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The Heartland Ufo Summit

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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 10:22 PM
I have something very cool for you saucerers, if you want to make the time and effort. In my state Illinois, my MUFON State Director (Maranto) is throwing a 3 day conclave with famous (or,..infamous) Names as the Stars of the 'show'. ( Dolan and Schmitt )
It was at first going to be located only about 40 miles from me, and I was actually going to register to attend,
( for the first time in -many- -years- ) (the last local ufo conference I went to was back in 1995 or 96) and then one day it was changed to --much-- farther away from me, (see I don't have trans and will not burden my 'ride' for something beyond over 50 miles away) ("ride" being Olde Momsy) (so it must be not meant by God, hehe,...)
And if you deign to appear, you'l have 3 whole long months to plan for it, as the doings aren't until the end of October, this year.
Merely see ( www ) (dot) (yep, it's called 'mymufon', all one word.) and splash, all you need is right there in front of your eyes, no scrolling and stuff.
Maybe next time they throw it in that other place closer to Mua, I'll go for the "ol college try" again, God willing and the mighty Mississipi don't rise,......etc, (From the New Madrid 11 megaquake, etc,) (Causing the US Navy future map,)
(Sorry,.... get'n silly and carried away,... metaphorically,)

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 11:09 PM
Can't make it myself---the ride would be a lot longer than 50 for me! Always wishing you the best, misschareesee.

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