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Is new age feminism getting out of hand?

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posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 02:29 AM
reply to post by SearchLightsInc

So basically, Rich men have screwed poor men over. Not feminism.

Yes and all those rich men have had a wife or a couple of wife's and girlfriends to boot who supported them in many ways. And also there is such a thing as rich women, look at the queen of England. I think she is the riches person right now, or at least one of the richest people on earth, and there may not be as many rich women as men. But that seems to be only due to the fact that it would be much easier for women to get with rich men then vice versa.

But what are you only now figuring out that this whole thing is about class warfare and social hierarchy then anything else, the funders of feminism were rich men who just wanted to give there rich daughters something to do to keep them busy and make them fell like there doing something. It was a good concept on paper, yet like everything else on paper mostly. In realty they forgot to take into account many variables...Such as our society is two distinct elements which for all intensive purposes you can even say evolved on different paths, trying to make one big vague blob of it all has only served those who profit from it. ie not the every day men and women.

And no I am not taking about silly things such as being a scientist or rocket scientist or mathematician or plumber or whatever else. I am talking about more base things and of which are constantly overlooked. Besides none of those things are gender specific, in fact there not all that hard to do to begin with, time consuming If you overlook the simple fact that men and women since before tribal times had different but pivotal parts to play in any healthy human group and completely cut that out of the equations and picture. Well are you surprised that nothing is working out the way you thought it would be?

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 07:22 PM
reply to post by Druscilla

I think all reality shows really have nothing much to do with reality. That or there set up in certain ways purely for entertainment cases. Last reality show I watched some years ago when it first came out, was the ultimate fighter show. I mean from the get go you can tell the show was a set up.

I mean you have a bunch of dudes in one house, some of which know and hate each other and who eventually have to be punching each others faces in at some point, that in itself is already tension. But not only that your not allowed to bring anything with you not even a magazine or book I think, your not allowed to talk to the outside world or to even go out, yet somehow every evening the fridge like magic is stacked with alcohol to the top, and the drama, magic, and reality just happens from there. Cant deny it wasn't entertainment but the whole thing was set up, which is more then i can say for other reality shows which seem to be just purely scripted.

I cant comment on that survive show but it to seems to be purely entertainment. If those dudes are survivalists then I am the queen of England, it seems like its more like a gimmick because there naked, probably just people who want to show a little skin, I do not think going around naked even in a tropical place like Costa Rica is a good idea especially given there are icky animals everywhere. But there are worse places were they could have shoot the show, for instance WA state in fal, or Siberia in any day. Ya one night naked in that wet and the cold environment and that's all it would take for them both to call it quits. But what are you like some sort of bad ass survival Rambo type eh? Do you think you can take me in a arm wrestling? I would totally own you, whoever the hell you are.

Oh ya its a show, they seem more like hippie types to me. So I suppose being naked in the jungle being one with nature the fish and the animals would be there natural environment. Or not.
All there missing is a bong. But that just may lead the show into a different direction the directors and network may not condone. Blah all these shows are set to a premise and condition and setting, nothing all that real about any of them.

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by SearchLightsInc

I never said they suffered more, i just stated that it wasn't only men who suffered, this isnt a competition.

For someone who says this is not a competition you do seem to be making a completion on everything. Though albeit only when it suits you. Personally I don't agree with the guy that women are inferior, but they do have a point about you feminist types. Its like the common woman gone even more crazy. There is a video about jack nicolson that gets passed on a lot. And ya its true, reason and accountability. The later being more the case as reason is surmountable.

Not only must you be right about every stupid thing. But now its institutionalized also, and when one woman gets slighted suddenly its a whole wide crusade and all men are evil and have been oppressing women for centuries. When all I need to do is ask> So what exactly did men do to you? No I mean number them off no doubt this week alone you have been oppressed a bunch of times by men, so go ahead you or any other feminists list them off, what exactly happened that got you all so iffed up? And not stupid third party #, real life experiences of were men have been oppressing you and your feminist buddies. And no some guy on the internet calling you a mean name is not the most vilest thing ever, it may not be good. But if your worried that some guy called you a mean name online. You really need to rethink what oppressed means.

I can bet you that you cant come up with a single reasonable thing were men have been so getting in the way of you doing what you want, or living your life. In fact all you have is just the tractability of stories how this one time on this one site something happened, or this one time in history women were so and so. And then you go back with your female friends to your clubs and whine how the guys are cheepsgates and weirdos because they only bought you one drink. How are you so oppressed? please do number them off. What is the fact that you can have babies which is natures fault somehow now mans fault? Is the fact that pay scale is based on a variety of factors all of which have nothing really to do with male or female but a more on supply and demand in a moving economy, somehow mans fault? And not even that it has more to do with companies and employers and corporations getting off with paying as least as possible for profits sake. In which case even then women workers would still not be on the bottom of that.

Very cushy for you all to be ignoring simple facts no. Something seriously wrong with you all, you all breed these same type of men you constantly go on about, while at the same time condition another type to be your fall back guys when the # goes stale, you know the whole nice guy thing. Or the ones who Finnish last. Last in this case just means the ones who will have to deal with all this # you have to throw out and call it love. I mean on this thread alone so far you attacked a random dude for saying he does not abuse woman and called him all kinds of things saying that yes he does.

All the while when another dude put up that tired old video of "women know you limits" your response was " hahaha I Love Harry Enfield" More then double standard indeed deliberate conscious intentions more like. I think your probably finding out that when they wake up, and all your # wont be funny any more you will have no more idiot fall guys, and that's what probably scares women like you. That you will have to put up with what you created and coveted, in fact this whole thing is more calssist then anything else and women like you could just be jealous that you ended up on the wrong end of that spectrum.

That and you all just seem to like to argue for argument sake and to be right. Which is a very feminine thing to do, to tell the truth. But that only works on guys who would be impressed that you may be a female and have a vagina. In fact that is the very thing you look for before starting any conversation I bet, this is all just ego stroking and attemptiv control, all because you probably do not get enough attention from men to begin with. Its kind of unsane. Especially given that fact that if such is the case your doing all wrong, its like your mother never thought you how to do it or you never learned. This whole thing is clearly about power and control and the sad thing is that it may not be possible any other way for you all. All is fair in love and war somebody said once. The smart thing would of been to shut him up, but truths is truths, and this whole thing has been so far more about war then love. In fact you may consider love as another weapon in that war which the majority of you all seem to be more then happy to use.

Take offense but you are obviously a bit prejudiced in many things. To say the least.

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 09:14 PM
reply to post by djr33222

Ya exactly nothing in it has to do with equality, and if it does it would be almost accidental in happening. They may as well quit with the bull#ing and just get on with the prose already. But here to answer Druscillas questions.

Who's to measure the length and breadth of 'equality'?

Obviously such a thing does not exist in and off itself. The very act of somebody measuring equality is placing rules and regulations on equality, thereby making it unequal.

Will it be a white man that say to a black man "Behold, you are now equal"? The black man continues to be told he's equal in the USA, but, the black man might just beg to differ.

There are plenty of black men who have it good in this country then most people me included. Hmm maybe if you lived a few hunderead years ago your statement may mean something. And also it may shock some that even back in them days black men owned and had other black men as slaves and were in the slave trade business. History is merely painting a pretty picture, and considering its pretty ugly its still painted in a prettier light then it really was.

Will it be a Man that tells a Woman similar as seems to be the accepted myth?

What myth? there are plenty of myths they seem to be throwing around, this person and feminists just may have to be more specific unto which myth they want us to accept as acceptable to them.

Do we need be given, told, about our 'equality', or allowed to declare it when we actually see it as so?

I forgot who said it and the exact quote. Aristotle I think, but it went something along the lines of if you have to be told you have freedom your a slave. The same would apply with equality, but the majority if not all of the things women want as equal rights or say are not getting them, are right there for them to go ahead and do them.

Additionally, what's with the whole row over getting Jane put on a bank note?

To tell the truth I do not personally care. I think a few men might care, but it is a minority of which the ones making the biggest fuss and noise about it is not the men against it. But the women, and only just to say "see I told you so" But I really could give a # who's face is on the bank note. It could be elmo for all I care. But I can only speak for myself. And apparently women have the capability of always speaking as a collective on any issue what so ever, even if they never heard of it before.

The whole thing is stupid.

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 09:54 PM

Originally posted by AthlonSavage
I don't consider the existence of feminists is new. In the 20th century the term feminist was born and it was the more fitting term for an age of modern technology, and advanced ideas to recognise the existence that feminine energies had a dark as well as light side. In the earlier and middle centuries the suitable term to identify the dark energy was as witches. The methods used to weed them out and curtail their black arts was thoroughly robust and guaranteed a stop to their goal of bringing an end to the civilized world.

I think feminism while at one time may have been useful, and had a purpose now a days seems to be completely just used as a crutch, or and excuse, or by people or groups who have an agenda. In all it seems to be something in the female psyche, almost like a fear of the opposite sex manifesting itself as some sort of crusade against this make believe world and its constructs put there by this cadre of men to hold women down. Most of these feminists do not seem to not have any substantial problems, and of those that do they are not making a peep. Some seem to take it to far. I mean like makes your skin tingle WTF go away to far, like there is something seriously wrong with them. But you know whatever.

So ya lets stick to the more in your face and almost completely illogical and very annoying first before we go after them awful witches. So who will bring the duck? You know! just so we can measure and weight and therefore know for sure who is a witch and who not. But I gave you a star just because somehow you stuck in there this sentence " to their goal of bringing an end to the civilized world"...
Sounded very dramatic.

Who are you that are so wise in the ways of science.

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 10:11 PM
reply to post by Druscilla

The majority of men on this thread have been saying that women can do whatever they want and be whatever they want to be. So go on ahead and do it, and quit with all the attemptive quilt trips and whatnots. Its almost like they need to be build up by this imaginary boogie man before they can set out in what we know they will do anyways.

That girl who cleared the collage thing is pretty impressive. I probably would not be able to sit still through a day of those classes. But it seems a lot of females are into the same sort of things, like that kid for instance she is taking human and artificial intelligence and a favorite among females it seems, neuroscience. Of which I am kind of sure I must of read a book on or about at one time or another, though I can not remember right now, must be in the recycle bin, will have to drag it out to see what it was about.

In all I hope she does great and all that, and its good to see people doing what they love and want to do. The world would be a less imploding prone case if that was the case more round the board. However that is not the case it seems.

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by Lady_Tuatha

Well women have a habit of saying one thing and doing another. You will excuse if he or others do not quite believe you when even you may not really believe you when you can not even define simple things of it. The worse case scenario is usually you believing you, when your actions say different. Yet the same in perspectives can be said of everybody, the funny fact being they would all be right, yet we cant all be right now can we?

That line does not transgress in tow as such in this world. Many have tried since the inception of time, yet all have failed. Leading to the paradox that thought and action are tow separate modes of existence, which is not quite that paradoxical looked from an outside perspective. Oh which and from which once looked at, it sets the whole thing in cement a freeze frame fixed in perpetuity toward a certain way and a certain mode with certain given sets it must turn.

All I am saying is you believe you do, but do you really do what you believe? The wheel of conscious merely passes between two frames, in the third frame both will have cease to exist.

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 10:47 PM
reply to post by AthlonSavage

I mean would you really trust your own rib? Personally I do not believe god believes in ribs, yet somehow he created woman from one. Truly somebody must work in mysterious ways. That or that story got completely spun, taken through the cleaners, then created, and then buried for a few centuries, dug up again, sneezed on, used as toilet paper for a time, then dropped as a heard of wild gracktrel trampled over it for a summer or two.

Eventually it was found, and reburied. Some time passed, a few million or so, eventually it was dug up and recreated again just as it was spun and retracted and edited for mistakes and spelling errors. Eventually it landed and lead to the current interpreter of that tale, which turned out was a sort of cook who loved himself some ribs. This cook however had a main rival who was an equally great cook yet did not fancy ribs and worse, was female and yet worse was a vegetarian. Of which it all lead to this current rendition of the tale of how woman was created.

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 11:05 PM
reply to post by roberthsiddelljr

I for one am intrigued. Do tell more of what quality and temperament is there superiority. It must be great no doubt for you to so endorse it my strange internet friend who I will never see again. But should we take your word for it. For all anybody knows you could be a feminist, disquieted as a not feminist, here only to lead us astray straight into some sort of feminists evil embrace, with your compelling premises and conclusion. It just sounds to good to be true, it may not be all in accordance with all truths on this subject. Yet we are all speaking of lies and half truths, there for if there is even a quarter of truth to it... It may be off topic.

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 11:18 PM
reply to post by djr33222

That's just nucking crazy, kind of silly, 70% WTF, and 30% HUH
What kind of crazy ass backwards freaking place is this UK. Soon they wont even be able to jack off without the expressed and written permission of there female handler, a stamped and signed form approved in a court of law, and witnessed by an ordained minister, a doctor, a cop, and at least one nurse to keep track of proceedings.

I really don't know what to say. And yet I said something.

posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 11:42 PM
reply to post by djr33222

Dostoevsky and that quote and what you said is full of postulations. And so many postulations, or any postulations really in all of history or any story has never lead to any sort of truth. Therefore it can not be the truth.

If I were to take Einsteins advice and leave elegance to the tailor. I would say that there ultimately is no truth, only truths, of which are ever changing, the ones which change to suit a mood or ideal ultimately become lies. Which must be maintained and fixed upon constantly. I have once been informed, by prose and by and by. That which must be upholded and constantly maintained in time becomes a lie, a shadow of its former self. A cage to hold the image of that which has long since moved on, never to return.

In other words you are in error.

posted on Aug, 15 2013 @ 04:35 AM
reply to post by galadofwarthethird

Woman were created to ensure the shopping industry does not die. Men make stuff and woman shop and buy it.

posted on Aug, 15 2013 @ 08:41 AM

Originally posted by bates
reply to post by zazzafrazz

The fact she felt the need to mock and belittle the model was telling.

And i'm not scared of intelligent women, I'm sacred of angry aggressive women who hate men and the girly women they see as inferior to them.

I have no doubt there are billions of women who are more intelligent than me in every way and it bothers me not one bit.

Some of us are happy to admit we're not the smartest person in the room and have no problem with it.

Hey, DON'T EVER EVER EVER say you're scared of those mujeres.

Woman that act like that need to face the rule of the thumb.

also, youtube Joe Rogan vs. Feminist. it is HILARIOUS.

Also this book (which is in pdf format) tells quite a bit about these insideous women.
Predetory Female by Lawrence Shannon

posted on Aug, 15 2013 @ 09:39 AM

Originally posted by AthlonSavage
Woman were created to ensure the shopping industry does not die. Men make stuff and woman shop and buy it.

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care:
91% of New Homes
66% PCs
92% Vacations
80% Healthcare
65% New Cars
89% Bank Accounts
93% Food
93 % OTC Pharmaceuticals
American women spend about $5 trillion annually…
Over half the U.S. GDP

I think you're on to something...
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posted on Aug, 15 2013 @ 08:28 PM
reply to post by AthlonSavage

Not necessarily, though true in its way. But it seems all these feminists like to use the quilt card on men, and all kinds of # which is just bull. And yet they do like the link the links were women really are doing great in a lot of areas, you have women in all kinds of business and schools and everything in between being successful. And considering that its catered to them that is not a big surprise.

Yet to prove the fact that women are suppressed or oppressed it seems feminists like to give there proof in links of a bunch of women who really are as far from what you would call being oppressed. And continues drag of something which happened in the past which is spun and so turned on its head to suit agendas that its just ridiculous. By virtue of ignorance alone would they actually convince anybody that it actually was like that, and the fact that there a certain sex just makes it more easy to get men to listen.

Its like the bygone haywiring of human mating instincts gone institutionalized and completely nuts. I am sure there are women who have problems out there and would need help, but I do not thing any of the ones on this thread would fall into that category. If a chick told some dudes that we evolved from pineapples they would just nod there head and go with it, now spreed that over a whole society and you have the equivalent of that nervous laugh married men make every time they make that joke about how there wife is always right. It's like there trying to convince themself and cant quite do it, like they see there own coffin right before there eyes and you can either cry or laugh, they choosing the latter. Yet thankfully now a days marriage seems to be at least a 3 year affair.

This whole thing is clearly about control, and whats worse even in small insubstantial things it seems they can not operate any other way. Oh ya and not about just feminism in general as that is just a mass expression of a lot of hidden things, but the whole of humanity is...well.... to put it quite simple...#ed. And it just may be only a matter of time while we all play pretend.

But the whole thing is kind of silly you know, and so we shall see. And I for one am all for equality, even though that word means little in this context, and especially for women. Now if a guy came up to you and said half the things most women do and go on about, you would say he is full of # and clock him because you know were equal. But since its a woman, you just nod your head. But either way I am still for things being more on equal terms, however I have never seen it from a woman.

posted on Aug, 16 2013 @ 10:38 PM
Been thinking on this more, and this whole feminism thing is pointless. It is not a social movement for the betterment of women even though at one time it may have been, and that is debatable as women are to easily influenced by a bunch factors, no mind beams from space necessary, mere peer pressure and childs tricks will do it. Its definitely not a higher cause, its a quite less then higher cause.

I again said it in the other post what this feminist thing is. Only dushebags quote themselves, but alas I am lazy and soo... "Its like the bygone haywiring of human mating instincts gone institutionalized and completely nuts" That's what it is, its freaking bad aim, its like throwing a rock at the ground and missing. It is the bygone haywiring of human mating instincts, all feminists I seen especially those who were so adamant about it all, generally are attracted like magnets to that which they say they are against, the majority of them eventually end up as that, in fact you don't need to be able to read wavelengths to see there practically the same souls in different bodies. And a lot of them do end up married and all of that, and usually they dont have it that bad, some even have it good, yet they still continue to go on about the whole thing, and woe to any unsuspecting male who gets caught in there machinations.

So what is this whole thing? Its stupid that's what it is. I suppose given the move from tribal and village models there were a lot of females who did not fit into the current models, most of them were of high value under a village or tribe model, but once it all went haywire and moved beyond that they had to compete with more women for that which they already had once. And seeing that at every turn they supported the whole shift from tribe to city and beyond lock and step, its kind of like wondering why poor people always vote for rich dudes who are against there interests.
For men the gap filled in that was the war machine/military life usually, and so for women it was the camp follower life which eventually now a days is known as the sex industry in all its forms. Fast forward a few thousand years and we get to today, were things follow the same sort of model. A lot of what has changed is the illusions put in place to keep people placated.

But anyways like I said, last I checked there are plenty of women in every facet of our civilization, there are women lawyers, doctors, judges, cops, nurses, truck drivers, pilots, and everything in between, there are plenty of women in management, and even in corporate levels there are lots of women, and at the higher rungs of the pyramid there are plenty of women as well, and if there not. They are sure as hell married to the guys that are. To say that women have been oppressed is a lie today, and even in the past as they chose there very fate, and at every turn it has been so lock step and barrel. And then they try to make life as misserable as possible for those that helped them

This whole feminism thing is literally just a mind #, there is even a quote by Nikola Tesla which I cant find online right now it seems. But it went something along the lines of "Feminism is mind control at its finest" But then again he also said this. "BUT the female mind has demonstrated a capacity for all the mental acquirements and achievements of men, and as generations ensue that capacity will be expanded; the average woman will be as well educated as the average man, and then better educated, for the dormant faculties of her brain will be stimulated to an activity that will be all the more intense and powerful because of centuries of repose. Woman will ignore precedent and startle civilization with their progress" But then again he was a mamas boy. Plus the nutters say he was a Venusian who got incarnated here, and they were more on the feminine side till they almost destroyed themselves and had to incorporate and turn male to sustain there energies and world. That and he never figured out the mystery of 3 or the third as its called.

But anyways just a few looks through this thread shows that the way were going on about this is stupid, so far nothing has been solved on this whole feminine thing online on this site. That's because there are no problems, and definitely the women do not have problems but what they create, in fact some on this thread if it was in a personal space or face to face arena. Eventually this whole thing would go down like it does in the movies were they argue, but then end up getting a room and sucking faces. Females just suck at such things due to there biological evolution they are not capable of it only under certain circumstances and constructs, and all of those were made by men to. But beyond that it fails. And the rest, and more adamant feminists, well there fate is practically sealed that is obvious, the only choice they would have is the way they go about it. Eventually even that is as it should be.

posted on Aug, 16 2013 @ 11:10 PM
And so! I think that drusilla person may be on to something, and maybe they should make a game survival game show lets call it feminists vs maninists. And we can have them compete to see which sex is the better, finally. No more talk, I mean lets find out at least in game show form, or maybe even social form. No doubt a greater part of today's problems between you all stems because of the cutting off of tribal traditions which took all of this into effect in simple ways mostly as spring get together s or summer hostess and winter traditions and such, now a days its pretty much gone replaced by noise and meaningless jabber when one can, which is infrequent. We can have a competition were all you crazy feminists and your other half's can really let steam and go at, you all can do it every year or something.

Or again lets make it into a gameshow and see who is better, they can make them do all kinds of competitions in all kinds of areas, academical areas as well to see who really is smarter, then physical tests and competitions and everything in between, you all can even naked survival if that's your thing to see who really would survive when it came down to it, if anything it would be hilarious. Arguing over the internet does not solve #, in fact talking has never solved anything in the history of the world. We should make it like the Olympics and do it every year in every town, females all they seem to do is talk #, and there nothing but hot wind, yada yada. And on the plus side it will get all of you crazed people together and you all will likely end up sucking faces, and probably even go skipping hand in hand into the sun set. Not likely! but you know one can hope. But first one would need to believe in hope.
At the very least it will limit the frequency I run into this #, and the stupidity and misinformation in it all will be negligible and therefore skipable. Something seriously wrong with you all not only the feminists, but there male counterparts as well.

And at least one good thing feminism is doing, I believe there instincts are there for a reason, both male and female. And there instincts seem to be to cut away from the male and female duality, which now a days may not be such a primary survival trait for lots of men to be so shackled to women's needs, and for some women the same can be said. In fact its becoming detrimental at every turn. Leading to a sort of freedom from all the pressures of that particular duality, and a calming down as it wont be important anymore or logical or even needed, and we can all do other things instead of wasting time on it. Though you go to far in that direction, and well things get bizarre, but you know at least this whole feminism thing has not been a total bust.

But yes, really, the gameshow would be a good idea for now...Feminists vs Menininsts. I't would rake in the ratings, watch somebody will probably steal my idea.

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