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If you don't want to BUY or RENT, then whats' the best way to live???

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posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 03:59 AM
I was thinking about it, and unless I came into a lot of money (and even then not sure) I don't want to buy a home, nor do I want to rent. I just hate either of those options. So I was debating what options there are and what would be the best way to live? I guess in a lot of ways a camper van would make a lot of sense. Got some pro's and con's though. Hard on gas but at least you're not suck in one spot. The alternative I had in mind was to find a really nice spot, maybe by the coast with wood and a beach and build a small shelter. But that has it's pro's and con's too. Like if you were found out you might get kicked out. And then if it's too far off the grid you'd be driving forever to get supplies, and no internet. So I'm just weighing my options.

What would you do and why???

This is a neet option I thought because you could find a good spot, set it up, and then if for some reason you were asked to leave you could tare it down in minutes and take it with you.

Maybe somethng a bit nicer, but you can buy these for cheap usually.

Or maybe something like this

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posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 04:29 AM
if you dont want to buy or rent then i would recommend a tent

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 04:37 AM
I'd want something bigger, but I feel property is such a gamble and well trod road by the bankster thieves to suddenly hoist the interest rate. After the house owner has made a palace with his hard earned money the property market drops into negative equity and one of the bankers buddies buys it cheap and makes a profit - possibly with the money earned through the increased interest.

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 04:41 AM
try homesteading in canada .. from what heard still alot of land there and they have a homestead program .. thought about it at one time .. but gets too bloody cold in winter there for my liking .

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 04:56 AM
You can camp in a National Forest at one spot for two weeks at a time. Then simply move to another nearby spot. So find a cool town with lots of National Forest nearby. You can go into town for business daily, or less often if you so desire and prepare.

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 05:17 AM
reply to post by spartacus699

Parent's basement?

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 07:05 AM
reply to post by spartacus699

Your zooming in on what you need I think. I would go with a RV (Class C) or that small camper. Some are pretty cheap. I take it you have been looking into them more and more.

But a crapper is a necessity.

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 07:31 AM
I think over time you might see that a comfortable living situation is much more important than dollar bills. You can't eat them either, ya know.

But hey, as long as you can put up with the inconveniences,frustration and misery, go for it and buy a camper. Lots of neat ones out there. When you get sick of it.......... (which you will) you can sell it and use the money towards a down payment on something more comfy.

Someone suggested "parents basement", and I had a friend who actually did quite well as a "boy toy" , being kept by older women. He traveled the world, wore the best clothes.... the whole deal. Of course, he finally reached the age where those kind of women wanted someone younger. It was a little sad......

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 07:33 AM
Buy a houseboat
live on a lake or river

no taxes
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posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 07:37 AM
If you already have a vehicle that can pull a small camping trailer, then fine, otherwise, the cost of that vehicle is going to make that option too expensive.

Thing is, you have to think about the bathroom situation no matter what portable solution, and that's the complication.

Me recommendation, for your situation, would be to get a conversion van and utilize public restrooms. Beaches have showers. Of course, you still have to pay for gas, insurance, but at least you have a way around. Get a PO Box for mailing purposes.

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 08:33 AM
link's what God was against and worked for centuries to avoid....being in the wilderness...
So, put up with the lack of real freedom a little longer, let the bankers do us in time and again...realize that it's ok that there's no land for us. In heaven everyone gets their own property...that's what we feel when wee go out and see the land and wonder...can I set-up here and just have my own little fort? in Heaven that no will be a yes....your own patch of terra firma....a fort....
I's a struggle...have faith....keep smiling...

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 08:39 AM
Just rent a storage shed with electricity, throw you a bed and mini fridge in there, then just use the near by Mcdonalds to do your bathroom business. Dirt cheap rent.

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 09:07 AM
I looked into this while I lived in Florida for a time, I was laid off for the 2nd time in 10 years and realized my unemployment could be used to purchase "An Out" from having to rent or purchase a place to live by buying an RV or a sailboat, since my employment situation was unstable it seemed a good idea to remedy my living situation on a more permanent temporary basis, if that makes sense.

Anyway, I did a lot of research and found that there are a whole bunch of cheap boats and RV's out there that people in the same situation as I were trying to get rid of because paying for storage, maintenance, marina fees, and so on, these things are expensive to maintain, be warned.

I opted for an RV, a big aluminum canoe, a bunch of camping gear and a good bicycle and trailer about $3000 in total cost. The RV is still in Florida in a secure location being used to store my stuff I left behind, I think somebody "procured " my canoe...I ended up riding my bicycle from Florida to Wisconsin and learned that there is no problem setting up camp almost anywhere as long as you tear down and head down the road after getting a rest overnight. Had no problem with any but one person over a 2 month period and nearly 2000 miles distance.

Anyway, conversion vans are nice, but will command a higher price than an older RV because they are smaller and more people would feel comfortable enough to drive them, RV's, being much larger, are more likely to intimidate your average motorist who drove an accord or whatever. Sailboats can be had for around $100 a foot I found, but maintenance becomes a really big issue, and doing cobble jobs while in deep water is a pretty scary prospect, registration and required coast guard safety gear can be expensive too, canvas is expensive but that is one thing you can repair yourself, the humidity a boat is constantly exposed to makes it a stinky place to live....

I looked at a lot of boats that were big enough to live aboard and found many people stripped motors and running gear and just lived in them on the dock, which really renders the boat worthless and costs loads to restore to running trim, and then you have marina fees. There are websites which offer FREE BOATS, but most boats offered for free have been falling into disrepair and will be given away or scrapped, there are occasionally some that are seaworthy and semi-well maintained though, I just never got lucky enough to find one in time.

Prepare for the absolute worst case scenario first, then use what you have left as far a tradable resources/money to go forward from there. I left everything behind because it just seemed like the right thing to do, there have been less than easy times because of my choice, but then what choices don't have their downside consequences?.

Make life an adventure, or lay down and die. The last thing on a man's mind is always the last thing he does.

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 09:19 AM
try the jail free rent
and free electricity jk try an advert in the paper as there are loads of coffin dodgers with spare rooms who just want some work done and some security or a live in job in a hotel .

or go to detroit i hear they are giving away houses there if you will fix them up

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 09:32 AM
I guess a trailer would make a lot of sense as you could move it around. Chances are you'd get bored of one location after a while. Or maybe a camper van. Well I guess if I could get some income coming in again that might open up some options.

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 09:43 AM
reply to post by GBP/JPY

Yeah, don't do anything to change the world as it is and wait for your reward for living a righteous life until after death.

That is what is referred to as a "Death Cult", and this is why this world sucks so much to live in, as far as references to "The Wilderness", it has to do with being in the wilderness of the mind, as in lost, nothing to do with actual wilderness, and lost as in not being a follower of the death cult.

The world as it is, is not a natural way for people to live, man wrote those scriptures you refer to as a way of controlling the minds of those who would follow those scriptures to reap profit in a time long past.

I prefer to try to make things better while I'm alive still, for everyone, unselfishly, I don't have anything but rumour and second, third, thousandth hand information regarding any afterlife, re-interpreted writings from a time when man knew little about the real world just don't cut it for anyone who can actually get out of the haze of zealotry and think their own thoughts.

The only thing I have ever read in scripture that made sense, is that god wanted Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge to keep them enslaved with ignorance.

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 09:49 AM
reply to post by spartacus699

A class A RV may not be good on gas, but you can park it near work wherever you go usually at little or no cost, and if you shed a bunch of junk you don't need it's way less stressful not to have to worry about storage, maintenance, theft and so on.

I just wish I had never bought mine, only because I ended up leaving it and now have to go deal with that eventually, but when I do I can easily sell it for what I paid for it after a little clean-up, even if it doesn't run still.

Or I can just go on back there and live in it.....

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posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 09:49 AM
here's a nice summer cottage...

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by spartacus699

Beats a shopping cart. Would feel like a coffin in the rain though.

I'm still more a fan of the van idea. Normal parts vs. more expensive RV ones. Easier to drive and park. Inflatable mattresses can be quite comfy if you get a good one. I know two people who prefer them over regular ones (my daughter and my mother).

Ever pay to gas up an RV? Yikes!
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posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 12:30 AM
Okay a van it is! I'm gonna live in a van down by the river! And I'm gonna reinvent myself after my hero, Matt foley, the motivational speaker.

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