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did the vatican lose control?

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posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 04:35 PM
In my reading up on other matters it came to my attention that if scotland was voted independent the church is a main player in getting a monarch elected.

Monarchs have been traditionally supporters or even rulers of religion over european countries.

With modern technology, theory, human rights and such things progressing rapidly churches found less people visiting and more people questioning or not caring as much.

However the outdated and sometimes redundant rituals and teachings have been hard to cast off.

As monarchs start to get over thrown (France), periods of enlightenment, and the modern world the Church dwindled and became a service or institution (or something else) mainly performing births, deaths, marriages, sermons with no real influence on people's lives or habits anymore. Governments, organisations, money men all become suitors to the thrown.

The church is seemingly at one of its weakest stages but luckily with their doctrines and prophecies they remain a big player. People are scared of the church, people like the church, people believe in the good of the church.

However, many towns upper societies still align with the churches, leaders who have led people away from churches in theory also openly follow church.

I am a believer in the good of the church. Things like morals & warnings should be part of our culture and I see goodness in people coming together to be thankful, to celebrate, to remorse and so on that the church offers. I think church has a bad dogma at present.

I think the new religion will be one that the world agrees has the moral high ground, that lets us believe in something and hope for better.

Possibly the vatican has this ace up its sleeve but its a card that would have to be timed well.

Sometimes I think the west is the product of the church, a child trying to grow up, if they have or not remains to be seen.
In general i think the churches teachings have established the west as the highest standing culture with the most agreed upon morals and so forth. They could retire champions if they trusted us.

posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 08:59 PM
reply to post by guidetube

The Vatican has never lost control, if they had they wouldn't still be in operation. That's their M.O., control, and they've been very good at it for a very long time.


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