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Young Americans Do Realize whats going on to a great degree...

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posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 04:21 AM
Hi Guys and Gals

I just read the thread of Hefficide "There Is Something Intrinsically Wrong With America" and remembered what happenned to me the first time I went to the States with an American friend of mine. So, please bear with me, its a short story.

First time I went to the States was in 2007, as a work and travel student and I went to work in Maine, in Sebasco Harbor resort, near Brunswick. Not a very good choice but that was the best i got, so i went. In the first few days i became friends with an American, called John (so many people with that name that he might as well be totally anonymous
). We naturally liked each other, i dont know why exactly but he was a very smart guy and a redneck too with very good manners - nothing like the rednecks depicted on tv and in comedy, so i have great respect for rednecks now.

Now, to tell you the truth i was quite aware then what the US government was doing around the world, i was aware that the US Dollar was not really a US owned currency but owned by about 10 world banks controlled by certain families (we all know about them now, do we
) , so i was totally burning with desire to talk to some American people about that and see what they think.

So, one day about 2 weeks after i had arrived, John comes with his TRUCK (totally American style with huge tyres, custom made by him for the truck and actually the whole truck was custome made - true redneck, huh
) ) and tells me "Whats up mam? Come, jump in, i wanns show you some Maine
" .So i jumped in, and i really had to jump, and we went into the woods. It was getting dark and we were driving for like 20 miles already (i know, Steven King will get restless at this point, not a good idea to go roaming around the woods in Maine, during the night) . At some point, we were like silent for 1-2 minutes and i decided to start it.

"John, i just need to ask you something!" - I started. " I just don't get it, the whole world knows what America really is (i said America and not the US Government for which i'm sorry now), we know that you guys blew up you own Towers, attacked half the middle east under a ridiculous pretext, so many people thought that WWIII had just been started by America, millions of people are dying in direct relation to US and Nato actions and you guys, as a nation are still pretending that you are the good guys? What the .... ??? " Stupidity made me continue this tirade, one way statement and he was totally silent - " You pretend to be the greatest and most educated country in the world but half of you don't know that Europe is not a country (really, that was the case all too often), not to mention what is the capital of Hungary, for example" - i lashed out. " And not only that you believe this stuff, but your money are totally controlled by the banks which you don't own but they own you guys, and you don't even know that???? What the **** do they teach you in school??!!!! God damn it, do something!!!! ""

At this point, he hit the brakes, i got a little scared cause he was a big guy
, looked at me and said " Listen! I know about all that and more, i know we blew up our own Towers in order to start a war, i know they teach us bullcrap at school and that we are one of the most hated people in much of the world!!! And i'm sorry, ok, I'm sorry!!! What do you want me to do, what the **** do you want me to do???!!! - at this point i saw it in his eyes that he was ashamed, furious and close to starting to cry (really, i couldn't believe it).

I got ashamed too that i had attacked John, who was such a good guy but hadn't done those things himself (maybe being complacent in some way but really, totally not his fault). We sometimes do things too instinctively and do not think in advance too much, for which i'm sorry again.

So, i apologized to him, patted him on the back and said - i will never bring up this subject again my brother, you're a smart guy and you just changed my mind about Americans.....

Really, this day changed my mind about America to some degree, at least about the people. And forums like ATS has further given me hope that there is some light at the end of the tunnel and all we need to do is keep being informed and keep updating our minds about what's really going on. I know that sometimes there are really, so many people on ATS that just try to debunk everything which is not always the most benefitial thing to do but hey - we are here to learn from our mistakes and successes and we are all mirrors of ourselves.

Thank you for reading this, I feel well that i told the story to a greater public.....

Peace be upon you my brothers and sisters, find the strength to forgive.....

posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 04:40 AM
A lot of people from around the world believe what the media teaches them. The next generation will follow in the footsteps of the previous. Kind of like a weird metamorphoses. The average American is a very gullible individual. Those are the words of President Franklin Roosevelt. It would be a smart move to capitalize on them because a lot of people do not care. For some reason they like living in this dark twisted nightmare. I have seen so many people who looked like they could care about life and chose to look and act like trash.

Sorry, but when you grow up in this environment you instantly become street smart. Understanding a lot of people do not care about themselves or others. They don't take responsibility in making their lives happy and wholesome. It's crazy as America has become this freak show that people believe this is the best at what we could have and a good education is not an option.

You can read books about how many communist leaders were anti-intellects. I can agree that figures like Pol Pot were. However, in America even though numerous colleges are proclaimed to be the greatest in the world. It seems Americans could care less about education. Sports are more popular at schools than anything education related. Celebrities ( Even random people and animals) can become more famous and make more money than the average person struggling to get by. It's tough because if you want to go to college you fear the insane bills because you want to better your life. It's insane to think about how a lot of people got it tough in America.

I have a lot of respect for many people. However, I wish everyone; including myself, can make our lives better. It's sad when you see the horrors of reality as many people are suffering for one reason or another. There are a lot of crooked people our there. But we should also take responsibility and dream of success. Together we can do it!

posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 04:45 AM
reply to post by Slevinq

Even thugs know how it truly stacks up these days. What makes me proud is that I don't have to initiate these type conversations.

Here's from '07 in case you're wondering: Link

posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 04:47 AM
reply to post by Slevinq

So, one day about 2 weeks after i had arrived, John comes with his TRUCK (totally American style with huge tyres, custom made by him for the truck and actually the whole truck was custome made - true redneck, huh )

I think if John had punched you during that ride, it would be justified - totally American style justified, but legitimized none the less.

posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 04:48 AM
reply to post by Phoenix267

Thanks for the reply. What you're saying is so true... As i said in my post, i've spent about a year in the US and i ahve great respect for the people, so many are struggling to put up with prices and life as a whole and there are so many enlightened people as well - i've talked to many former hippies, now old people (great people, very free minded) .

I'm just afraid of one thing in particular - when the moment comes, as is with any Great Empire, when it falls, the wrath of the world falls upon it. Unfortunately, the people of the Empire take the brunt of the hit. I hope that when this time comes, the world will be able to forgive and we will be able to positively create a new future and try to forget what happenned in the past. I pray for this often. I put myslef in the place of Americans in particular and try to see how i'd feel if after my country loses its strength it gets destroyed from outside, either economically or militarily. I'd probably feel angry cause i personally haven't done anything bad to the world.... And this brings perpetual hate that remains in the hearts of nations ready to burst at the next opportunity of revenge..

I so much hope this will not happen.....

posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 04:50 AM
reply to post by facelift

Yes, I know, i expected it and it would have been deserved. Totally not my place to come to a country and attack anyone with this, but i was stupid. I wouldn't do that now. At least not in the same way. I could ask some questions to initiate a discussion but not to attack....

Sorry, guys, i apologize again to all of you from America....

posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 04:55 AM
What you see on tv is drastically different from reality.

Americans are ashamed of what has happened to this country. Particularly I blame it all on the baby boomers as they were so against war they turned their children into pansee folk. Afraid to stand up to what they believe in.

No fighting, peace on earth, pretty much let the world run its course.

But what has really happened?

For starters "we" follow alot of trends. Someone is always leading, people think its cool, then all of a sudden everyone does it.

You should have seen the youth when jelly bracelets hit the streets. Or heeleys lol.

But as we said we ARE a force to be reckoned with. But there is so much apathy that we need a leader to start ANYTHING.

There are never riots because everyone is scared to throw the first stone, for fear that no one will follow, thus them being singled out for persecution.

I am jealous of all the protests going on in the rest of the world those protests insight change for the better good.

If americans even had the will imagine what a better world we would live in. A world without governmental fears, a world without being followed by a cop and fear for your safety even though your in the confines of the law.

The media makes us out to be horrible rude people with no intelligence slurping a slushee eating a cheeseburger gaining weight by the minute.

I just wish this once great country would stand up for itself again become that gleaming tower that millions of immigrants fought tooth and nail for.

But thank you for swaying your opinion on us

I really appreciate the post.
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posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 05:02 AM
reply to post by TheLotLizard

I agree with you that it does start with families. I'm not saying a particular group. But all kinds of Americans do not raise their children to be better people. Only a small minority seem to really care about their children's future. It seems people are just born and nature takes its course.

The media is a way people are led by corporations to direct how they live their lives, what they buy, etc. As Lizard mention television doesn't exactly reflect America and Americans. However, a with fads, popularity, etc. People chose to do what they see on television.

I also agree with we need to change here and soon. I fear the country could get worse. Wait! It is getting worse and we do need to change that. I'm not telling people to kill a politician or act stupid. We just need to make life and our communities better.

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