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Big blast rocks mosque in Tipton, England

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posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 11:16 PM
reply to post by Corruption Exposed

That is interestingly right on top of the reports of Israel attacking Syria. These are partial interest, for profit corporations, who are using the cia/mi6/nsa/fbi/mossad, and all their other in-house agents to trigger a war.
It is the Vatican who owns the company store now, and the new pope was involved in the missle crisis. Thatcher 'died' within a short time of his arrival as pope.
People have had their history altered. The 'secret society' speech of JFK: the "monolithic" group who "opposes mankind"..I had that history.
The "monolithic group" is called the incorporated "COVENS of AZAZEL", which are defined as the "PAPAL, ROYAL, & FEDERAL" COVENS of SELENE; whose saxon name was Queen Elizabeth 1. It was written "In Every Land and Every Language the Conquering Children of SET were Given a Name"
SET is his egyptian coven name. "the Leviathan Class Serpent of the Abyss who invaded Eden". In Sumeria he was called "An", and in his own Arc he was called "Lord Abyth Sol(saul) and the Hebrew COVEN called him "Sol-o-mon" the Wise Serpent.
The C.A. controls all the Covens, that includes the Is-Ra-El coven and mossad, They created all covens which they renamed 'religions'. And the first one being Coven Wicca created by 'Azazel' which was one of the coven names of Alexander Helios, as well as the all the other religious books Core-An and To-Ra, they created the By-B(a)-El. Budha is the Li and Hu families, which are the 13th Tribe.

They oppose mankind in the "War in Heaven" and this is a real war, which you are witnessing the end of. They religiousized it and hid the information. By making it a mystery, they were able to hide the truth.
That 'pinecone thing' is called the Arc. The large statue of it in front of the Vatican was called the Arc of COVEN ANT.
They are the origin of the Mafia which means 'family' and Vatikan is 'Vater I Kin' which is 'Father of the Kin'. When I was growing up, it was known that the Illuminati was run by the Vatican because of the El who they 'made god'. Their name in babylon was 'illu/illi or illumi' and these were called "Lilith's(QE1) Shining Ones". If you want to see a fine piece of propaganda about them watch "The Host". They enter on the 33rd degree line, are known as both 'alien' and 'demon' for the reason of their place of Origin, which is Mercury. Which is the Abyss, negative space ruled by the Sith whom Set conquered. The Vector symbol is the Sigil of the Sith Lords.
The COVEN FREEMASON, which Alexander created in Babylon under the COVEN Name "Massawa the Great Architech" is run by QE3. It was passed down. QE1 was married to Alexander first, and when the uprising in babylon occured he was killed & Caesar was sent in to quell it. Ceasar is a Coven Title that Alexander created as "Baphomet". C.A. is coven azazel, e is had/out of, sar is tzar and means Master. Caesars saxon name was (mad king) George. He married his fraternal twin next, and it was George and Elizabeth who were the 'Incestuous twins". The QE1 painting is now bleeding through and you can see her posed with the asp, as her egyptian coven name was 'ISIS' and george was "Osiris" and the hebrew called him "Ba-el, king of Hell'.
When he was killed she married their 6 toed son, to keep the Hebrew custom of a COVEN DIARCHY. And the whole world went up in flames.
QE is Queen of the Moloch, the sumerian speaking owl of the "Forth Kind" movie. She is the 'it' the incarnate, for "Lilith" Inanna.
As a reward, they were promoted. Selene became Magda-lene and Horus became Jesus. It was custom to change the name to reflect promotion. George became 'St. Peter' and his jupiter statue was moved to the vatican. Azazel became Archangel Michael.
They created the large company store system that is represented by the "147 corporations.." that rule the world. Each branch created, is a for profit, partial interest corporation that ties directly to the Vatican, and QE. And that includes China. This makes it look like 'china' is fighting 'america' and 'israel' is fighting 'syria'. In truth, it is set up from the top, and the followers have no idea they are played off against each other. For profit.

posted on Jul, 14 2013 @ 05:10 AM
reply to post by YellowRoseTx51

And all this, ummmm.... *information* is linked to a nail bomb going off in what way ?

posted on Jul, 14 2013 @ 11:26 PM

Originally posted by bastion
Not really, claiming the lunatics who murdered Lee Rigby are an accurate portrayal of British Muslims is the same as me claiming the Westborough Baptist Church are an accurate portrayal of US Christians, they're both lunatic groups that have absolutely nothing in common with the rest of the population, thankfully.

edit on 13-7-2013 by bastion because: (no reason given)

The difference between the two groups should be glaring, as I have yet to see Westboro murder in the name of god.

However had you compared 11th-12th century Christianity to islam I would be inclined to agree with you.

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