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Edward Snowden to meet Amnesty and Human Rights Watch at Moscow airport

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posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 12:28 PM
Whereas I think Snowden is a hero for his whistleblowing, the problem with Amnesty International is that they are just a self-appointed group of leftists who think they should call the shots according to their ideals. Note that they believe the whole world should abolish the death penalty. That is part of the leftist group-think that no human deserves to have the death penalty as a just sentence for some of the most heinous crimes against humanity, and yet they claim to be for justice. So Saddam Hussein in their mind should not have received the death penalty for crimes of gassing his own people but George Bush Sr should be tried for war crimes for having tried to stop terrorism.
In other words, they are the self-appointed judges who think that their world view is more just than everyone else's.
In my view, defending Snowden is not enough for me to value them as a group.
With all due respect:

Communist Sympathies of Amnesty International
In his 1980 book “Inquest on an Organization Above all Suspicion: Amnesty International,” French journalist Hughes Keraly exposed the truth regarding a left-wing bias that has always swirled around Amnesty International.
His exposure of communist infiltration, while no surprise, is sad given that Amnesty has, indeed, done significant work in exposing human rights abuses around the world.
Unfortunately, their work appears to have been tainted by an agenda that magnifies and in some cases manufactures the abuses of freedom-oriented regimes while minimizing and ignoring the abuses of the regimes of the totalitarian left.
This is instructive regarding the danger of placing monitoring responsibilities into the hands of a so-called “Non-Governmental Organization” (NGO) like Amnesty International, which affiliates with the United Nations.
This affiliation, in effect, grants this un-elected and un-accountable bureaucracy an appearance of authority and legality.

Keraly, a sympathizer of Amnesty International at the time, went to Chile in 1979 to search for 10 men whom Amnesty had reported as having disappeared as a result of their opposition to the government of Gen. Agusto Pinochet.
To his astonishment, Keraly found all 10 men living openly and unmolested.
It is interesting to note that Amnesty had previously failed to investigate the activities of the Stalinist Allende regime, one of the most brutal in Latin American history.
Instead, Amnesty engaged in an unrelenting 20 year propaganda campaign against Pinochet, while he was struggling to restore democracy and prosperity to his grateful nation and while he defended his people against communist trained, armed, and supported militias as well as an influx of communist agitators from all over the world.

After making this startling discovery, Keraly proceeded to investigate Amnesty International headquarters in London where he discovered that Amnesty director Derek Roebuck was an active Communist.
In his study of thousands of files, he discovered such things as terrorists, working with Ugandan dictator Idi Amin listed as “victims of political oppression.”
At the same time, Amnesty had done nothing to investigate the torture and concentration camps of the Soviet Union, Cambodia, or Cuba.

Amnesty International born 1961

I don't believe their motive is really to protect innocents, but to defend communist insurgency wherever it dwells. In this case it is more likely an interest in taking down the mighty USA.
But of course I could be wrong.
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posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 12:52 PM
well, well isn't this sweet

World leaders must reject an aid-based model of development and instead pursue an approach that puts human rights and justice at its core, 18 non-governmental organizations urged ahead of a High-Level Panel report to the UN on the future of sustainable development.

The call from Amnesty International, the Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR), the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID), and 15 other organizations worldwide comes as a high-level panel of experts reviews the final draft of a report it will submit to the UN Secretary General at the end of May, laying the groundwork for action once the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expire in 2015.

Any new model must ensure that people are empowered and enabled to hold their governments and other entities to account for their conduct when human rights are ignored or abused, the organizations said.

Right from their very own website.
They are a function of the Globalist Agenda 21 as an NGO involved in setting up the apparatus of Global Governance with a "Sustainable Growth and Development" agenda and posturing as the World Police for human rights.

posted on Jul, 13 2013 @ 06:19 PM
It was my understanding that it was fairly common knowledge that NGO's like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International were conduits of the CIA. Which makes the meeting with Edward Snowden rather bizarre. I can't believe he would not be unaware of their affiliations.

I hope this guy is a good chess player. I suspect America is going to go after him harder than they went after Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden at least had his uses as the Boogeyman head of "World Terrorism". He was something you could scare the children with. Snowden is a massive liability that the US establishment want out of the picture immediately. Sadly, I would be amazed if he is alive and at liberty by the end of the year.

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