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A Big Thank You

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posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 05:50 PM
After logging into ATS this morning, I realized that today is my 3 year anniversary here on the site.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all the members who contribute high-quality, thought provoking, content, and all the members for the vigorous and challenging debates that arise from it.

Because of this site, and it's membership, I have grown as an individual and have found myself re-evaluating and refining what it is I actually think about this world around us and have found myself better able to articulate that to others, in real life.

Because of you, I've become less emotional and more analytical.
Because of you, my curiosity has been reignited.
Because of you, I'm better informed.

Because of you, I'm a better man.

My hope is that, in the future, I'll be able to contribute in the same ways as those that I admire. Until then.

Thank you.

posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 05:55 PM
Congrats on the 3 year anniversary, that's awesome.

ATS is a rather unique website in that there's a very large collection of just really decent people here, many of which are both intelligent and also extremely helpful. There's certainly not many sites like this out there, none that I can think of that come's even remotely close to us in terms of how close we all are as a whole too. It's a rare place to be I've found, and I for one am very grateful for it's existence. Congrats again and here's to 3 more years.

posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 06:04 PM

i don't believe we may have conversed, or crossed in passing yet still!

posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 06:12 PM
reply to post by Rising Against

Thanks so much.

I agree with everything you've said. ATS seems to be unique unto itself and I, for one, very much appreciate it's existence. I can no longer imagine not participating here on ATS. I think as long as it's active, I'll be a member.

Cheers to you, I applaud your brain and have enjoyed what you've had to say.

posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 07:06 PM
Happy ATS Anniversary!!!! May you find many more years of fascination and fun!

posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 07:32 PM
my anniversary was 2 days ago, I learned to research to confirm things
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posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 08:31 PM
reply to post by slowisfast

I am a big fan of ATS is to 3 more for you.

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