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Zimmerman aquital, a prvocure/ excuse for total hardcore martial law?

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posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 02:53 AM
First of all i would like to say RIP Martin

Secondly who on earth would auqit a murderer despite the circumstances that apply to Zimmerman? not really anyone, as far as i have hear this is a first and this would not happen in Austalia thats for sure.

Many ATS topics talk about martial law, allot believe soft martial law is already in place and the Ammendment has been totaly nullified so pretty much US Residents have no rights, or very little, so what i am pitching in this post is: do you the ATS users think this is the final key to martial law? after riots and protest in LA and public citizens being attacked? or is this a racialy motivated rebelion not intended by the Cabal?

Im placing betts on its Martial law fueld witht he propelant of Racial rebelion and violence, and if i know th way of the Cabal, wreak havoc behind the senes like with harp and false flag terroisim, this is just another perfect recipie that people will not realise who the true evil pot stireres are.

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 03:09 AM
reply to post by Tahnya86

No. I think there was a trial, and a verdict was reached.

I think that verdict made a lot of people who haven't fully researched this case angry. Maybe a lot of the anger is deserved, but I don't think the majority of people perpetuating the anger are doing so for the right reasons.

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 03:34 AM
You seem pretty disconnected from reality. And so is the media who tried to lie, obfuscate, and turn this into something it's not. Either that or trolling.

Cant.... tell..... which....

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 09:09 AM
IMHO a whole lot of Americans are being very hypocritical.

Within your laws you all have a right to a fair trial by a jury of your peers and everybody wants / demands this. Regardless of the outcome of that trial, you are all asked to accept it because the jury has taken into account all the facts and has determined their validity as it pertains to your laws.

Now, in Zimmerman's case the jury has deliberated and found the man not guilty. Yet your society, who hasn't reviewed all of the evidence and heard all of the arguments for and against, insists that the verdict is illigitimate.

Barring any judicial misconduct or any glaring errors by the prosecution, their word is final. Fini.

To re-try the defendent in the media. You all have removed his rights to live by the jury's decision.

Worst yet is that your trial by media has and is causing him to be, in effect, convicted in absentia by politicians and special interest groups who see the benefits and repercussions of not siding with the masses.

I think it is disgusting. You all cry for justice yet you clamour when your justice system doesn't hang the defendent. If that is the way you want justice served then get rid of it and return to pioneer justice and the linch mobs.

You can't have it both ways.

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 09:23 AM
Yea that describs America .Its not about justice or freedom its about one thing and one thing only here.
i ,,,i,,,,,,i Give it to me NOW .
America has the most consided self centered people on the planet . I want and Its not my problem .
((crime war poverty drug use )) because I say i am not these things it doesnt matter not my problem.
Alest untill people start torching there cars. There kids There stuff then they want to be on CNN and are out raged no one gives a dam for any thing other then there own satasfaction.
Americas dont relize and dont care how follish they look in frount of the whole world (9matter of fact we dont give one thought about your country (unlesss you have something we want AND I pity you if you dont give it to US NOW>
America isnt the most corupt goverment its the most corupt group of people in one are in 70 years.
Heck give Us a good reasion we want something we will rally behind the goverment even if they copyed 44 excatly.

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 09:28 AM
There will be no martial law.


ashkeNAZIs or Nazis learned it alerted people. They will continue to control you with false belief systems, MEMEs and the degradation of your brain through toxins in the environment. You will do it for them against one another.

No mystery how its truly set up.

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