I've explained it in detail in my thread...
The Bible identifies the whore of Babylon as Jerusalem

Oh.... and its not a good idea to discuss religion in a non-religious thread.

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posted on Aug, 7 2013 @ 01:43 PM
reply to post by johnpreacher

1- no muslim believes that Mahdi is a prophet.
2- do not justify political nonsenses with some revelations that you are not sure about them.
3- Ottoman monarchy was not an Islamic Caliphate. it was just an inheritable monarchy.

posted on Aug, 7 2013 @ 02:14 PM

Originally posted by seabag
reply to post by SLAYER69

A former nuclear negotiator for Iran and revolutionary activist? It sounds like we’ve got ourselves another ant-west, anti-Israel, Islamist hardliner puppet of the “Supreme Leader” to deal with.

Same rhetoric, different beard!!


I’ve said it many times…nothing is ever going to change in the ME.

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Please read the posts before yours and understand that it was the psychopath Netanyahu who took the new presidents quotes out of context and misinterpreted them. In fact, what the president DID say was that his view upon the middle east is that the situation in Israel / Palestine needs to be mended. He never once used a single word of doing this by force.

And he is right... the Israeli terrorist government is performing acts of atrocities each day that goes by against men, woman and children. Poke anyone long enough with a stick and the start poking back..... sadly... or honorably... most Palestinians don't poke back.

This is also why the EU and UN are pressing hard against the psychopath Netanyahu and his terrorist rule and eventually will smack down hard on Israel with sanctions.

I for one can't wait to see the lack of barcodes with Israeli signature numbers on groceries in my shops.
Maybe then the people of Israel will feel what it's like to really have a terrorist for a leader.

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