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First Survival Kit, How did we do?

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posted on Sep, 9 2016 @ 01:39 PM

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posted on Sep, 9 2016 @ 01:42 PM

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posted on Sep, 9 2016 @ 02:44 PM
a reply to: gorgon8819

Not too bad.

As several have pointed out already... Should probably have a little food in there, there's a lot out there to choose from that's actually rather tasty, or you can make it yourself with a little practice.

A bit of cash would be a good idea, too. Sometimes survival involves having to get a hotel for the evening, rather than a Red Cross shelter.

What do you have in the First Aid kit?

Prescriptions? Are either you or your girl on any? Have extra. Aspirin. That sort of thing.

A good survival manual, too. No one ever knows everything. More knives. No such thing as too many, as knives break at the oddest times. Sharpening tool.

Now this is personal preference, as there is nothing at all wrong with a hatchet, but if you have the room, a full size ax would be better, IMHO.

Not too bad though. I did much worse with my first one...

Hadn't realized, 'til just now, how old this thread is...oh, well.
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posted on Sep, 9 2016 @ 03:30 PM
Get a slingshot, for small game, can be really good, and rocks are everywhere, most useful. Also, learn how to prepare a couple of traps, like snare traps for example.
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Also, might want to get a compass, always helpful. And a lighter too.
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posted on Sep, 23 2016 @ 02:30 AM
You don't need any of that stuff. Why waste your time. if you ever need to you can find all that. If you're in the city you'd find all that. If you're lost deep in the woods then here's what you can use... below.... and I'm not a survival expert, I'm just improvising with my replies below...

originally posted by: gorgon8819
I know this has.......

1 USAF Pilot Survival Knife ......... find a rock with s sharp edge, or tin can that you can fashion into a cutting tool
1 Magnesium Fire Starter ..... bow drill out of your shoe lace and sticks.
1 550 Paracord 100ft in length ........ You can create cordage out of a lot of things. Evergreen roots are excellent strong cords.
1 Crank Flash Light -------- pine tar or something like that on a stick to create a torch
1 (5 in 1) Survival Aid Kit ......... Your spit as disinfectant and anticeptic. Look up what herbs, leaves, etc make good anticeptic.
1 American G.I. Trifold Shovel..... a stick
1 Metal Canteen Cup ....... old tin can or bark off a tree to fashion a bark bowl
2 Packs of Wind and Water Proof Matches ........ bow drill
2 Bottles (25 ct) Water Purification Tabs ....... boil it
1 Army Back Pack (water proof, all that stuff etc) .......... just make one out of whatever you can find in the woods. ie: sticks and evergreen roots.

2 Metal Water Bottles....... old tin can
1 Hatchet ...... sharp rock and batton
1 First Aid Kit (for about 3 people) ........ spit
1 Set of Binoculars (I don't know how strong we should get it, maybe you can help) ...... okay you got me
1 Thing of Dental Floss ........ come on it's the shtf and youre worried about brushing? I think not!
1 3ft Rubber Tubing ....... evergreen roots
1 Thing of Duct Tape ......... pine tar and something
1 Hand Cranked Radio
...... okay you got me

Like most of that you don't need. Like how many people have actually ever used a survival kit. It's more like the type of thing you create as a teen cuz you think it's so cool! But then you never really need to use it.

posted on Sep, 23 2016 @ 07:29 AM
Nice start, and good recs from posters. As some stated before field trips will help you polish the kit even better for what you intend.

I would definitely add fishing kit. Fishing line as well as the dental floss can be used for sewing whether its repairing gear or a large wound. I have fishing gear at hand at all times; but I really enjoy fishing
( almost forgot. Pack o needles)

Knowledge of the outdoors and outdoor skill are more important (imo) than a kit. If you have enough know how one can disappear into the outdoors and survive with just what they are wearing. Takes a while to get to that level though. What i am trying to say is knowledge is a tool/weapon . Get it, use it, take care of it. And grab your kit. When you get use to the outdoors its no longer a mysterious place but a place of resources,food, and shelter.

Weapons. Take your pick. Keep in mind you will be packing it and the ammo. Know how to use it. Seriously know how to use it. When hunger and thirst hits a person they will do things they normally will not do. They also may be that way normally. Just dont bring a weapon as a bluff tool.

I recommend a destination. A couple of them. Dont just wander. Know locations of fresh water. The animals(food supply) will know of them as well. With that get and learn about topographical maps of the area you will be locating to. Get a compass as well.

So much info to pass along. Knowledge. Knowledge. Knowledge. Did i mention knowledge?
The more you know the better prepped you are. The more basic stuff you learn the deeper you can go and learn how the primitive cultures did it back in the day.

Ok. If you rrrreeeeaaaalllly need to take alot of gear dont get a 4x4. Get a wagon. Yes a wagon. Dont get horses get mules. Mules are tougher than hobo $h1t and can survive alot better than horses in really tough conditions. If you have a it. But this is for another discussion.


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