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Obama keeping black community down

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posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 07:14 PM
I dont think Obama himself is the one keeping the black community down. Its the race-pimp Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson that comes to the rescue. Even though Obama's puppet, Eric Holder, had the DOJ dispatch teams to Sanford to help fund the protest to incite race riots. They all have the same agenda so they automatically know what to do. Obama cant publicly claim race was an issue. It is always an affiliate of his. He has people do his dirty work so he can continue his injustices in secret and clear violations of the Constitution. His administration and the media are going to continue to incite the race war and blind the black community. Thats just my take.

posted on Jul, 21 2013 @ 11:31 AM
Has anyone pointed out that Obama plagerized parts of his speech?

Seriously. It is from English 101, writing term papers. It was pointed out on another forum, but I have been at work and not had time to see if anyone here had been discussing it.

This really irks me, because it is one more example of his doing whatever he can to be divisive. I am so glad that MOST people are seeing through it. I was worried about going back to work post verdict. I work with so many different people, from so many cultures... it had me very concerned on how I would deal with animosity if I came across any.

I have only had small minor run ins with people at my work, and it was directed at me, and it shocked me. I don't think like that about people, and when it dawned on me that was what was going on, I was shocked. I was literally speechless.

For many in this country, and I speak of a mixed part of a large metropolotan area, I think we have moved beyond the old days of race wars. Mostly. There are some hold outs, sure, but I also know genuineness when I see it.

I was relieved. I was greeted with the same warm smiles, hugs, and genuine, "How are you?"'s from people that I know are real to me. Even strangers coming through, there was nothing.

Except for the few hold outs, the vocal few, I am proud to announce the attempts to inflame have been a huge fail. Proud. To. Announce.

We have made steps ahead of the race baiting beyond what the media, hucksters, money grubbing snakes, want you to think. The market is flailing, they have lost control of the "black community", and I am so freaking happy I could scream it from the rooftops!

Whatever happened, I am grateful. I only know, it happened. Racial relations HAVE improved, and it flies in the face of the Al Sharpton's, Jessie Jackson's, and Obama's, still locked in the 60's, those unforgiving and unwilling to move ahead, against their own campaign paradigm. Forward.

The rest of the country, almost, has. The few dawdlers are doing nothing more now, than mental masturbation. It is a sideshow that the rest of us, mostly, are wise to, and no longer wish to see.

Oh yes. I nearly forgot. The best way to prove a fraud is to continue to expose them.

The Emperor STILL has no clothes. A a few, very few, are still trying to convince you he does.

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