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Ozarks Conspiracy New World Order

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posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by ItDepends

Sorry, I do not find the man's work history suspicious. Congrats to him for having a successful career.

As for the banks, it is not abnormal to have branches in very small towns because that is the nature of the rural area. Many of my banks have branches in very small towns. They typically pull from the rural areas surrounding those tiny towns. Several of the small regional banks have been so successful over the past few years that they are growing phenomenonally. They have been very successful with their business model and buying out the metropolitan banks that are going under.

posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by shells4u

Both your posts mid-thread and Happy1's remind it always wise to follow the money and corporate connections, especially vis a vis the federal government and military indulstrial complex. Not only does it help one in planning for the future personally, but it illuminates that many things are not as "naturally" catastrophic as we assume they are, as well as other "out of the box" type of conclusions.....

posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 04:36 PM

Originally posted by CIAGypsy
reply to post by ItDepends

OK, let's talk about the Fusion Centers as you seem to have a narrow view into their purpose. Regardless of attempts to believe otherwise, the government is not everywhere at all times. They do not have limitless resources to analyze every piece of data that comes into purview. The Fusion Centers were set up as State Level agencies of Homeland Security to connect disparate pieces of information that may be suspicious within that state. The Fusion Centers are typically manned by a team of analysts from other agencies such as FBI, State Police, DEA, etc.

Let me give you an example of the type of work the Fusion Center does... Let's say a Fire Station in Anytown reports they are missing a bunch of uniforms. The next town over, a paramedic school reports a man from out of state asked about learning to drive an ambulance. They may report that his behavior was very strange and that he exhibited no desire to be a paramedic, just driving an ambulance... Oh, and he asked if he could rent one for a day. In yet another town, a farm store reports someone tried to buy 500 lbs of fertilizer without the proper credentials. While all this information by itself may not be actionable, if you also consider a big public event is coming up, it might put a different skew on these incidents if viewed as a bigger picture.

The role of the Fusion Center is to connect these disparate pieces of information into a potentially actionable picture. If that happens, they send the information off to the appropriate agency for further follow up.

The goal is to prevent another 9/11 by connecting dots that, on their own, may seem unimportant. Also be aware that the public only sees intelligence failures and not it's successes. The Fusion Centers play a very important role in keeping us safe domestically.

No, again, I think you are a little strong in your understanding of my postings or maybe I am not clear enough. I DO NOT have a narrow perspective. I actually know quite a bit about the nature of intelligence gathering in some respects. I know that they were implemented after 9/11, and I applaud that. I also am a strong advocate of a full exploitation of every asset we can use by every agency in the protection of our country. My comments were not meant to imply anything negative, just information about them, and how they are run and by whom, which I found interesting, but not surprised. Anything that is set up as a public/private company does not need to come under the scrutiny of our Legislature....sometimes not a bad thing at all.

Lastly, never said Mr. Huff was suspicious, He has a marvelous background and apparently has been of great service to our country. So again, we are on a site that likes to share information about things that seem a little out of place.Just an observation, again not saying anything negative, but he certainly has a very interesting background.

Therefore, all of the things I noted above in an earlier response were just that, observations and interesting facts. So, please don't jump down my throat for simply adding information to a discussion. Lastly, you may indeed have great experience and knowledge of the banking industry. However, as I pointed out, during a point in our country's history since 2008 and the banking/financial crisis, the number of banks, branches that have been added in relationship to the latest census population figures seem disproportionate to a casual viewer. Not saying anything wrong/bad/nefarious, just stating the facts. Others can make up their own minds. Peace!! ID!!!

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posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 02:51 AM
reply to post by tetra50

Along with the earth changes Naval Map of the future - one should look at where the federal and maximum state prisons are located in the continental US - to see where and what may still be standing after they blow the LA sinkhole/BP disaster up.

obama just had a "speech" at Chatanooga, TN - right by the georgia guidestones memorial is at - people should read that garbage too. Come on, really? Chattanooga, TN?
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