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our Spelled Universe, Procession and Zodiac [ Luna and real Moon IV]

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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 04:29 PM
…allright guys

What you are about to read… will stretch Your consciousness to the very limits ; please follow me to the end with this - i am not speculating in the wild, but would like to present You a logical, understandable and, for all, *possible* version of the reason for our universe ; and I need your help to check the line of thought, and every step…. okay ?

Abstract: making a case for the milky Way being the Outer Ring of our universe ; that Canis Major was the galactic equator before Orion became that ; how the Precession is a construct, holding us imprisoned, and more – using sources as the Tibetan Stanzas of Dzyan, the Pyramid Texts Spells, the Bible, and others

Goal : to GET US OUT !

..this aint “my” project…but OURS ! So Think, Add, Refute the Steps in this thread : but understand, that what is happening here, is that we are imprisoning ourselves, because we have the *wrong* idea about this universe ! Not only is the false Torus around Earth a prison: but that prison is held in check by the false projection of our present universe !

It is a consciousness thing - we are teached to look at a certain way at our universe: but that one is mént to keep us imprisoning ourselves by accepting that concept ! And mostly: we hold eachóther imprisoned – and that Spell will only Break, when a Number of us will start to think the same way about the present Lie conducted upon us.


I cannot supply you with a coffee ; that is something you d have to get yourself ;
But if you enjoy, here s a vid you can play while you work through this thread –
It has a nice flow, and I have found that a flow can support the mind pondering
*grin* you see that I do anything to make you get comfortable reading all below… - but serious : yes I feel the topic is that important [ sonnentanz = sundance ]

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 04:44 PM
[cont ]

---- the Milky Way as outer Ring of the Gyroscope ---

for a larger pic see external link:

We are being told, that “Earth is somewhere in one of the arms of our milky way galaxy”, right. How They ‘deducted’ that concept..? Because they ve looked to other galaxies – far, far away – and created that model upon óur solarsystem. In their own Mind. The model is represented as Idea in the Mind. But you can see clearly, that the milky way is a Ring, standing upright but about 30 degrees Off, right ?

Never has any probe even left our solarsystem – at least not yet. So what the Priests of Science sell us, is a hypothetical concept : and they sustain that concept with other hypothesis, creating a circle argumentation. For this very reason, it is POSSIBLE that the concept of “the Milky way being the outer Ring of our universe”, can be, minimal, the same valuable – true ?

In fact – there are indications that the Ring concept makes more sense as the ‘part of just another galaxy assumption’ . We know our reality is made up out of Fractals: an atom, with its nucleus as centre, and electron-energies spinning around the nucleus. Why would the Universe have a Different construct…? That makes no sense, at all…

--- Earths ancient Equator ---

Jim Alison has come up with valid points about Earth once having an equator, 30 degrees off our current pole. [external link: ] , in the link you can see how the alignment of places as Easter Island, Gizeh and the Indus valley are remarquably close. Apart from that, the above pic you will recognize as the find of Klaus Dona, imprinted into a boulder. Yes I know – perhaps Dona has some agenda…and Alisons work may be speculative… but whát is with this constant approx. “30 degrees”..? and whý the Milky Way Ring is Off about 30 degrees ?

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 04:52 PM

--- Celestial Equator and Precession ---

The HighPriests of science will tell you, that the Earth has a 26000 year Precession – but they fail explaining why. They tell you, that “Earth wobbles, spins like a top” , pointing its northpole in a circle around the Celestial Pole, which is true – but they can not find a reason as to whý Earth would “wobble” like that.

Please look at the milky way Ring – and see, that Earth is in the exact centre – with Orion at the 0 equator. Now would it be really that Impossible to assume, that the Outer Ring is functioning as a magnetic construct; holding the Earth in her midst..? Remember those toy devices, that can hold and spin a miniature Earth inbetween two electromagnetic poles..?

Now please look at the chart again –
What if…. once…. the Milky Way outer Ring was standing 90 degrees straight UP..?
Is that impossible ?

Imagine the ring standing straight up… pointing with its celestial axis to a point within the Draco constellation… - the Cats Eye Nebula to be exact - tilting 30 degrees…. and the Earths ancient equator tilting 30 degrees WITH her….

Could it be….that, once, Canis Major was the Hinge ? The 0 celestial Equator ? And that, after the Ring tilted 30 degrees… Orion became the nem 0 degree Hinge..? Please look at the chart : if you imagine the Ring standing up… then Canis Major IS within 30 degrees of Orion !

---- the Opening of the Mouth ceremony and Book of Gates ---

Whý the pyramids, as Hinge, as “mooring-post” [ meaning: anchor, in the Pyramid texts] were pointing to Orion, as well as to Sirius – Canis Major..? We know that Horus is called “Horus of the two horizons”… - what horizons ? Couldn’t that refer to “two celestial equators”? one of a time passed by: and a current one..?

We ve seen in the preceeding parts, that Evil needs a legal step-down ; lets formulate that as “ Evils every next move, every next Lie, needs to have a link with the former”. Otherwise its not Legal – spiritually. I am sorry I cannot find a picture back – perhaps you can help please - but the Sphinx is, seen from above, looking exactly like a JACKALL….. with big round nose…and protruding ears… - This is the Legal connection to Sirius [ Canis Major, the Dog star] : once she was Earths 0 celestial equator… and set in Stone, as Sphinx ; implying, that her Overall nature was the Dog [ Evil ] .. yet showing herself into 4 different aspects. This is the reason, the Sphinx is connected into the geometric area of the Gizeh pyramids : to continue the legal link to the néw Hinge : Orion.

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 05:09 PM

so…could we find proof in the ancient texts ?

Please remember: the universe is represented by Gods Male and Female – Adam and Eve
….you may find that thought appalling – because you d need to hypothize God exists - but I tell you: you only hurt and confuse yourself, if you DON’T. Because every other text – be it Rigveda, Egyptian Spells, Tibetan stanzas, Sumerian epics : they *only* make sense, when interpreted from His point of vieuw. Please let me show you an example –

‘the Ritual of Opening of the Mouth : the Stargate in the North ‘

The ritual of opening the mouth was an obscure, ancient Egyptian concept; supposedly to “let the deceased have life after death”. I ve struggled long to grasp what it was really about [ and made many mistakes] , simply cause I failed to see the Massive concept behind it.

Key is here, to understand, that “the Earth is represented by Female – and the Universe by Male “. If you please remember part 1, where Marduk “destroyed Tiamat by breathing an evil tornado into her “, what he is telling you here, is “precession”!

The “point within the circle” is the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for “centre”. But not by accident: because it represents the Precession - just like stPeters square – the obelisk inside the circle - represents the Precession. The obelisk is the Djed pillar; the axis toward the TRUE celestial north pole : which is the Cats eye Nebula in Draco. That God showed Jacob “the ladder to Heaven, with angels ascending and descending”, was merely to Undo evils constructs [ like all He did and does, is to Undo them ]



that the opening of the mouth ceremony, was about “symbolically breaking open the deceased mouth with a copper chisel “ . That completely makes no sense, at all. ECXEPT – if what was depicted here, is the “ tilting of the Milky Way 30 degrees” ! You see ? Imagine the celestial North as the source of energy - and the Earth as “lungs” [ or heart ] , and the opening of the mouth represents “ the DISalignment of original Creation”; where the original Ring, standing 90 degrees Upright, has tilted 30 degrees - forming a “beak” towards the celestial North..

a Mouth

having caused the Precession

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 05:20 PM

….does this all make sense ?

In the opening of the mouth ceremony, certain sticks were used, touching the mouth of the mummy. One was a stick of wood in the form of a snake : the Holly-wood [ yes you read that correct ] , the next was the Adze ; a “copper chisel “ ; “ brought by Set from the stars”. [ remember: Set is the Egyptian evil deformation of Adam] . Why a chisel ? cant it be, because the chisel represented “breaking apart the milky way, from its original 90 degree position, to this tilted 30 degrees one “?

“distorting the order of Creation by that “?
And creating a new, falce centre of Rule ? in the Cats Eye Nebula ?

Moreover –
In the Book of Gates, the Egyptian Spells that re-fabricate Earths reality, Ra is “the Cat”, called “Mau”, or Mauti ; and he protects the Gate of the 11th hour ; the hour just before Dawn. Would you be surprised, that the constellation Cats Nebula is in Draco – exactly sitting in the CENTRE of the precessional cycle..?

cat eye nebula within draco constellation
- the virtual centre of the celestial north

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 05:36 PM
[ cont[

how come, that the vedic yoga tells us about 'three locks'?
one at the root-one at the heart- and one at the brow?

why does my Lord show a sign in heaven:
a woman, with the [false Luna moon] at her feet ;
clothed with the inner earth sun,
and a crown of 12 stars - the false Zodiac ?

the difference between the two is:
the yoga rigveda has succumbed to evils FALSE universe
while the woman represents the conquering of Evils presnt spelled universe

....does that make sense please...?

The Spells curse every soul, who “closes their mouth” [ curses Set, aka those who believe in God] . Why ? Because they restore the Original order of Creation: that is, to have the celestial Axis point to the True Celestial North again – and not Off, as how Evil has re-created this world and universe.

Trust me – ive spent much time plowing through sites as [ external link] , I respect him very much - but I feel its but More of the Same ; he lives in, and accepts a different Consciousness – Evils - and therefore obtains completely different results.

‘stretching the chord, and Plumbline ‘

Why would the concept of Plumbline be so important – as well in Ezekiel, as in Thots case, or his feminine side “seshat”? Seshat holds the plumbline, meaning Evil knows the real axis - but is on purpose Deviating souls from that knowing. seshat has “two inverted cows horns, covering a 7 leaves”, meaning, she guards our False Torus around Earth, which is fed by the 7 Rays. That the Gizeh pyramid was “constructed to the present North” doesn’t mean a thing: it was but constructed like that, ahead of Time, to change OUR consciousness, today. And that Consciousness is constantly Murdered: see the murdering of Ursa Minor by Horus in senmuths tomb star ceiling.

Also the “four sons of Horus”, the 4 pillars of the Galactic Cross, “who help to ascend the King”, have to relate to the Milky Way Ring standing erect - the entire context shóuts that.

Remember Marduk – and his “blowing the evil wind into Tiamat”; doesn’t that sound like “breaking open the angle of the milky way [ with the starry chisel] , tilting it 30 degrees, imagine the 90 degree angle next to the 30 degree, indeed forming a “beak”, so that the evil wind had a “mouth” to can Spell the Earth [ the lungs, the heart] with..?

- If you imagine the universe as representing the human template..?

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 05:46 PM
Senemuts Tomb again – the ceiling star map –

You see the Axis standing upright, but NOT pointing to the true celestial North,
But to Ursa Minor – the foreleg, Meskhetiu

….the constellation Draco [ with its centre, the Cats Eye nebula] is represented as a Hippo, with a crocodile clinging to its back. This is a Devious inverse: since it is *Evil* who is piggybacking [ upon Creation] , not inverse ? The crocodile is a Set-animal, meaning, Evils depiction of that which is God’s [ like Evil made Apophis to be a snake – but Apophis was Gods Spirit ; just as Set was Evils deformation of Adam ; Nephytys Evils deformation of Eve, and so on]

Point here, is that the Cats eye, which as we saw Ra claimed, is the True North, and therefore Spiritual Energy. But Evil draws from that energy, like using a battery – and then misusing that for her ówn version. Now haven’t we seen that before ? by Rodins Torus ? Doesn’t he use the golden point, as power to can make another round in his VW concept…? Stealing Energy : to create a FALSE reality from that..?

This is so, so typical for Evil….and you need to understand the hippo with the crocodile parasyting on its back….as depicting exactly the Inverse of what is going on… - besides, the hippo “holds a rope to ursa minor”… meaning: the hippo is in charge - the hippo being the real Eye [ universal Consciousness]

--- Henoch and Marduk ---

…remember how Marduk [ in part I] told proud that he “installed the zodiac”? Could that mean that the current zodiac came because Orion became the 0 celestial equator ? Marduk ofcourse didn’t “install nothing”- he just Ruled the new situation… still pondering Henochs travels – he describes a “ a garden, supplied by water by a winding watercourse” in the area of perhaps present Afghanistan…. winding watercourse referring, without doubt, to the angle of the Milky way. Also the Spells talk often about the Winding Watercourse – indicating some border, where “Set threw the Eye into the east” - now Henoch tells how “the garden of Eden was beyond the Erythrean Sea”[ which is between Africa and India] . Perhaps “Lemuria”, often considered to be in the Indonesian area, was Eden once..? Henoch calls the East as being “the Face of Heaven”… while the Spells say that “the Eye [ which is Rule] was thrown into the East by Set [ adam] “…

There is a mountain – Gods Summit - in Henoch, which is located, say, in the earea of present Iraq… while further to the East is that winding watercourse garden… Could this imply, that the real Axis of Earth… is pointing to the true celestial North ? …and the winding watercourse, further to East, implies that the Milky Way Ring is “Off”?... this d be the next thing to look into…

---- closing ----

I forgot so much to mention; its all most incomplete

Feel free to add, shoot, or please confirm

Its an ongoing thing….you see…

But if I told you, that I feel distinctively, that our own Crown [ chakra] is Spelled; that she sees this false universe, as how Evil wants us to see it; causing our eyes to see what we see… and THAT is the reason we are imprisoned….would that make sense ?

That we let ourselves to bé imprisoned…by our own consciousness ?

- I wanted to include the Tibetan Stanzas of Dzyan… amazing verses about the creation and downfall of the Universe.. “rotating Wheels.. the Larger one [ the milky way] …rotating causing the smaller ones… and finally the “7 smaller wheels”[ the chakras] … but I feel I d ruin all of the above, by including not-enough-verifyable-sources… - im sorry.

Thank you Very Much for reading

And for Your time

Ashamed before my Lovely Head – Lone – 12th july

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 05:51 PM
...the "eye of Sauron...enclosed inside a Ring..."

and millions of souls watching that movie

because that is how the spiritual world operates

stealing consent
indifferent whether the soul realizes what he watches or not

....precession......the real Eye....

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 05:57 PM
thank you,
each one,
who took the trouble wading through the thread

...i promise You,
that i have a Goal

which concerns us all

its about a Treshold
a treshold defeating the Grigorii
those, who imprison our subconsciousness

i know what i fight
and why
- thank you for joining.


posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 06:18 PM
oh my

now you sée hów complicated it is..?

this dog Sphinx
that so called lion
which is the Dog
the Devourer

it was not starting the "Gizah clock"..?

it was devised to change and step up consciousness
to where we are, today
a totally False consciousness
stepping it up in parts

all those...who so proudly present their sphinx gizeh clock idea...
are destroying us

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 06:33 PM

Thank-you, very nice thread.

I have always been drawn to the Cat's Eye Nebula for some reason or another. Never new why, just know that it is such a beautiful Nebula to look at and ponder at its beauty.

Have a Great Night and thank-you, again.

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 06:46 PM

Originally posted by DooDer

Thank-you, very nice thread.

I have always been drawn to the Cat's Eye Nebula for some reason or another. Never new why, just know that it is such a beautiful Nebula to look at and ponder at its beauty.

Have a Great Night and thank-you, again.

help us honey

just by pondering it could be true

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 07:13 PM
[i cant pull up the pic no more on this old machine]

but sidereal Leo is from 16 aug - 15 sept
Off the record - channelings call it the lions gate

all i care about, is to get Regulus - the sceptre
from between its paws - see Genesis 49

sceptre = Rule

before osiris gets it

after Leo comes Virgo
and i want to see her "with the moon, Luna, at her feet
clothed with the sun
and 12 stars as her crown"

..between 16spt and 15 oct

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 07:47 PM
reply to post by Lone12

Hi lone12

I have been following a train of thought from how laws, words and beliefs create a matrix trapping souls. Another member pointed your threads out to me and suggested there was a synch of sorts with where we were both heading.

We do appear to have some common ground in our theories. The diference is where the cage is, ie, out there or in here, or both....

I will read your other threads tomorrow, to see if they also help me make more sense of what I have posted.

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posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 05:16 AM
There is a interesting parallel to this theory in the legend of King Arthur, merlin, and the sword/words in the stone. I'll be trying to put it together when I have time, and will link it here also.

Great work. I'm feeling/seeing it.


posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 08:11 AM
reply to post by Lone12

I think it's not a prison. I think it's a school. And like a cosmic womb. It creates gods, enlightened beings.

I also think that different people are given different ways to understand all this - ways that fit their psychological type and temperament and spiritual level.

Your way is interesting and I hope it works out for you.

It wouldn't work for me. Maybe that's the meaning of the saying,

“If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.”

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posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by DooDer

Hey just a thought, the picture you posted only shows a small part top half, but it seems to look a lot like the most recent crop circle. I guess I need to do some research on it

posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 02:01 PM
there is an interesting article at viewzone that says...

This same sense of shock came as scientists announced that the Sun, the Moon, our planet and its siblings, were not born into the familiar band of stars known as the Milky Way galaxy, but we actually belong to a strange formation with the unfamiliar name of the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy!
the theory is that the milky way galaxy likes to eat smaller galaxys and that our earth is from another galaxy that is currently being consumed.
i am not posting this to debunk your observations, but to give you more to think about relating to your theory. (like you need it

maybe the pyramids were built to deal with this change in alignment?

posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by Lone12

What you are talking about here sounds like Astrology, natal charts and Numerology. Some amazing information might just surprise you when you take the time to research your own charts and numbers. The universe is mathematic in all nature, numbers rule as you can see by the way the Masons and other secret clubs are into numbers and planetary placements.......Sacred Geometry

posted on Jul, 14 2013 @ 03:55 PM
sun 14

- i owe you guys an apology
i really try understand whát is going on; but each time ive fought to get a thread put on, i fall in a black day.

..all i can say: that this topic isnt about 'just a hobby in speculating '
but may HOLD water -
therefore i wasnt surprised to find this one -

..the story behind this, its a chinese girl, having uploaded daily "visions which shé thinks are from God", and she sincerely thinks so - but she s sincerely deceived [ ext link 'nicole poon picasaweb ']
Ive been following the girl 3 years now, and often her pics show the topic at hand. You see that its the Eye, in the Taurus sign - remember, Osiris is the Bull - and this drawing was received when the first thread of these 4 was put on. may say 'oh coincidence ' [ if not "nonsense"...grin ]
okay -

text 'the melting of the golden ring ' , dated 7-7

...Ring eh ?... precession...
do understand, that these are Evils versions: therefore, the '5 black figures ' are the 5 virgins,
' illegally taking hold of the procession ring '

More "coincidence", if you cant trust my discernment:
google logo 15 july [tomorrow ] :


....Rembrandt was a biblical painter,
very much interested in the truths of the old testament,
and since asterdam got a influx of sephardic people, he got interested in hebrew old-israel
[ that rembrandt didnt see so well the difference between Judahites - the réal , rightful heir of Juda - and other groups who but "posed as jews", is sad but forgivable ]

..Rembrandts famous etch was "the lion"
surely inspired by the [ false exegation of ] the Lord being the lion of juda
- but which we saw in part II is the egyptian sphinx

so what we have....lion....juda...lions gate....sidereal Leo, starting soon...

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