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The Language of Vampyr

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posted on May, 2 2014 @ 04:21 PM

originally posted by: isbovesobelow
Doubt they would reveal their employer?

You seemed to have missed my point. You just listed all of these things that they are alledgedly capable of that are far and away more advanced technologies than most humans even know exist outside of science-fiction, and yet they couldn't have had their servers hosted elsewhere? And Google is a massive company with many tools for developers, including website and email hosting, using them doesn't make you an employee, though it shows an IP associated with Google because your data resides on one of their servers. I'm simply saying that I don't buy that at face value considering their level of intellect and alledged technical prowess. It seems like a foolish oversight, and potentially intentional to distract someone looking to draw lines all over the place.
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posted on May, 2 2014 @ 04:44 PM

originally posted by: lostgirl
Here's something that I find more than a bit creepy...

Very interesting..It does seem like they either have access to secret or classified information or these are their own hypotheses on what happened. If you follow one link in the bibliography you find another curious link to cloaking technology that goes much more into detail:

The Semiotics of the Negative Index of Refraction: Metamaterials and unexpected visitors

using the concepts of metamaterials and transformation optics, they theoretically designed an electromagnetic cloak, which would render a given volume ‘invisible’ to electromagnetic waves...

They go on to talk about it in much more detail in that link. From many more of their links it seems commonplace to make tests on unsuspecting civilians, like the induced UFO experiences on planes and the Paradigm shifter vehicle on people in Phoenix.

posted on May, 6 2014 @ 01:00 PM

originally posted by: HackedAlias

originally posted by: isbovesobelow
Doubt they would reveal their employer?

You seemed to have missed my point. You just listed all of these things that they are alledgedly capable of that are far and away more advanced technologies than most humans even know exist outside of science-fiction, and yet they couldn't have had their servers hosted elsewhere? And Google is a massive company with many tools for developers, including website and email hosting, using them doesn't make you an employee, though it shows an IP associated with Google because your data resides on one of their servers. I'm simply saying that I don't buy that at face value considering their level of intellect and alledged technical prowess. It seems like a foolish oversight, and potentially intentional to distract someone looking to draw lines all over the place.

I presented an argument that shows these guys leave electronic footprints that lead me to believe they are working for Google or contracted by Google. Google's motto is don't be evil and is a multinational corporation and has the kind of funding needed to hire people like this. If google and the Cia both invest at the same time in electronic spying software, why is this such a stretch to believe? All of FL's sites link to google IP addresses, they each have google blogger accounts, when I click on FL's site, loads in the corner of my computer while it populates the FL page. Who I believe is the Administrator, Karadne, uses picsaweb (google site)

"I'm simply saying that I don't buy that at face value considering their level of intellect and alledged technical prowess. It seems like a foolish oversight, and potentially intentional to distract someone looking to draw lines all over the place."

I understand what you are saying, but I am bothered that you think I am intentionally trying to distract people from connecting all the dots. I spent some time looking into this thread while it was dead for a few weeks and read, sorted thru, and decided to embark on my own journey to find out just what the hell this site is about. After hours of reading and searching, I noticed many similarities in the types of websites/software FL has their name on and found out it was all owned by google. (except nodespaces of course) How exactly is it foolish oversight? Is it because you drew different connections? One of their member's profile, on google plus, was screengrabbed as working for the government, so i used recordedfuture software as an example that google has worked and continues to work with government. Crony capitalism, anyone? I'd love to proven wrong and will thank anyone who refutes my findings with more compelling evidence. I'd love nothing more than to find better connections linking me to something besides what I have found. But, don't just say I am wrong, just to say so, show me why I am wrong.

Do I think this type of technology FL speaks about is real? Absolutely. But I think they are just crunching this type of data. Not actually flying deltoid PSV's around stimulate spiritual warfare or shutdown Chinese military bases with electromagnetic orb weapons. I found this thread from another site I used to lurk mentioning FL. Here it is and ATS even gets a compliment in it.

Interesting link I found, a administrator creates a post mentioning FL as "written sources of dead languages"

A recent posting under defense tab-
Sonodynamic Weapons
Sonochemically induced altered states of consciousness

Passengers were secretly administered the drug, as well as two members of the crew. After activation of the sonochemical device, passengers as well as the targeted crew members of the airliner reported a "silver sphere", as intended.

The incident started when the pilot of an Air Force C-54 transport radioed the AFB and said that a large fireball had buzzed his airplane. It had come in from behind the C-54, and nobody had seen it until it was just off the left wing. The fireball was so big that the pilot said it looked as if it was only a few hundred feet away.

That multiple witnesses reported seeing the orbs, except for two individuals, clearly proves the validity of the sonodynamic weapon system. For what concerns the two neutral individuals, our preliminary conclusion is that either their physiology prevented somehow the sonochemical activation of the administered drug, or the drug was chemically degraded by unknown biological processes.

The RAF Woodbridge test clearly proved that the technology was mature enough for deployment.

Witnesses sometimes make conflicting statements to different investigators. Honest men can and may reach different conclusions based on identical evidence. Whether they are ignorant of the fact that the evidence was sonochemically induced, and it exists only in their brains, is not our problem: it is our force multiplier.

FL-140912 Joint Human Exobiological Defense Program, JHEDP/45. 2012.

FL-030213 Joint Human Exobiological Defense Program, JHEDP/43. 2013.

FL-300114 Joint Human Exobiological Defense Program, JHEDP/05. 2014.

Good to see a citation from the joint human exobiological defense program from 2014. Whew... What a relief, the aliens are still here, hooking up shadow governments with techniques on how to further enslave their people.

posted on May, 6 2014 @ 04:04 PM

originally posted by: isbovesobelow

I was meaning it would be a foolish oversight on their part to let such obvious information leading to their funding or employer be found. I was not meaning to call you foolish, or accuse you of distracting from the topic at all. Earlier in the thread we saw that they can make people become a distraction from the main point just by pointing fingers or leaving enough behind to go down a different path or making someone think they were part of their group.

I don't think you're wrong btw, I just haven't seen enough evidence to say it's google outside of them using openly available tools from Google. Which remember if they are using a service hosted by Google, you are going to see Google all over it on the backend because they are going to have to connect to their datacenters to access their data that's hosted there.

As interesting as the site is, it doesn't provide much more than breadcrumbs that we can use to try to put the bigger picture together If we want to really delve into matters behind the scenes, I think we need to go back to Rubén Cerdán, who is we saw earlier is allegdedly Ayndryl.

Rubén is one of the main figures behind the Iruña-Veleia incident, which I know has been touched on earlier in the thread but the connection to ForgottenLanguages is there and there wasn't much into who seems like one of the main players behind the site. Check out the comments on this site Link, they were on the trail of Ayndryl/Rubén and other members of the site and their intentions, mostly concerning that incident but they do dig up and find some good information that could help us.

Just look at his claimed skillset and you can start to see that they might be on the right track with them being connected:

Technical Translator Indonesian, Persian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Bosnian and Serbo-Croatian and lives in Madrid. Specialization Archaeology • Arts and Humanities (general) • Astronomy & Space • Automotive Industry / Cars & Trucks • Biology / Biochemistry / Biotechnology • Botany • Chemistry • Computer Systems and Networks • Diplomas, CVs, Licenses, Certificates • Science (general) Additional work areas: Architecture • Banking & Financial Law • Genetics • Geology • Government / Politics • Human Resources • IT / E -Commerce / Internet • Industry and Technology (general) • Law (general) • Law: Contracts • Linguistics • Literature / Poetry • Localization (Software / Websites) • Materials (Plastics,) / Metallurgy • Mathematics & Statistics • Medical: Instruments • Medical: Pharmaceuticals • Military • Physics • Religion • Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.. • Telecommunications • Zoology

originally posted by: isbovesobelow
Do I think this type of technology FL speaks about is real? Absolutely. But I think they are just crunching this type of data.

I agree with you, they are either being given access to or have direct access to this information and are regurgitating it out on their site in their fabricated languages using NodeSpaces. It's hard to say but I don't think any of what would be their internal discussions happen on that site. I know for a short time there was a comment link at the bottom of each article.

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posted on May, 6 2014 @ 08:20 PM
a reply to: HackedAlias

comment section is encoded, meant to be heard and seen not read. what is there is mainly commentary meant for decoding in regards to specific relevant research to one thing or another many probably branch into different interests. My first statement was in regards to a different area of their site while what you see at face value can be read if you figure out how, that's why its there I'm sure.

posted on May, 8 2014 @ 03:04 AM
Since I'm already dead, I will finally post my opinion on this.

I actually followed along for months, but Id never flag gibberish like this.
I find it all to be very deceptive and the only educational facet of this is that I learned how big a waste of time it is.

There is nothing worthwhile to gain from this type of activity.
But I feel better getting it off my chest.

posted on May, 14 2014 @ 06:08 PM
I disagree muzzleflash, there's much to learn within this thread.

I recently found this thread, read it front to back over a 2 week period.

My curiosity is peaked. What more members of ATS should have done is posted the questions asked directly to the FL website, and the responses they've received.

Another part that has me interested is what exactly was communicated between Jason and Ayndryl. If your willing, i'd very much like to read those messages, Jason.

I don't recall reading if it's been brought up. What if, the member who posted this thread, among others are part of this FL group. They needed a way to get people to the site and review content, then conduct their experiments on those who engaged in the website, and on this forum. Especially considering the antics that went on earlier in the thread. How it was referred to as an 'screenplay' or we're in 'act 1' going into 'act 2' etc.

Some food for thought. Also, I've noticed seemingly similar writing styles and fact presentations with Direne and other members of this site. I dont have the resources to examine this, I guess if anyone else has noticed perhaps they'll share their opinions/experience.

Thank you to Kantz, and the members who did the researching and invested their time into this topic. I for one, really appreciate the work presented.


posted on May, 14 2014 @ 07:09 PM
FL and Flight MH370?

originally posted by: lostgirl
Here's something that I find more than a bit creepy...

Take a look at the following FL post: Plasmonics and accidents (bad link?)

The first thing you will notice is the photo of a plane in the sky exploding!

Oddly, there is no English in the body of the post...but the bibliography is very 'telling'...

"Hongsheng Chen" is the Professor of Electromagnetics Academy at Zhejiang University in China (!) He has spent the last 10 or so years working on invisibility cloaking technology, which is also the subject of the other bibliography references...

And to top that off - near the bottom of this FL post there is a photo of...a Boeing 777 transponder panel!!!

This brings a whole new light to the possible causes of the missing flight MH370...

Could it have been an experiment in cloaking tech gone wrong?

Was the pilot paid (explaining his flight simulator) to fly the plane to some pre-arranged 'place' (in the air -over the ocean) for the experiment to be run?
Could it have been a failed experiment which caused the plane to crash into such deep turbulent water that it may never be found?

All of this would explain why the Chinese government have been so 'rabid' about recovering the plane - actually it explains the extreme efforts of all the countries who have been putting in massive amounts time, manpower, and money in the search for this plane...

Of all the FL posts we've discussed in this thread, this one in particular seems a strong indicator that (for whatever reason) the FL members are are privy to 'someone's high security info...

BTW, the date of this 'cloaking device' post was March 14th, less than one week after the disappearance of MH370!

Okay, very weird, when I try the link, it comes up as "Google 404 That's an error" and says "The URL can't be found on this server"...if I can't fix it, just go to the FL sight for March 14 and look for the title,
"Plasmonics and Accidents: Hongsheng Chen and the unexpected"

Actually, it was easier to do a google search on, "Plasmonics and Accidents" (FL post came up right at top)

Just want to try posting the link again:

plasmonics and accidents
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posted on May, 20 2014 @ 03:35 PM
This is a fascinating thread, and I am only now beginning to wade into it. But, does the Cassini Diskus look like a computer language? My immediate impression on viewing it, especially the arranged squares of varying color, is that it is a computer language of some sort. Apologies if this has already been postulated, and apologies for not knowing how to link an image of the exact image I am referring to. Thanks for the very intriguing post!

a reply to: Kantzveldt

posted on May, 20 2014 @ 03:42 PM

originally posted by: Taj Mikel
This is a fascinating thread, and I am only now beginning to wade into it.

Good luck removing your butt from your seat when you are done. This is a real doozy of a thread.

There are some pages you can skip, but honestly... all have their purpose. This thread is probably one of the deeper rabbit holes on this site.


posted on May, 21 2014 @ 07:09 PM

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posted on May, 21 2014 @ 09:03 PM

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posted on May, 22 2014 @ 08:20 PM
a reply to: lostgirl. Thank you for understanding. I imagine, on reflection that perhaps then wording I used might have seemed rather strong. However,my intention was always protective.

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 10:06 PM
a reply to: isbovesobelow

. invented a software called nodespaces
. used said software to determine what the chances are of aliens landing and how dumb a majority of society will react.

Buried in this thread are links and verifiable information that nodespaces was, in fact, an invention of DARPA…. DARPA has long been involved in narrative collection, and disruption and control and manipulation techniques, how this affects cultures, societies and can be used as predictive manipulation, for all of the above. Though Google may have close ties to the Military Industrial Complex, at large, the NSA to be specific, in terms of providing search histories and online activities of consumers of the internet, in general, DARPA is quite a bit more specifically involved in what FL seems to be delving into. Combining the nature of their videos, their seeking an "anti-language (which directly implies and describes a given group, within a non given group, being able to communicate above and beyond,secretly and privately, from the non given group they are amongst, the nature of Ultra type video "cues" of flashing lights, combined with trance like, or at the very least, hypnotic music, and visuals with a strong impact, these things add up to a manipulative seeming "brain tapping," seeming to seek to directly apply to certain parts of the brain and produce a predicated result. Many members, on watching videos, seemed to be haunted by them, and experience vivid dreams afterwards.

Combined with the seeking of an anti-language, not understood by the masses, but used whilst in the middle of the masses, seems to suggest quite an agenda. In skipping pages of this thread, this might be missed, as a core discovery of not only what FL perhaps is about, but who they could be working with, and for what purpose: to influence, undermine, and direct cultural integration, destruction, or at the least and most simple, manipulating the future of culture and the people that comprise it.

This is quite an interesting, and perhaps, somewhat threatening, agenda, when combined with narrative collection, language and dialect study, which takes it to a level of the personal life lived, how people express and communicate, and then applying it to entire cultures of people.

Further when combining this train of thought and possible agenda, with FL's participation in possible artifact discovery in an insular, politically charged culture (Basques, and the politics of Spain and other countries perhaps wishing to control their authentic heritage, or re-tell it in a historically suitable manner for whomever comprises the political landscape at the present time in said areas of the world where these cultures exist, or are seeming to disappear from existence) suggest, of course, the retelling, and re-spelling of history, itself.

This is a very deep thread, with many vast implications for culture, history and humanity, IMHO. It's way deeper than Google, though Google may serve it's purpose, therein.
Just wanting to clarify what this thread fully delved into, in its most interesting and revealing research wise moments, and hoping that these facts are not missed, because people are unwilling or unable to spend adequate time fully reading the thread, and giving it the attention it deserves. And, of course, there is much psy-ops and complicated agended interplay attendant throughout.

Also, there are then spirals above those spirals: such as, if we live in an augmented reality, we could perhaps be seeing how reality is augmented before our eyes, while it's happening, historically, and using our personal minds, extrapolated to retold history and respelled culture to present a new holography to a vast, holographic universe. It is, in my opinion, a very deep thread, with huge implications, addressing in one place, with one topic, a comprehensive look at what many disparate threads on ATS attempt on a daily basis, but with much smaller doses of info.
Just for information.
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posted on May, 22 2014 @ 10:12 PM
a reply to: tetra50

nice to see you lurking back around =p

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 10:26 PM
a reply to: Brotherman
Why, thank you, Brotherman. Truly. It is nice to missed and appreciated. Once I got started with that reply, I couldn't seem to stop, as I felt this thread was so all inclusive. Hope you are well.

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posted on May, 22 2014 @ 10:28 PM
a reply to: tetra50

To further elaborate on what Tetra was saying the implied Ideas of certain research the relative playground also works around unique "typed" speech patterns nodespaces is one aspect but there is also the internet crawlies that really can locate individuals based upon enough typed information, now individual may find a person on facebook used in accordance to procedure can also filter talking heads or also be used to obfuscate alot by blurring patterns. Make no mistake, the research is pointing in a direction that these people either really want in your our heads collective or just outright want to figure out how to do so. Used to be a big proponent and defend these ppl still email occasionally but still uncertain of the intention other then collectively why the hell not.

Great summary Tetra50 wish I could star again alot better said then I could have done!!

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 10:30 PM
a reply to: muzzleflash

I, of course, appreciate your opinion, Muzzleflash. This is one of the few times, I would totally disagree, however.
So much information on so many different levels was addressed on this thread, and then the interplay between those participating, itself, giving a whole other picture, a human study on a psychiatric level of how we exchange, disseminate and relate to one another with information. I could not disagree more with your synopsis of this thread. I think there was much to learn here, both from a human perspective, but also of what we are witnessing in this day and age in terms of retelling history, manipulating history, one another, and entire cultures of people….

I appreciate your opinion, nonetheless.

posted on May, 22 2014 @ 10:48 PM
a reply to: tetra50


posted on May, 22 2014 @ 11:23 PM
Having attempted the synopsis above for those who didn't read the entire thread and are commenting here: I think it's important to realize some pertinent and important information.

Let's take the title of the thread, for instance: Though the legend of "vampirism" was not strictly addressed on this thread, that I read anyway, I think it worth noting. Vampires, or their legend, are creatures invested and dependent upon human blood for survival. This is why, on many levels, members participating on the thread, were wary, especially after viewing a website that combined videos with attributes I listed already, and their stated mission of a development of an "anti-language," not understood by those around them, but not "of them.

It more than implies an objectification of those innocent of their motivations, w hich were never quite clear, nor easily discernible, by anyone's interaction with them, as Brotherman has elucidated.

One must guard one's mind. One no longer has to be a doctor, nor rocket scientiest, nor genuis on any level to understand we live in times where there are folks with agendas, preying upon those innocent of their agendas. Manipulation is the least of it. Most here recognize a generalized "playing field," where there are people with less than above board agendas, seeking to take advantage of those innocent and unknowing of said agendas, for various reasons: perhaps even simply to end their cultures because they regard them as "useless eaters," a term used here rather frequently, or the judgement that if they are "unawake," totally hypnotized by everyday life and the technology with all its bells and whistles to entertain them, that they are taking up space on a planet where space, itself, has become a premium. So, there's this judgement, by some "intelligentias," social and intellectual Darwinists, as it were, that some lives are more worthy than others.

The influence over a microcosm of people, a clique on an internet discussion board, to communities, to a whole culture of individuals, to the macrocosm of the world, and the human condition, at large, is really what narrative collection, study, dissemination, language study, and further the attendant history of how human beings have related, communicated and continue to do so, means in real terms, and what its implications are.

Many of us believe that there are forces at work, attempting to revamp entire histories of entire cultures, or totally eliminate them, if they do not meet certain criteria, or agree with certain agendas: a reverse engineering of history, if you will, and by extension, humanity. One of the many objectives to this would be the pursuit of a transhumanist, and provision and creation of a superior machine, human like, to take the place of humanity. But, this is only one. One must remember, programmable versions of mankind would be ever more malleable by an ever more smaller, select group…...

I am thinking of a scene from one of the Twilight movies, obviously about outright Vampires, where tourists are visiting a certain, I believe, Venisian city, and the vampires living there are offering to serve as tour guides, where later they will take the "tourists" fishing in the canals. Of course, this is not the fishing, for actual fish, that the vampires in residence have in mind, as they view the "innocent," (some may read lacking in intellect, instead), as the fish, and will be fishing, instead amongst those "common folk," rather non vampires. This is literally, within the context of this film, the view of the vampiric community seeing humans as nothing more than fish, food for their subsistence.

There was even a member here, who later in this thread, wrote a response that he/she'd been rather stupid thinking we were all really trying to disseminate information when that's all that was going on here, as well. Happy hunting, he/she signed off with, and "thanks for all the fish." On that note, any newcomers reading this thread should perhaps be warned: research the site and its history for yourself. Keep this in mind as you peruse subject matters here, and comment. For as you comment, you reveal much about yourself. The Gut's Aviary threads are a very good place to start in researching some of the history of ATS, itself, and who and who founded it, and what it may, perhaps, serve as……

Having said that, I think Forgotten Languages, struck many of us here, as an extension of something like what I describe, with rather huge implications, perhaps not the site itself or its members, but just a generalized finding of this type of activity on the internet, what government and intelligence community involvements may be at work, and what other, more hidden, affiliations may exist, as well. It seemed to many of us that we were perhaps being studied, as to our responses to Forgotten Languages, and as well, to one another: a whole study with its own implications. This is why I responded the way I did to Muzzleflash. There has been a great deal going on here, on a multifaceted level, on this thread, one of the best on this site to exemplify all those possibilities and their consequences.

Again, watch the videos, absorb the information with forewarning and forethought. As Abeverage, I believe, wisely stated somewhere in this thread, some things seen, cannot be then unseen. And the affect on your mind, and what you have seen may produce and emanate with your mind thereafter, not to mention its affect on your behavior and psyche, cannot be dismissed.

With that, I fully endorse, though, seeking information, just with these caveats in mind, always.

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