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Palastinians try to pin death of Israel again

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posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 05:50 PM
The gullibility or desire to hate of some people is so amazing.
Since they couldn't pin the poisoning of Arafat on Israel. They now say it was because he has been in home in Ramallah.

Mr Shaath sought to dispel rumours about the root cause of Mr Arafat’s ailment by saying that he had suffered from various digestive ailments, including “serious inflammations of the stomach and the intestines”, during his three-year siege. This, with a period without nutrition, “led to deterioration in the situation of the blood chemistry and the blood composition,” Mr Shaath said, which built up over“to put him into coma and then into a deeper coma as he is today”.

Yet again we see Israel being blamed by the Palastianians for a situation entirely of their own making. I guess this will give Hamas etc more excuses to attack and kill. Suprising how even the corpse of Arafat can be turned into a political weapon, but in the end its not that suprising, afterall Arafat himself was a master at avoiding responsibility.

OoPs, forgot link...

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posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 05:57 PM
Its a wonder how so many people can reach so many answers from one body...

Just shows the extent of politicla intrigue around Arafat. In the end its not about an old man, but about power and money.

1324: ‘Only hours to live’ Palestinian source
1352: ‘Dead’ Palestinian sources
1400: ‘Situation critical’ Nabil Shaath, Palestinian Foreign Minister
1401: ‘Hours to live’ Palestinian official
1406: ‘Condition very serious’ Mahmoud Abbas, PLO No 2
1409: ‘Critical, still alive’ Saeb Erakat, Palestinian minister
1422: ‘He is dead’ senior source close to Arafat
1422: ‘Closer to death’, French Army medical spokesman
1430: ‘Dead’ Palestinian Cabinet minister
1434: ‘Not dead’ French Military Hospital
1435: ‘Dead’ Arafat Cabinet member
1436: ‘Not dead’ French official
1438: ‘Alive’ Nabil Shaath
1443: ‘For sure he is dead’ Palestinian minister
1444: ‘Not dead’ French military source
1449: ‘No sign of ... death of any of his vital parts’ Nabil Shaath
1457: ‘Dead’ Palestinian sources
1522: ‘Condition worsens’ Hospital spokesman
1533: ‘Dead’ Palestinian officials
1558: ‘Suffering from brain haemorrhage’ Palestinian official
1540: ‘Dead’ Palestinian Cabinet Minister
1604: ‘Still alive’ Saeb Erakat
1711: ‘Brain, heart and lungs still function’ Nabil Shaath
1724: ‘Euthanasia ruled out’, ‘not suffering from cancer or poisoning’ Nabil Shaath

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