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The Language of Vampyr

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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 11:05 AM
Whats The Ising Model for Changes in Word Ordering Rule in Natural Languages?

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 11:25 AM
Well anyway i'm pleased to see they are feeling a little more blissed out lol

Though i also noted they half inched my tree/forest metaphor in recent highly freaky and disturbing productions.

Once upon a time, a tree, a huluppu, a tree --It had been planted on the bank of the Euphrates,It was watered by the Euphrates --

Huluppu Tree

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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 11:41 AM
Well FL i wish you could give me a hint as to what i should do when that scout ship's mothership comes back. Why would you leave without at LEAST elaborating on that point. Or did you purposely leave and use that as a distraction. Would love to see your findings on ATTA and the desert in which nasa was (is) still experimenting with there rovers out there. It's cause the terrain was more practical as to the surface of mars. Now i'm sure finding that ATTA figure was another reason why NASA was out there toying around? Hmm...

One of the pictures of the desert on there is 100% the atacama desert. I very much believe that this project on wiki is what they are looking into in depth.

Oh i am looking for the right stuff for regarding nodespace and me. So i will report back if i find nothing or run into a dead end. Also i'm contacting that individual patent number that Hacked Alias posted. It was the one that made them start retreating.
There is plenty of info on there and i am going to try and make a couple calls and see if i can't get to the bottom line of this. It would have been so much easier for our friend to stick around and answer a few of these important questions. Nothing is ever THAT easy.
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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 12:48 PM
Who posted a picture of a timeline and the zodiac in this thread ?

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 01:01 PM
I found something else - Ayndryl Reganah seems to be a ghost even within the linguistics community.

I've gone searching for anything with their name and came across a discussion in Spanish - the translation is # but you can fairly well make out what they're talking about question whether Ayndryl is real or not - I've only copied and pasted a couple of snippets from the discussion - you can go searching through 90 pages on your own for anything containing Ayndryl.
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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 01:03 PM
. Comment by Roslyn M. Frank on December 30, 2009 at 5:53 a.m.
Hanger : From what you just said, you believe that this blogspot is nothing more than a joke, a joke, a joke. Herein I'm not in agreement. I assure you that the people working there know quite well what happened to Iruña-Veleia and Hector Iglesias. Also as I have had the manuscript "Notes on Proto-Basque" the Internet will come out as a book. Pdf but I can not say exactly when it will be available. Both appointments blogspot " Forgotten Languages "come from this book: ... Clearly it shows the narrow-minded mentality of professor Gorrochategui and, in particular the backwards mentality of the University of the Basque Country, uncapable to afford a serious analysis of archaeological, linguistics, and physical data. Irving Schalle, Notes on Proto-Basque, pp. 132-154 [Castilian translation of Maju in Dark Angle: "... clearly shows the narrow mindedness of Professor Grorrochategui and particularly the backward mentality of the University of the Basque Country [in Castilian in original], unable to perform an analysis Data serious archaeological, linguistic and physical " .] It is clearly here to wait for the scientific community has finally precious free access to study materials in order to advance the reconstruction of Proto-Basque advance I fear going to dodge strongly philologists community of Basque Country University, subject to political tensions, vanities and narrowness. Certainly Gorrochategui and Lakarra analysis will be history of philology as a paradigm of contamination and bias or, if they were executed in good faith, as an example of failure to philological science exercise. Combell Henry Leslie, Notes on Proto-Basque, p. 57 Posted by Ayndryl at 4:08 PM The person coordinating the blogspot in question, Ayndryl Reganah, also works with a variety of languages ​​and has trained people in them, for example, I know Vaarlam Zineb is also interested in the issue of iruna-Veleia and Finally, there are still people in this world whose existence is not proven with hundreds of 'hits' on google ... Soon I hope to give them more information on the content of "Notes on Proto-Basque". For now what I can assure is that both Leslie Irving Combell Schalle as dealing with the subject in their work. Greetings.

Comment by Yrg on December 30, 2009 at 8:50 am
Estimated and actual Dr. Roslyn M. Frank, I am dismayed that these eminences in vascología you cite (Dr. Henry Leslie and Dr. Irving Combell Schalle) as said Hanger, appear not referenced or with some small article of linguistics, and considering that probably will shake the foundations of Basque philology ganimediana (I think it's the language of Mr. Ayndryl Reganah), I would like to know how to contact myself, or if I should in any case go to a medium for the canalize, thanks.

Comment by Hanger on December 30, 2009 at 9:48 am
Thanks Roslyn for his clarifications. Seeing that knows the people responsible for that page, I want to answer some questions that occur to me. ? language write your ticket? I can not find any resemblance to any of the most common. What is the scientific career of the lords Ayndryl Reganah , Henry Leslie Combell and Irving Schalle ? The truth is that I have no time to go looking for information are, apparently, eminent in the field. I wish that I could provide this information at the moment. Thanks

Comment by Roslyn M. Frank on December 31, 2009 at 12:13 am
We're about to leave to spend several days at the beach, and do not panic at this time I'm not in Iowa with the horrendous snow and ice but in a much warmer country. Well, to the point, I see that it has awakened from Ayndryl much interest and speculation of all kinds. For now I will not be able to respond appropriately to what has been raised, but I would like to remind you that Ayndryl and Zineb (both women) have worked together to publish a book of reading exercises for those who want to learn Farsi. believe I hung one wrong link last night. The correct is this: & ... Perhaps this indicates that the mother tongue of Zineb or at least one of the languages ​​he knows the woman is Farsi . And we note that the URL is Russia: That's interesting that other things Ayndryl is hanging on Iruña-Veleia in the same place: = Basque-basquebooks & altna ... Anyway, some like it or not, the news is spreading. soon and Happy New Year to everyone and especially to Alice who has worked so hard over the past year to gather materials and keep this forum afloat , a forum that has given us the opportunity to exchange information and airing opinions, though sometimes found, on this very exciting that is Iruña-Veleia. Thank you, Alicia.

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 01:05 PM
Comment by Hanger on December 31, 2009 at 11:07 a.m.
Too bad Roslyn going on vacation without clarify who these new geniuses Basque philology! Nor makes clear that written language Ayndryl and yours. Terms like wélinsdèedès s'sdìmawèty or adsslíègwíd are soaring level explanatory involved. Now on the page referred to by Roslyn reissued, it seems, the report on Gil and Filloy euskéricas parts . Hope Gil says something, with friends like these .... Happy New Year to all, are in the dimension you are ;-)

Comment by Alicia M. Singing on December 30, 2009 at 3:43 pm
Roslyn : I answer your question yesterday (" Alice: Why do you say that you think that this is "another Fool" I do not understand. "). Well it's rare blog I found a joke because I sounded anything or the "authors" or "work" above. In fact not a single quote about any of it. I checked first, as did Hanger, in Google, and the only date of the alleged perpetrators and work was the blog of strange kind of strange name. But apart from this, as you know, there is another more specific search to see if someone has done something or is known in any academic field. A site that reflects their own works and quotations from the work itself made ​​by other authors, and not likely to fail. In Spanish it is called Google Scholar , for USA I imagine the Google Scholar . For example, if I look at him " Roslyn M. Frank ", even not being exhaustive, I will give in effect a hundred entries with some of their interesting work ( like this ), and the same goes if I look at myself . But it does not appear absolutely no academic reference from a 'Irving Schalle ", or the other about," Henry Leslie Combell "(thinking a misprint, nor what would be more "English": "Henry Leslie Campbell "). And these absences are grounds to believe that two characters can be perfectly invented. And therefore, they can write about Iruña-Veleia also be. And, if not invented, they have little credibility they deserve, with so few "letters" academic. At best, it will be two nicks, and then what has scientific value what they say? should not be given unsolicited advice, but after this morning tracking has Sotero ( here, # 2 ) on the " Almeria "Ayndryl , I would not trust you for all of your "bird" oceanic. Do not go it to think, after this, you (it does have one credit) is in good faith believe anything you transmit, and to be forwarded (" Soon I hope to give them more information about the content of "Notes on Proto-Basque "[sic]. So far what I can assure is that both Leslie Irving Combell Schalle as dealing with the subject in their work ... "). Because you see that in this case such futuribles " Notes on proto-Basque "seem rather dangerous. And a secondary consequence of the above: If it is true that still around Ruben Cerda, in this case written for sponsoring veleyense euskérica truthfulness, Lakarra-Gorrochategui attacks, etc.., could begin to forget about that option whereby, if the famous analysis were false, an invention of Cerdan, "Eliseo Gil and Idoia scammed Filloy be the first." Do not you think that in this case, having this still as possible would be something illogical? course, in the days of Innocent, and in the case of "case-Veleia Iruña", almost anything is possible ... Greetings. PS-By the way that I saw a flash Ayndryl that it reappears once called "the Jewish connection" ... A relatively unexplored subject (and perhaps just as well ...).

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 01:11 PM
Comment by Roslyn M. Frank on December 31, 2009 at 6:00 pm
Change of plans. We're going out this afternoon. So I've had time to write this reply ... What TA hung in a few days is what you sent me that I have the source. I do not go to evaluate the quality of work concerned because as I said I have not seen and of course also because I know that there are traces (hits) of the two gentlemen, I. Shalle and H. Combell Leslie, when one internet searches. Therefore it is also reasonable to think, as did Alicia and others in this forum, that these two men are not known or the Basque linguistics or in the field of comparative linguistics, from which it is concluded, also logic, which may be amateur or fans. What I can say is that besides Combell Shalle and Leslie, there are several people who are working on the project of "Notes on Proto-Basque." Meanwhile, I have understood that the topics of interest to members equipment, as well as proto-Basque, there Guanche language which is known has been compared to the 'proto-Basque' by some, although linguistic evidence is quite scarce. And there are also group members who are interested in the subject of languages ​​tirsénicas. dont know if its interest in tirsénicas languages ​​may have motivated his interest in Veleia, since it is known that the other Veleia (northern Italy)-see map and discussion in the recent book by JM Elexpuru, p. 14-18, on this name-was located in an area of Liguria next to the area in which they spoke Etruscan, a language which in turn is related to say that the language of the Ligurians. Obviously check such speculation between languages ​​is very difficult (if not impossible), but are by no means something new. And as tirsénicas languages: Roger Woodard writes on page 142 in The ancient languages ​​of Europe (2008), published by Cambridge University Press (see link ): "To the same language as Etruscan family belong there only two poorly attested languages: Lemnian in the Northeast of the Aegean (sixth century BC; Agostiniani 1986) and Rhaetic in the Alps (fifth to first centuries BC; Schumacher 1992:246-248; Rix 1998). Lemnian and Rhaetic are so close to Etruscan Etruscan That can be used to understand them. The date of the common source language, Proto-Tyrsenic, can probably be fixed to the last quarter of the second millennium BC. The location of its homeland is disputed, however it; possibilities include: (i) the northern Aegean, whence Proto-Proto-Etruscan and Rhaetic speakers Would have come in the course of the Aegean migration westwards at the end of the second millennium (similarly Herodotus [I.94] as Lydia Identifies the Etruscan homeland), (ii) Central Italy, from Proto-Lemnian speakers Which Would have migrated eastwards and northwards Proto-Rhaetic speakers. A decisive judgment is not currently possible. " Roger Woodard writes on page 142 of The ancient languages ​​of Europe (2008), published by Cambridge University Press (see link ): "To the same family belong Etruscan language poorly documented only two languages: Lemnos in the northeast Aegean (Century VI BC; Agostiniani 1986) and the Rhaetian in the Alps (V centuries BC; Schumacher 1992:246-248; Rix, 1998). Lemnos and Romansch are so close to the Etruscan Etruscan can be used to understand them. The date of common source language, proto-Tyrsenic will probably be set in the last quarter of the second millennium BC. The location of their homeland is discussed, however, the possibilities are: (i) the northern Aegean , where speakers of proto-Etruscan and proto-Rhaetian arrived during the westward migration of the Aegean Sea, at the end of the second millennium (Herodotus similarly [I. 94] identifies as the homeland Lydia Etruscan), ( ii) the center of Italy, which speakers of the proto-language of Lemnia have migrated to the east and the speakers of proto-Rhaetian north. For now a final determination [of the case] is not possible. " While there is this page on "Forgotten Languages." Now as to the value that may or may not have the manuscript "Notes on Proto-Basque", a must see before thinking. So we have to wait until it comes online text. For now, what we do know is that the news of the scandal-Veleia Iruña has transcended the boundaries of the small province of Alava. And another thing, the attempt by Sotero to establish a relationship not only narrow but identity between person Ayndryl and Cerdan, arguing that they are the same person is to me something very illogical if not totally crazy. What should we think? What these people worked for years to create a company of translators, one broadcasting company label and a website that has to do with languages ​​little known but Cerdán of evil puppeteer, manipulating all the strings behind the scenes? And all this assembly did (or did) just to launch a "Fool" innocent day 2010? Finally, although I have not read the paper "Notes on Proto-Basque", apparently some of the other books have chosen to "Forgotten Languages"

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 01:12 PM
(eg. Celeste Sullivan's book) deal poorly studied languages ​​and often from the perspective of anthropological linguistics or "culture cognitive linguistics," a field that apparently still unaware of the two váscologos UPV / EHU. 's an approach that goes beyond studies of changes in the phonology of a language for probing the relationship between language and cultural factors affecting their speakers and then analyze how these factors (eg. the medium-cultural environment of the speakers) may be marked on the tongue, maintaining the stability of certain morpho-syntactic structures and / or semantic or otherwise contributing to gradual processes of change. fact the John Benjamins Publishing House has just begun a new series entitled "Cognitive Linguistic Studies of Language and Cognition in Cultural Contexts"-although I think that has not been publicly announced yet, in which I am working. And then in "Forgotten Languages" are other books that are dedicated to specific topics and very little studied languages: I question is: How long have you had the nuclear physical as much interest in Inupiat and Dari languages? Or is that just gives instructions away and very generic: to open a company of translators as cover and then to confuse people even more cautious not, to complete a book blogspot dedicated to marginal languages ​​and linguistic issues of interest only to a small group of people. Oh, do not forget to create a company that encourages singers to sing in exotic languages ​​and therefore not always in Castilian. And then the invention of a double called Ayndryl writing in forums devoted to language issues and all this with the intention to mislead and upset a few foreros that by chance found the website "Forgotten Languages" where two paragraphs criticizing the Gorrochatetui and Lakarra performance ... Would not review what foreros intolerances? Why the fuss over a few negative words? Have not there been voices in this forum before have criticized what they have written these two vascólogos? Obviously my bird have deceived all this assembly so subtle but our 'eagle eye' Sotero, no. Finally, depending on the version of Sotero, we must conclude that faithfully fulfilling orders sent from his bunker in Almeria and carefully covering each of its steps, Cerdan soldiers have managed to convey this pièce de résistance, hanging it caught the eyes of all there on the internet. Time will tell who is right. I say if you quit or not the book "Notes on Proto-Basque" online and book quality will judge those who know the subject. Meanwhile those who can read English can evaluate and Zineb Ayndryl comments on this forum are talking some issues that are also my specialty, the latest theories on the origin and development of language in humans, the role of music in the development of language, the use of neuro-imaging of the brain in language analysis and the relationship between music, song and language. And I recognize that this link Sotero mentioned bringing it up like a proof of his theory that Ayndryl and Cerdán are the same person, but obviously did not read what he had or did not understand, p. eg. the question of how birds learn to sing and what experimental conditions is a field of research very seriously and we are investing a lot of money to scientists. And the use of music and Delta-waveforms to aid in language learning is by no means something new, although this seems Sotero laughing matter. Indeed the problem facing scientists is whether the type of song that has every kind of bird is something genetically since then externalized certain age or if it is something that the bird learns over time listening to other birds of their species. Put another way, is the birdsong something genetic (similar in a sense to version Modular 'the language proposed by Chomsky) or something you learn? The results of the experiments have shown that it is a mixture of both, a conclusion that agrees with recent theories on the origin of language in humans. Cause for laughter? I think not. Finally, there may have been contacts between professional translators and Cerdán Bosnian who allegedly Bosnian translator worked, until there is the possibility that they knew this language translators in some forum or conference in Madrid or in Almeria . So it is possible that at some point Cerdán tell them about what was happening in Iruña-Veleia. But there Cerdan and Ayndryl think are the same person, please! finish before I see the desire to discover the origin of the mysterious language used in "Forgotten Languages" has them on edge. Hint: you have to start reading the work of linguist Margaret Magnus. Greetings. PS Since there is so much interest in certain quarters about my background and to prove I'm not ghost, another joke, another Fool cerdaneana or a mysterious hacker of extraordinary skills , here and here are links to two of my websites where you can find more information about me. Roslyn M. Frank

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 01:41 PM
reply to post by JosephPalasky

like I said before....very interesting group. I feel very close to their mindset about the backwardness of academia....especially that of spain when it comes to language issues, there is a lot of social tension about it considering the separatist movements of cataluna and basque country using language as a supporting reason for such.

as far as reconstructing proto-basque into its aquitanian form is difficult to imagine. A reconstruction would have to be done from preserved latin transcripts of the time when the spanish kingships were made or.from roman documents which unfortunately are few in number concerning basque country.

in its pre Agglutinative form Proto basque would simply be a similar to a dialect of ancient. nilo-saharan .

The revision into an Agglutinative form seems to have been done by trained linguists of the day. what ever their purpose, their efforts must have taken a very structured approach and as such can be deconstructed by developing a system of deconstruction along similar lines.

a word group made to combine into an Agglutinative word can be deconstructed if the system used to join them is first discovered by looking at the roots of the words.

fortunately there are 3 such languages of this linguistic family that can be used to gather a root base for comparison. The Dravidians of India, the Basques of Euskadi and the Ainu of Japan all share a common root language which can be combined in their altered states to deconstruct the later additions.

working off a core word list the grammar can be extrapolated.

I am truly excited about this all.....I have had no such comparitive work to study so as to either confirm or rule out my ideas.....we really are so few in number that are even concerned with this...and so grossly under trained....until now.

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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 02:20 PM
reply to post by tadaman

Should we send Professor Roslyn M. Frank an e-mail? See if she's willing to talk?

I myself am curious but I think it's got more to with their secrecy than with linguistics. Although I've learned quite a lot from this thread on a subject which I never understood nor had any interest in, until now.

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 02:34 PM
reply to post by JosephPalasky

I think its worth a shot. as far as the secrecy I think it is just a natural tendency to make hidden what you feel is not ready or apt for mass consumption or will not be received in the same spirit it is offered.

Also artits are a bit eccentric by nature. this group does like the artistic flare as it is a valid form of expression of complex ideas.

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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by tadaman

Well it's done. Hopefully the professor responds. Maybe she could shed some light on it all - give us a clearer view of their work.

Will pop back in as soon as receive any word from her.

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 03:57 PM
Okay, I am guessing that they haven't the courtesy to come back and explain themselves.

The study of beliefs in dialogue has proceeded along two separate lines: the creation of logical formalisms which capture the inferences that it seems reasonable for agents to make, and the construction of implemented models that approximate what agents actually do. In our project to connect the two approaches we have created a belief model based on a reason maintenance system, and here we present a theory in nonmonotonic logic which describes the behaviour of this model. We start out by examining the consequences of combining the use of modal operators (to represent nested beliefs) with autoepistemic operators (as a means of nonmonotonic inference). We then look at how some general principles of belief modelling can be represented, such as the persistence and ascription of beliefs, before applying our findings to the construction of a theory for the specific domain in which we are interested.

The full paper, “Using Hierarchical Autoepistemic Logic to Model Beliefs in Dialogue”
can be read here...

... it is an archived, compressed file and you may have to download another programme to read it.

Pertinent terminology...

The autoepistemic logic is a formal logic for the representation and reasoning of knowledge about knowledge. While propositional logic can only express facts, autoepistemic logic can express knowledge and lack of knowledge about facts.

Proof-theoretic formalization of a non-monotonic logic begins with adoption of certain non-monotonic rules of inference, and then prescribes contexts in which these non-monotonic rules may be applied in admissible deductions. This typically is accomplished by means of fixed-point equations that relate the sets of premises and the sets of their non-monotonic conclusions. Defaults logics and autoepistemic logic are the most common examples of non-monotonic logics that have been formalized that way.[1]

Model-theoretic formalization of a non-monotonic logic begins with restriction of the semantics of a suitable monotonic logic to some special models, for instance, to minimal models, and then derives the set of non-monotonic rules of inference, possibly with some restrictions in which contexts these rules may be applied, so that the resulting deductive system is sound and complete with respect to the restricted semantics. Unlike some proof-theoretic formalizations that suffered from well-known paradoxes and were often hard to evaluate with respect of their consistency with the intuitions they were supposed to capture, model-theoretic formalizations were paradox-free and left little, if any, room for confusion about what non-monotonic patterns of reasoning did they cover. Examples of proof-theoretic formalizations of non-monotonic reasoning, which revealed some undesirable or paradoxical properties or did not capture the desired intuitive comprehensions, that have been successfully (consistent with respective intuitive comprehensions a with no paradoxical properties, that is) formalized by model-theoretic means include first-order circumscription, closed-world assumption, and autoepistemic logic.[1]

In logic, a rule of inference, inference rule, or transformation rule is the act of drawing a conclusion based on the form of premises interpreted as a function which takes premises, analyzes their syntax, and returns a conclusion (or conclusions). For example, the rule of inference modus ponens takes two premises, one in the form of "If p then q" and another in the form of "p" and returns the conclusion "q". The rule is valid with respect to the semantics of classical logic (as well as the semantics of many other non-classical logics), in the sense that if the premises are true (under an interpretation) then so is the conclusion.

Typically, a rule of inference preserves truth, a semantic property. In many-valued logic, it preserves a general designation. But a rule of inference's action is purely syntactic, and does not need to preserve any semantic property: any function from sets of formulae to formulae counts as a rule of inference. Usually only rules that are recursive are important; i.e. rules such that there is an effective procedure for determining whether any given formula is the conclusion of a given set of formulae according to the rule. An example of a rule that is not effective in this sense is the infinitary ω-rule.[1]

Popular rules of inference include modus ponens, modus tollens from propositional logic and contraposition. First-order predicate logic uses rules of inference to deal with logical quantifiers. See List of rules of inference for examples.

As someone already pointed out a few pages back, I can’t remember who, I think that they under estimated the nature of the ATS membership.

All very interesting though, but I had hoped that they would have the professional integrity to come back and explain it for themselves, their failure to do so, leads me to the conclusion that they are amateurs. Incredibly clever amateurs, but amateurs all the same.

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 04:49 PM
Well it looks like someone was threatened for looking into there shenanigans. I quote a post and i will post link.

Dear friends and IIM TA:

I am compelled to write this note because I received veiled threats against my family and myself, expressed by Direne, using my own name to the email address you use.

Enjoins me that within three days delete messages allegedly insulting've put me and other people on the blog IIM, (but not tell me what or who to refer these messages). For him not to me and my family (children, wife and siblings) it "would pass bad". Meet several directions and even where I work. He says that "we will make a visit" if I delete those comments.

I put in the hands of the police the message in question and tell me that they will investigate and then judge will transfer to their inquiries.

On the other hand I have found that Direne / Ayndryl used my name for their maneuvers. Also the police (Ertzaintza) knows this (crime of usurpation of civil status).

We find clear criminal activities that complete the big fraud Veleia. But this is beyond me and does not know other than the police report.

I warn people who participate in these blog take extra care, especially those identified with your name and surname. As sorry to be the one to warn of dangers!.

Although police have assured me that most of these writings are mere bravado am very worried and sad.

Best regards to all people of good will.

I like both as Ruben Gil Cerda Elisha assured me that they are not the authors of these threats, and that if they suspect someone tell me who or who may be behind them. You can contact me at the following e-mail, which is already exposed to the vagaries of the public: (deleted email)

The person who wrote this comment name is salvador. Have a look for yourself. 9%26page%3D3&prev=/search%3Fq%3Doscar%2Bescribano%2Bayndryl%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US

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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by sadybull

The first link goes to the book about learning Farsi that was discussed by Roslyn M. Frank in the forum that JosephPalasky quoted from.

The second link profiles Managing Director - Division of Extended Warranty for Chevrolet and Daewoo Motor Spain, sounds like Oscar Escribano is in the automobile retail business.

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 06:19 PM

Originally posted by sadybull
Well it looks like someone was threatened for looking into there shenanigans. I quote a post and i will post link.

The person who wrote this comment name is salvador. Have a look for yourself. 9%26page%3D3&prev=/search%3Fq%3Doscar%2Bescribano%2Bayndryl%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US

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Can you correct your link? If I am following this, are they saying that them and their families were threatened by Direne/Ayndryl for investigating them?
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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 06:31 PM
double post
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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by HackedAlias

that link....quote then copy and about a flase item of antiquity with modern inscriptions in basque. It is saying that "gil" the guy in question was to blame for the forgery and that conclusive evidence shows that all the inscriptions on the fragments are from the same person.

I see nothing of a threat......

I am starting to see a common profile though of a basque nationalist group behind this all that is trying to claim some of its lost history. Basques are by nature highly intelligent and are natural linguists. most speak 3 or more languages. they are also naturally secretive due to centuries of distrust of outsiders.

The more I look at them the more they remind me of people I know from across the pond.

if they are looking on here.....kiaxo.

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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 07:37 PM
reply to post by tadaman

that link....quote then copy and about a flase item of antiquity with modern inscriptions in basque.

The Wikipedia article about Archeological forgery case at the Iruña-Veleia site is currently under dispute. Maybe I should quote it here in case it gets changed.

The Iruña-Veleia site had been granted an unusually large 3.72 million euros funding by the Basque regional government. In 2006, a series of sensational findings at Iruña-Veleia were announced to the press by the director of the archeological mission. These included what would have been the oldest non-onomastical texts in Basque, which were hailed as the first evidence of written Basque.

Also, it was announced the discovery of a series of inscriptions and drawings on pottery fragments, some of which refer to Egyptian history and even some written in Egyptian hieroglyphs. Finally, it was announced the finding of the earliest representation of the Calvary (crucifixion of Jesus) found anywhere to date.[5]

However, none of these findings were submitted to any scholarly journal or any serious expert assessment.

Fabricated pieces
Eventually, all these inscriptions turned out to be a fabrication, as concluded by the 26 experts who analyzed the data for almost 10 months, and that went public on November 19, 2008. The texts were described as "crude manipulation," "incoherent," having texts and words both "incorrect and non-existent", and as being so "obviously false as to be almost comical."[6] The case has been dubbed as the "biggest archaeological fraud in the history of the Iberian Peninsula"[7] and "the product of an elaborate hoax."[8]

The regional government of Alava is pursuing legal actions against the fraud perpetrators.[9][1]

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There was mention of something happening to Hector Iglesias, Do you know what that was?
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