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Fans of Electronic music: Check out Stephen Poiss

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posted on Jul, 11 2013 @ 08:43 PM
I basically just want to plug this guys music for anyone that likes electronic music (in any form). Stephen Poiss is the mastermind behind Mind.In.A.Box (one of my all time favorite electronic bands) and THYX (his solo project). Based out of Austria, Poiss is a former video game developer (audio) and decided to refine his craft in a more personal way by exploring music as his primary focus.

I first heard on one of my favorite internet radio stations in 2008:

Fans of industrial/EBM music may already be familiar with both digital gunfire and Poiss. Those who aren't, well... All I can say is if you have an appreciation for electronic music, you should do yourself a favor and listen to If you can dig MIAB, check out THYX as well. I love what this guy does with electronic music. He's a freakin Maestro


MIAB "Control" (Probably my favorite MIAB track):

MIAB "Fear" (Disregard cheesy video):

MIAB "Whatever mattered" live cut:

THYX "roses":

THYX "Network of Light (Cutoff remix)" :

THYX "Hate":

Edit to add... I had to throw in Mind.In.A.Box "8 bits" for the ridiculously awesome nerdy video/song:

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