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YES! Christ is the ONLY way. I can prove it to you with one word.

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posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 02:01 PM
Excellent read as always enoch.

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 03:38 AM

Originally posted by randyvs
reply to post by SpearMint

I didn't think you'd have the mental capacity to understand

Or perhaps your snide remarks and tongue -in-cheek insults and criticisms, make the point an effort not worth the trouble, my sarcastic and judgemental lil bubble. There's a thought for you to ponder.

By the way, science has destroyed the Bible,

I know this is your fantasy but its hardly the truth.
Now you're just lying to yourself. Very sad.

I guess by your logic that makes them correct as well.

Oh make up my mind will you ? Do I believe there all correct or just mine ?

but I'll go ahead and assume you completely misunderstand that as well.

You maybe right about that. I'll decide later. But what I do understand perfectly well, is you.
Your hate is a product of fear, and I am so done here. As I mentioned you're boring.
And as I am trying hard to remain a gentlemen. You have the last say. You can be sure I'll read it.

edit on 23-7-2013 by randyvs because: (no reason given)

You're asking me what you believe? I don't know, pick any, they're all just as likely to be true. I'll try to explain very clearly what I was saying as it seems to have gone over your head. You said:

"It's completely obvious that as time has past. We remember less and less about our origins.
That's why the Bible existss to this day. And you and your ilk will never supress it, never change
it, never destry it. "

I said there are contradicting texts that explain what you think the Bible explains, some of the came before the Bible, so what you just said applies to all of them. All religious texts are equal. All are just as credible and as likely to be true.


How can you write so much yet say so little? Your post is complete rubbish, you haven't actually addressed anything I've said. It seems as though you've tried to be smart but completely failed by misunderstanding what I've said and replying with nonsense. Just the fact that you can't defend your beliefs has proven me right, that happened ages ago. I'm just probing you for my own amusement to see if there's anything of value to your beliefs and if you have anything intelligent to say on the matter, the answer to both is clearly no. Some religious people are intelligent and can have a discussion that reflects that, you cannot, you're just a product of indoctrination, you're the type that does not think on the matter, but just accepts what they've been taught and rejects anything else. You have no reason to believe what you believe. That is completely useless, it does nothing for the world.

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