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posted on Jul, 16 2013 @ 08:24 AM
My apologies if there has already been a (similar) thread on this but I haven't seen any nor have I seen much of what I would like to discuss. It's about social control and internet media like Facebook, not so much ATS but things might change for this board as well. I'm not into the social media very much myself, ultimately I see it as writing letters and I think boards such as ATS are better for that. For learning about the world in general I think it's better to have avatars only rather than those accounts tied to a social media site and leave it up to the user to give out details to whoever they would want. Some discussions can be difficult and sensitive and knowing about the other allows for mean spirited attacks.

So I was thinking what if a site like Facebook, or maybe a completely new different site would allow people to register and have questionnaires like one big database of morals and values and in daily life people give eachother points (similar to like and dislike) for how they treat eachother on their mobiles. It's a spinoff but instead of yes or no there's a scale of 1 to 10 and maybe responses from users, all subjects are categorized and in the future might even become an automatic process with voice recognition or even brain scanning devices, much like a mood ring app and people could show eachother to save a lot of conversation so problems might also get solved sooner.

I'm sure many had thought about it, I did a short query on google and the domain had already been registered. But I haven't really seen it like I thought of it and I would want to discuss what peoples opinions are.

As for myself I'm not interested in starting a site which I just described or write an app even though I could. In my case I believe in things which some people might easily misinterpret and it would pose a disadvantage to me if I were ever judged for it so I'm seriously considering emigration in case such an app would become too popular or even enforced by law.

For example, I'm pretty sure questions will arise like believing in God or not and then it would at some day appear if the majority doesn't believe in God and then it would quickly become less popular and maybe even ridiculed as is the fate of most minorities. People will choose those they like for positions with the higher salaries, a shift of classes may even occur when the system would be in place after several decades, if it would then it could happen in just 3 generations. Even countries might review eachothers' questionnaires and databases and give eachother points for what they think is positive or negative.

There might also be questions like 'would you demand others follow what your God says is right'? to which the answer I think might be in my favor but I'm just not sure if those questions will be in there or people will read and consider everything, mainly because I don't see such a site coming from either Church or the government but from the private sector no doubt with flashy looks to appeal to a consumer.

However the questions may be it is going to be a powerful tool and I'm thinking of emigrating when such a site or app is introduced just because I don't want to be a part of the ginny pigs of social engineering of which I'm probably not going to play much part in myself. Either this or the next or after that one would have to name all those unwritten rules and maybe there are surprises in people everybody assumed they would think the same but turned out they didn't it's just nobody never thought of asking because it's consider so normal as standard. And some people might have answers very few have, which they considered standard and thought/expected everyone had.

I expect there to be a special children equivalent, but I'm not a parent, if you are feel free to respond as one.

So what do you believe, is it likely or am I way off and how would or should such a tool look like? Or am I behind again and is there already such a site out there or maybe a good book recommendation (in PDF preferably)? Because it would explain a lot in my personal circumstances, lately everybody appears to have an infallible scoreboard by which they appear to judge eachother in seconds so why not make it something to share now that it is possible to do so due to computers/the internet and compare eachothers points. With the idea behind it being peoples' sense of happiness can become 'more real' because more people are aware of it or even adopt it for themselves being more convincing than what they had.


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