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The Isyeye ATS Anthology - Volume I

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posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 12:15 PM
For the last year and a half as a member of ATS I have written many stories for the Short Stories forum. Earlier, I was looking for a story I had written a long time ago, and realized that finding one story among the many threads I've posted was a little difficult, so I decided to create this thread as a place where all of them can be found.

Some of the stories were written specifically for ATS's writing contest, and others just for fun.

Hopefully, this just the first anthology of many I'll have on ATS. I've greatly enjoyed writing for the Short Stories forum, and for the writing contest, and plan to continue contributing to the ATS Short Stories forum.

Thank you to everyone that has taken time to read, flag, and star the stories I've written here.

Please, Don't Flag This Thread [EWC]

Dialing Death and Dropping Dice [EWC]

The One Man Show [RSWC]

Games of the Dead

Pinky and the Brain's Brain [CLWC]

Holy Hell Batman! What Have You Done?!?! [CLWC]

True Love and the Witch's Wrath [CTPWC]

Where All Path's Lead [CTPWC]

Love Holds Many Colors [CTPWC]

If I Were a Murderer... [CTPWC]

To Dad (He's Dead) [CTPWC]

When [CTPWC]

The Truth About Louisiana (BMHWC]

From the Troll Hunter: You've Been Found [BMHWC]

Brains: It's What's For Dinner [BMHWC]

The Legacy of Dr Frankenstein [BMHWC]

Satan Spawn: The Taco Demon [BMHWC]

Revenge of the Gourds [BMHWC]

Night of the Living Bread [BMHWC]

When the Green Grass Blows [BMHWC]

Today in the History of the Empire [OWWC]

All the Dead Presidents: Passing of the Torch [OWWC]

The Rise of Beezzer the First: King of Carrots [OWWC]

The Coffee Boy's Confession [OWWC]

The Count of the Dead Shall Rise [2014WC]

Today Is a Day [2014WC]

Camp RuiNation [2014WC]

A Thought Told At Twilight [APWC]

The Lowly Life of a Pencil [APWC]

A Warning From Your Mother [APWC]

My Name Is Mike, and I Want To Kill Everyone [APWC]

The Bird and the Brook [APWC]

The Talking Tree and Me [APWC]

An Alien Named George Lives In My Shirt Pocket

An Alien Named George Still Lives In My Shirt Pocket

To Save a Life, And Learn a Lesson [LEWC]

The Beach Beyond the Window

A Drunken Man In a Nameless Land [TFTG]

A Drunken Man In a Nameless Land -- Part II [TFTG]

The Decent to [MAD]ness

A Letter To the Masses [WRC]

The Location of the Time Gate Puzzle [TJWC]

The Road of Life [YWC]

The Darkness and the Light [D&R]

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