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The IRS Mafia: Hush Money and Politics

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posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 02:54 PM
Here's an interesting and revealing article about a 30+ year IRS employee who has a chilling story to tell.

He is telling of possible Chicago Mafia moles in the IRS complete with pay offs and graft !!

Reports of IRS employees that wouldn't 'play ball' were “harassed, ostracized, scorned and threatened” by their IRS colleagues.

Maybe The Mafia 'went after' the IRS ever since Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion

They are a jealous bunch and they DO hold grudges and like to 'get even'.

He has other inside info too, including the latest "Christine O’Donnell" allegations.

Sounds like the IRS is a mix of Nazi, Sicilian Mafia, and general commie tactics !!

bits from the 4-page article.......

Well, a 34-year IRS employee who ran afoul of the IRS culture way back in 1983 and continued to fight it all the way through his retirement in 1996, also accuses the IRS of offering him $15,000 in hush money if Welli would drop an internal grievance filing that came about after Welli and two fellow IRS managers “reported that the executive to whom we reported was associating with organized crime-linked individuals in Chicago and Milwaukee.”

In short, Welli and his two colleagues believed the IRS had in its midst a mobbed-up IRS supervisor. As it were, the Mafia had infiltrated the IRS.

Of particular note here is that Welli, a 34-year career IRS employee who worked as an internal IRS inspector, had his run-in with the IRS bureaucracy — of which he was a part — in the 1980s and a second-time in the 1990s. So appalled was he at the arrogance of the IRS bureaucracy, that in addition to testifying before Congress he wrote about his experience in 1997 for Insight, a magazine published by the Washington Times. Welli has sent the article to The American Spectator, pointing out that the charges he made against the IRS in 1997 are essentially the same charges that are surfacing in 2013 as a result of House investigations. Which is to say — the agency bureaucracy is both heavily politicized and incurably arrogant.

The IRS Mafia: Hush Money and Politics

Remember, the IRSS is 'in charge' of ObamaCare 'Enforcement'.

Just tell 'em "Joe sent Ya"

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 11:56 PM
For ####'s sake... this thread deserves more flags than email addresses I could imagine to create sock puppet accounts.

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