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Ruins Of Kadath Found In Antarctica

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posted on Sep, 20 2003 @ 01:25 PM

Originally posted by omega1
It's not atlantis, but it may be something else.

Have you heard about Nazis escaping to the 'South pole' after ww2?

Maybe they are digging up Hitler there..

This all very inyressting..

posted on May, 2 2004 @ 02:34 AM
This may put some very interesting thoughts in your head about "Atlantis" or some other civilization.

There is a map known as the Piri Reis Map. It was drawn in 1513 by an Admiral of the Ottoman Turks, who drew it from maps which dated as far back as the 4th Century BC in the library of Constantinople, and perhaps from other maps once contained (and later lost in the burning of) The library of Alexandria. In otherwords, the Piri Reis Map can trace it's origins back to an uncertain point in the past, but AT LEAST the time of Alexander the Great.
The Map shows features of Queen Maud Land Antarctica which should have been under ice for all of recorded history. These features were not discovered officially until a siesmic survey in 1949.
When an Atlantis theorist named Hapgood convinced the United States Air Force to evaluate the map in the 1950s, the Airforce confirmed that it was an accurate map of the West African, East South-American and Antarctic coasts. The Airforce admitted to having "no idea" how it was done, because only arial survey, exact knowledge of the circumfrence of the Earth, and an understanding of Spheric Trigonometry could produce such a map (which was so accurate that it caused the Airforce to make minor corrections in its own maps).

The most incredible thing about this map though, is that it doesn't show Antarctica covered in ice. It shows details that couldn't be seen if there was ice. This means that the source of the Antarctic portion of the map is likely to have been created between 8000 and 4000 BC.
One must then conclude that in 4000 BC at the very latest there existed a civilization with advanced mathematical abilities, the means to travel great distances, and some means of flight (even if only by means of hot-air balloon.)

There were errors in the Piri Reis Map, which can easily be explained as the result of overlapping maps from different times. (the most noteable is that it shows twin Amazon rivers, one of which has the island at the mouth, the other of which is in the wrong place and predates the islands being cut off from the mainland. This is actually positive because it suggests a historically realistic culture which learned and corrected its maps as it went.

The result is hardly groundbreaking. It only suggests a slightly earlier date for a few discoveries by the Egyptians (the likely fathers of Atlantis), which like so many things were lost by the fire in the Library of Alexandria. (it has, afterall been suggested that the loss of that library set our technological advance back 500 years... if Marc Anthony hadn't gotten mixed up in Cleopatra's sibling rivalries, Colombus could have gone to the moon.

This brings yet another thing to my memory. Piri Reis knew Colombus. He used Colombus' personal charts for parts of his map. Colombus then can be supposed to have seen Reis' other source maps before leaving on his voyage, and known that he would encounter a new land, which explains his demand that he be made governor of any land he discovered. Colombus, afterall, did not really challenge the flat earth theory. In 1492, people knew that the Earth was round, and that it was too large to sail around to the Far East by going West with the technology of the day. Colombus was generally assumed to have based his voyage on the false belief that the Earth was only 1/3 it's actual circumference, but now it seems that he may have been crazy like a fox- feigning stupidity so as to trick the royalty into granting him governership of vast lands he KNEW he could discover.

By the way, since it might come up, I'll mention another anomolous map. The Oronteus Fineus Map shows a little more- it includes Greenland as 3 islands (which it is- they are linked by ice). It also shows a more accurate position of Antarctica than Reis map, but rotated too far to the West, and in fact resembling the Northern coast of Australia, which is marked as being a portugese possession. In fact, it probably is a map of Australia (since the portugese possessed Timor, not far from Northern Australia) and the continent was just greviously misplaced in Fineus' map. This is likely another colaboration of ancient maps, not undertaken by a naval genius of Admiral Reis' level though.

posted on May, 2 2004 @ 02:54 AM
Most likely related (weather it's complete truth or exaggerated truth) to the recent military activity at Lake Vostok.

posted on May, 2 2004 @ 07:22 PM
i checked on amazon for that "raising atlantis" ebook and its no longer available...grrrr i wanted to check it out

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 11:00 AM
There is also a theory that Atlantis is really Indonesia. Don't know if i buy the theory buts its interesting nontheless.

Here's an interesting link about Atlantis.

The Atlantis That Could Have Been

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 11:27 AM

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posted on May, 15 2004 @ 03:53 AM
I've been obsessing on Atlantis, Antarctica, Aryans, The Great Flood, and Alternate biblical histories for 2 weeks now and I'm absorbing and discounting theories at a cyclic rate... here's what i know now:

The NDSAP (Nazi party) was a child of a German cult called Thule. Thule was an amalgam of various mysticisms inverted for evil ends, at the risk of over-simplifying. Thule believed in an underworld dominated by the Aryan race and known of by Tibetan monks and in an opening to this world in Antarctica.

In the 30s, the Nazis became very interested in Antarctica. They asked Byrd (later Admiral Byrd) to lead their expedition but he declined.

Early in the war, German submarines aggressively targeted allied shipping near Antarctica, even capturing whaling fleets.

In 1942, neuteral Argentina, considered a Nazi sympathetic or collaborating nation, made new claims in Antarctica, the Shetland Islands, and Argentine Islands.

In 1943, within months of this news, the British detatched two ships (a minesweeper and troop carrier, along with civilian ships) to establish permanent weather stations to assert their control over the Argentine claims. The British consistantly denied the claims of Argentina and Chile over any portion of Antarctica.

In 1945, the underground Nordhausen complex was found to contain disk and triangular shaped aircraft, all powered by props, jets, or rockets. Documentation of an as yet unbuilt anti-gravity drive are a matter of legend, subject to debate. Similiar technology was experiemented with (to no success) by Tessla and Einstien among others, in a project called Rainbow.

Also in 1945, Two rogue german submarines, both supply boats, are captured putting into port in argentina. One of the captains is an experienced artic submariner.

Finally in 1945, a race to acquire Nazi scientists and engineers takes place, and many nazi war criminals become American citizens, most notably the acquisition of Werner Von Braun, who built V2 rockets for germany and later built the rockets that sent us to the moon.

In 1946 the US Navy was closing bases and decomissioning ships at a rapid pace, when the Navy suddenly put together a very rushed operation to go to Antarctica. Ships didn't recieve final orders including destination or equipment lists until just 9 days before departure. The carrier Phillipine Sea, brand new a the time, had just finished its shakedown cruise, and was immediately dispatched to the operation already in progress before being made fully ready. The taskforce of 13 ships and 4700 men had the stated goal of testing men and equipment in the antarctic, establishing US Sovreignity over the largest practical area of the continent, and developing the techniques for maintaining an airfield in those conditions. The mission was equipped for 8 months of operations, and made a two-pronged approach with both forces then converging on Queen Maud Land Antarctica. The forces were evacuated in February of 47, after only 3 months, before completing their mission.

in 1947-1948 Secretary of Defense James Forrestal began to suffer a psychotic breakdown. He speaks of being followed by "foreign looking men", zionist conspiracies, an imminent communist invasion, etc, and is locked in a political deathmatch with the Secretary of the Airforce. His adversary wins.
In 1949 Forrestal is sent to Bethesda Naval Hospital for 'security reasons'. he says he wont come out alive. he is denied access to his chaplain, and his brother has to sue to get access. he is inexplicably placed on the 16th floor despite supposedly being suicidal. He eventually jumps out the window, killing himself.

Admiral Byrd begins to advocate nuclear testing in Antarctica. In 1952 the bill goes to congress, and while the Bill is in the Senate, a UFO phenomenon called The Washington Marry-go-round is seen over the captial. Fighters are repeatedly scrabled, and the phenomnenon simply vanishes until they leave. The bill is abandoned. The marry-go-round story closely resembles accounts of "Foo fighters" which allied pilots encountered while bombing germany in WWII, and the phenomnenon which downed PBM George 1 during Operation Highjump in Antarctica.

The conclusion seems to be that the best Nazi technology was never captured, but continued to exist in an Antarctic base. This of course suggests a radical new destination for U-253, which was carrying uranium and V2 parts supposedly to Japan at the end of the war, and that's just one more supporting shred of evidence. (forgive me if i get the number wrong, it was very close to U-235, as in Uranium)

posted on Mar, 12 2013 @ 10:36 AM
Thread resurrection!!!

Beforeitsnews posts the same story 10 years later.


posted on Mar, 14 2013 @ 07:07 AM

Originally posted by Gazrok
even the folklore, though, don't back it up...

Even 9500 years ago, Antarctica wouldn't fit the description of where Atlantis was, what it was like, etc.

Size is wrong
Location is wrong
Climate is (and was) wrong
No "longest" side (itself suggestive of the continent of Atlantis' shape)

The obvious and always ignored fact is the story of Atlantis is the story of Americas and its people. There are hundreds of pyramids in the Americas and ancient mysteries. Plato's Atlantis mentioned that the continent is bigger than Libya and Africa. So not some little Island. The island mention was a port city possibly around Florida.

Todays knowledge of america is evidence of the level of destruction of history and the genocide of Americas people. Many believe that the Americas have never been civilized and contained nomadic savages but in reality it was known that the ancient Americans like the Maya, Aztecs, and other South American civilizations were living far more civilized with sewage, medicines, major cities that were claimed to be so beautiful that when the Spaniards arrived they thought they had gone to heaven or were in a dream.

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