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New Trayvon Lie: Media, LAPD Falsely Report Rowdy Protests

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posted on Jul, 18 2013 @ 11:24 AM
reply to post by olaru12

Welcome to the new America. All women are abortionists, all blacks are evil, all the poor are lazy, all the sick are faking it, all the unemployed are sitting on the couch, all the uninsured just can't wait to sit in the ER for hours (so much fun, wish they would put a bar in it), all the homeless love their view, all the children are illegitimate, all americans want to be on the dole, after all, they need all that money to fund wars, give education to other countries, health care to other countries, build infrastructure for other countries.. And this one really makes me feel secure, how our legislators spend so much time on sex, what kind and who with and what to do with the unwanted results of impregnation.

posted on Jul, 18 2013 @ 05:03 PM
I hate to be that guy but the LAPD isn't entirely lying, maybe overreacting to that particular event, but not lying.

'Flash mob' of thieves causes chaotic night in Hollywood

I have seen some of these protesters throw things at police cars. Sure most seem peaceful but there are a bunch of them that are just looking for an excuse to start trouble. Even the peaceful protests are disruptive, yesterday a protest delayed a hospital shipment where I work, and that caused all kinds of problems and probably costs a lot of money too.

I am not the biggest LAPD fan, it is one of the most corrupt organizations around. But I have lived through the L.A. riots and I fully understand why the LAPD wants to be on top of situations before they get out of control. The LAPD got their backsides handed to them when the L.A. riots broke out, they will use any means necessary this time, even false propaganda, to maintain control.

posted on Jul, 18 2013 @ 06:34 PM
reply to post by Kevinquisitor

I'm certain all these stories are imaginary or made up by "sensationalist" reporters:

17 people arrested in Zimmerman trial protest in Victorville

A large group of people gathered at the Mall of Victor Valley parking lot and tried to force their way into the mall. They were stopped by security guards who locked the doors.
Deputies from multiple stations responded and ordered the group to disperse, the department said in a statement. Most of the people left, but those who didn't were arrested.

'Flash mob' of thieves causes chaotic night in Hollywood

Take the riot to Hollywood," one expletive-laden message on Twitter beseeched. "Hollywood. 7:30."

That invitation for trouble and others like it, police believe, were the seeds of a bizarre, chaotic night in the city's entertainment mecca that caught the LAPD off guard and left city officials scrambling to assure tourists and revelers, once again, that Hollywood is a safe place to be.

A group of 40 to 50 people, mostly teenagers, heeded the social media calls and went on what police described as a rolling crime wave.

The problems began shortly after 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, when 911 dispatchers started receiving reports of problems on Hollywood Boulevard near Vine Street — a stretch full of restaurants, clubs and shops. A group of a few dozen young people, callers said, was running in and out of traffic, knocking people over on the sidewalks and snatching their belongings. Some stole food and souvenir tchotchkes from stores as they went.

The fast-moving group moved east along the boulevard, and the calls for help kept coming. Responding officers were flummoxed by the mob, which splintered and scattered in different directions when confronted, only to come back together and then divide up again. Police officials hurriedly sent more than 100 officers from elsewhere in the city to Hollywood.

A waiter at Flora restaurant in Oakland who was attacked with a hammer during protests over the verdict in the Trayvon Martin shooting was recovering Wednesday, according to the restaurant.

Phil Tagami, CEO of the California Capital and Investment Group, was at Flora, located at 1900 Telegraph Ave., on Monday evening for a benefit event to support Oakland businesses that were vandalized during previous protests spurred by Saturday's not-guilty verdict of Florida neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

Flora's building had windows smashed over the weekend, as did several other businesses.

On Sunday, a 34-year-old Wisconsin man received a beating by several black teens. According to Christopher Simpson, the victim, and another witness present at the scene, Simpson was attacked at approximately 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, punched in the back of the head, and then punched and kicked when he fell to the ground. White said that one of the black teens shouted at him, “This is for Trayvon Martin.” Another witness confirmed White’s story.

Zimmerman Protests Heat Up Days After Verdict
Demonstrations against George Zimmerman's not guilty verdict turned violent in several cities Monday night, prompting police to warn against any further outbreaks as they brace for more demonstrations this week.

Protests turn violent in wake of Zimmerman verdict
Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck is putting at least 350 officers on the streets after protesters swarmed cars, shattered windows and started fights following a rally protesting the acquittal of George Zimmerman. In Oakland, demonstrators blocked rush-hour traffic com)

Andrea Mitchell | July 16, 2013
Some protests have turned violent in response to Zimmerman verdict

Below is a far from comprehensive list of reported acts of lawlessness (violence, vandalism, trespassing, drug use, arrests, assault, etc.) that have been reported by various media outlets.

1. July 14: Witness claims Hispanic man in Baltimore beaten by youths yelling, "This is for Trayvon."
2.July 16: Jogger in Mississippi claims he was attacked in retaliation for Zimmerman verdict
3. July 16: Pennsylvania business graffitied with 'Kill Zimmerman,' set on fire
4. July 16: Wisconsin man claims he was beaten by teens shouting, "This is for Trayvon."
5. July 15: Anti-Zimmerman protesters block freeway traffic in Los Angeles
6. July 15: Anti-Zimmerman protester raid a Walmart in Los Angeles
7. July 16: CBS reporter assaulted in Crenshaw during anti-Zimmerman protest
8. July 15: Anti-Zimmerman protester block major intersection in Newark, NJ
9. July 16: Thirteen arrested in Crenshaw for vandalizing cars and stores, assault
10. July 16: Waiter struck in head with a hammer
11. July 16: Windows broken at Men's Wearhouse
12. July 15: Store window spray-painted with word "revolt"
13. July 13: New York Giants star threatens Zimmerman
14. July 14: 'Wire' creator David Simon says he'd bring a brick to Zimmerman courthouse
15. July 14: Singer attacked after dedicating song to Trayvon Martin
16. July 13: Teen arrested in Zion, Illinois for threatening violence
17. July 13: Gallery of death threats against George Zimmerman
18. July 15: "Kill Zimmerman" Facebook page removed
19. July 14: Man lights marijuana cigarette off burnt American flag
20. July 15: Dozen arrested in New York protest
21. July 15: New York protesters block traffic
22. July 16: Houston protesters block traffic
23. July 16: Police detain Houston protesters
24. July 16: Police officer assaulted in Los Angeles during Zimmerman protest
25. July 16: Los Angeles man claims targeted by anti-Zimmerman mob because he's Hispanic
26. July 16: Arrest in Oakland at anti-Zimmerman protest
27. July 16: VIDEO: Zimmerman protesters block road, family's emergency trip to the hospital
28. July 17: Organized mobs rampage thru Hollywood stealing; "unclear" Zimmerman related
29. July 16: Marine attacked, possibly stabbed - reports connect to Zimmerman verdict
30. July 16: Atlanta Falcon's Roddy White suggests jurors kill themselves
31. July 17: Seventeen protesters arrested in Victorville
32. July 17: "Kill Zimmerman" graffiti throughout Hammond, IN.
33. July 17: Detroit overpass defaced with '# Zimmerman'
34. July 18: Flash mob in Hollywood 'for Trayvon'

It doesn't take much to see what is really going on, just an honest search for the truth.


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posted on Jul, 18 2013 @ 07:44 PM
So far, is the only 'source' for this ?

Salon is an ultra Left Wing site and is well-known for their BeeEss.

Can somebody confirm this from elsewhere ?

posted on Jul, 18 2013 @ 08:23 PM

Originally posted by xuenchen
Salon is an ultra Left Wing site and is well-known for their BeeEss.
Can somebody confirm this from elsewhere ?

]Salon does not publish "news" or employ "journalists."

It hosts leftist posts and opinion pieces that frequently have no basis in fact, other than the bias and agenda of the "author."

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posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 01:44 AM

Originally posted by Kevinquisitor

New Trayvon Lie: Media, LAPD Falsely Report Rowdy Protests

Despite reporting to the contrary from both Los Angeles’ NBC affiliate and the Los Angeles Police Department, Trayvon Martin protesters in Hollywood on Sunday night neither “stormed” nor caused “about $15,000 worth of damage” at a local hotel.

For the most part, protests in the wake of the “not guilty” verdict for George Zimmerman in Florida, have been peaceful here in L.A., though, at times, it seems as if NBC’s local affiliate, NBC4 hoped they might not be.
(visit the link for the full news article)

For the most part. Exactly.
They showed here on the news protesters smashing car windows and other things in streets.

All because a white man shot a black man.
Meanwhile, black men and killing black men on a daily basis, but these people don't seem too concerned about that.

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 02:23 AM

Originally posted by starwarsisreal
reply to post by Kevinquisitor

Well as long the population have their America's Got Talent, McDonald's and the latest Apple Product I don't think they'll be rioting anytime soon
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Well most of us do have DVR's so we can record those crappy shows while we riot and cause senseless damage, and most Mcdonalds are open 24 hours and...well... most apple products are greatly overrated.

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 02:32 AM
reply to post by iBallinU

Have you been following anything? Zimmerman is not white he is Hispanic. He is about as white as Obama is.

posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 08:06 AM
Is this thread a joke? Yes there has been violence, sure its not turned into Rodney King level , thank goodness. But there has been several smaller outbreaks all over. I will agree they have been way over hyping the issue even before the verdict was released. The media tried their hardest to sway the opinion on this trial, but it didnt work, except to help anger certain demographics with emotion. I thought everyone here knew how the media works these days? They are not here to keep us in the loop like they were in the old days, thats for sure.

Just think if these people put all this effort into bettering their neighborhoods and improving things how much they could get done. But no time for that I guess, only when its hating on whitey can they get together in mass and use their energy for tearing things up.
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posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 10:23 AM
Hate to break it to you, but I live in Los Angeles and all these protests have happened here.

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