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The Language of Vampyr

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posted on Jun, 4 2015 @ 01:49 PM
a reply to: Direne tweaked my freak and got me with that one. Starred.

I do consider females my equal and often superior. I'm a big fan. Not sure yet if you are organically female or just in your heart, but big brainz turn me on if they are connected to a big heart.

You do see why I'm personally having to parse your intent? The questions that arise from the seeming dichotomies? Wouldn't your antennae twitch too?

If what you shared above is true--and it's not conflicting with my personal research I must say--then wouldn't we almost have to assume at least some of your real life work must be defense related? Not that optical decoys are your particular field....

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posted on Jun, 4 2015 @ 02:11 PM
a reply to: The GUT

GUT, I am sure you will find of interest the Texas Petawatt Laser, being developed in Austin by TU (that is the non-mil research group). For your research interests, I would recommend you search for information related to two projects, back in the 90s. Project Altair, and Project Rigel.

Project Rigel was the one responsible for developing the pointing system for directed energy weapon systems. Later on, the researchers were moved to another project aimed at developing petawatt short-pulsed lasers, which resulted in the production of the first Mil-Orbs (they were nicknamed "death stars").

A blind soldier is a useless soldier. That is what Mil-Orbs are used for.

(however, this does not mean at all all UFOs and orbs out there are "yours").

posted on Jun, 4 2015 @ 03:39 PM
a reply to: Kantzveldt

Good content, no spam, enhance lives.

In fact, to date in regards to social networking, i've done nothing but deliver content and promoted things i like to audiences I want. I loose money every month, i'm well beyond a point of monetizing but I continue to spend more than I pay for my living situation each month.

It's about who and where, of course everything grows via sharing, but it's like dry french toast that way, I choose to always pour real Maple syrup on it. Specific audience pages created for who I want as much or more than what i'm in the mood for that day, no ads at this time. But like I said, youth... youth is easy to get large numbers of, Ivy league towns, specific companies employed by and last but not least specific locations in specific Nation States

Trying to take over the world? Sort of.... We all have an opinion on what information people should consume, I consider myself to have somehow, maybe miraculously to have entered the upper tiers of benevolent human thought via ridiculously painful situations, tremendous isolation at times and a life that seems to only return me to the consumption of information in cargo ship quantities, causing tremendous empathy.

"I think" what I publish is "Good" Every few days 20,000 people or so wake up with what I believe is a thought inspiring and motivating quote (made more powerful by it's presence over a beautiful photo of a lake or playful raccoon maybe lol) but from that one page, I can say... I radiated a positive message to 283 people in Shanghai, 6700 or so Europeans, 3800 Japanese, 3200 Australians and Kiwis, 7000 Americans or whatever... doing only what they like when once in a blue moon my personal beliefs interests and politics get the "insert" (much more influential than money by itself) I spam nothing because I want the power of "what" I ask for or suggest to be stronger not just "this is how "it" makes money...

I do health, science, computers fiction, arts... mind and body enhancing stuff...

But here's the thing... it seems someones heaven is always someones hell, from the POV of a Fundamentalist I'm a lesser Daemon. I AM there inside the head of 30-40 Thousand of their children, manipulating MY POV... via there Pokemon's.

That's an army of the "damned" so to speak I have raised from within their ranks, while they sit in their bedrooms supposedly safe from "evil". What i'm selling is, a modern agenda at the least. East Asia and dialogue between east and West is a priority for me. I "push" anime, which represents concepts in many case some of those parents wouldn't like, and create contact with co creators between the states and Japan, worse, China "the Communists" I am creating personal conversations between their kids and what parts of China I have access to. I am pro legalization, immigration reform, European style social reforms, I'd be a liar if in fact I didn't say I directly encourage in every way I can The continued growth along the West Coast of Asian Immigration because I believe it is necessary for the United States on a variety of level to be an actual "Pacific Rim" nation by thought and economy as it is to be a European nation... People I don't like, Michelle Bachman as example eat a lot of poo thanks to me...

So I have my agendas, I am making occulus content, for years prior I build kids daily and "plug" Occulus and Google glass and post articles talking about "how cool" these things are and yeah use group think and excitement to make it the "the thing" for the audience even years before I show "my things"

Good content, helps people, quality material?

Check... "I think so"

But Hitler also believed in going after the youth demographic, cornering the Intellectual elite to reach them, was a socialist even gave people cars and Tv's. (certainly I have no death agendas or war desires, the exact opposite, human longevity and peace via the capacity to eliminate communication gaps using technology to eliminate distance and language barriers)

I just have to say.. the road to hell is paved with good intentions, there IS a portion of those Michelle Bachman fans who will wake up in a "horrible place" from their POV if my agenda was to "dominate" enough.

Everybody want's to rule the world? yeah maybe, but that Lorde version is very intense and doesn't let any fun it....

More like this, for me at least... It's better cus we can dance while doing it.

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posted on Jun, 4 2015 @ 04:14 PM
a reply to: Direne

Thank you for your reply. You make some strange and interesting assertions, but I believe I have a better understanding of what's going on here than you do. But you are very smart, and there are only two choices involved, here. Either what I already described, or your denial is purposeful to mislead and keep positive. It's a tactic, by those who spread certain belief systems. There are many, just as there are many worlds possible. Quite a comparison, though, for if there are many worlds, I wish to be on the side of the general people, who yes, have been controlled. And we wish to have more choices than we currently have. If there are controlers of simulation, possibly, we deserve to know this.

We desire to control our own fate and know more about the control loop system of artificial control and stimulation, that provides energy or even contemplation, for some other level, perhaps of living, that is pushing the buttons and pulling the strings.

We want, also, desperately, to know about UFOS, many worlds possible, what was true and what was scripted, before the manipulation of events and people.

posted on Jun, 4 2015 @ 04:15 PM
a reply to: criticalhit

Thanks for sharing that and i'm glad you strive to be a good influence, i think it would be nice if there wasn't any longer a requirement to insert any sort of suggestion into educational information, just the facts and nothing more, that they had already got any message worth knowing, no longer the need for any manipulative behaviour, but between here and there a whole lot of intense scary in my opinion.

posted on Jun, 4 2015 @ 05:11 PM
Wow! Nearly two years after the opening scene and we've finally got to Act 2!

- Play on on....

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posted on Jun, 4 2015 @ 05:43 PM
a reply to: Direne
No he isn't the one who needs to stop for a while. Hold on, there.

You need to stop for a while and think about whether you are approaching the entire thing from a very narrow perspective: the American one. It is as valid as, say, the Eskimo one, or the Tanzanian one, or the Tongan one. I mean: your NSA and CIA, and your three football-field sized UFOs only holds in your society, which happens to be the American one (more exactly, the post 9/11 American one, fading away as a superpower since the 80s). It does not apply at all to, say, the Moldavian one. Your NSA/CIA is just a domestic issue which affects, deeply, Americans, one of the many peoples on this planet which look as alien to the rest as the rest looks alien to you. I call that UFOlogical Provincialism.

No, it's pretty international, unfortunately. And some of us have memories of long ago, and other nations and nationalities. We, as Americans, and not Indians, let's say, necessarily have roots in other civilizations in other countries, as we are all immigrants from another place. Even if we were born here, by definition our family roots originally came from elsewhere.

There has been supplanted, and purposely created history, Direne. There is much and mounting evidence to support this. There's also some evidence on a physical level that tells us this place is some kind of simulation overlay.
There will be a time, coming soon, I believe, when people will be given this kind of disclosure.
It will create many questions.

If an event was scripted, is it any less real? What makes it not true….as if did happen, one way or another. The whole control loop system tells us that history is being dabbled with. Many of us live with a very high degree of control. The victims and past workers whom have become victims and lived through it, of the CIAs and other agencies "project and programs," are examples of how long reaching that arm of influence, exactly is. The Military Industrial Complex is far more and far different than most would imagine.

There are examples of this control, and credible people who have spoken and then a victim of that same control loop.

posted on Jun, 4 2015 @ 05:59 PM

originally posted by: Direne
a reply to: The GUT

GUT, really, don't you think your deep readings about those secret and obscure agencies have had a devastating effect on your ability to discern reality around you? So, after accusing me of being a vampyr, an alien, a NSA agent, or an AI algorithm, what's next? A terrorist? Don't you think you are looking for weapons of massive destruction there where there is just a dusty desert?

You need to stop for a while and think about whether you are approaching the entire thing from a very narrow perspective: the American one. It is as valid as, say, the Eskimo one, or the Tanzanian one, or the Tongan one. I mean: your NSA and CIA, and your three football-field sized UFOs only holds in your society, which happens to be the American one (more exactly, the post 9/11 American one, fading away as a superpower since the 80s). It does not apply at all to, say, the Moldavian one. Your NSA/CIA is just a domestic issue which affects, deeply, Americans, one of the many peoples on this planet which look as alien to the rest as the rest looks alien to you. I call that UFOlogical Provincialism.

That you live on a permanent state of anxiety seeing NSA agents everywhere is a symptom of how deep the disease has extended in your society. It tells the story of those policemen under permanent terror who see armed black people everywhere, and who shoot readily projecting their fear onto them, a fear turned into bullets.

If everything you do not understand you call it disinformation, how would you ever learn? If day in day out you label truth as "mere opinion, just a view", what does that mean? Soon you will be living in a society where the individual won't dare to dissent, lest he be accused of being "a disinformation agent". What would be next? Ku-Klux-Klan? A witch hunting? Who's the guru here? You?

Direne: We linked, at some point (I'll have to look where I posted the link) FL with DARPA. The software you were using for Cassini Discuss was linked to DARPA, and a potential link to DARPA's long term narrative collection programming, and study of language, amongst a wide variety of other things, which is likely part and parcel of what's needed, partly, to "inject within a culture" needed elements to influence future events. The CIA does this all the time in forgeign countries. They go in and create government takeovers, to force the fall of a given 'regime."
It's part of their business. This is just an example of cultural control.

Anyone who flies today knows how far and wide respected in other countries' airports American Patriot Act and Homeland Security poliices are. That of what we speak doesn't reach into other countries and affect them, worldwide, implying a "larger body or group that controls" events, and therefore, people, is ridiculous, on the face of it.

posted on Jun, 4 2015 @ 06:16 PM
a reply to: fr33coll3ct1v3
Hey fr33:

there is trouble ...trouble for us because someone brought a multiverse translator here and it used by a few to shape lives of a multitude...

Yes. This is quite true. The problem with that is as you describe: hijacking and controlling the release and version of that multiverse translation of memory.
I agree to everything you said in your post, except your reference to Nazis.

posted on Jun, 4 2015 @ 07:20 PM

originally posted by: The GUT
a reply to: criticalhit

I'm generally enjoying your mind and spirit and I basically agree with some of your points about Direne sharing here and--I say this with some reservation--"answering questions."

I'm not sure you're aware of how content at the uber-mysterious FL has been seemingly, nay, obviously generated to reflect current speculations and/or particular interests of some longtime thread participants? Never validating any of that info, but always dangling the carrot they have proof of this or that. Yeah, that yanks my chain a little, but more than that it gives me information about the entity I'm dealing with. Direne talks a lot about real trust and truth in communication, yet...

Further, it might be somewhat shortsighted of you to infer that FL has no agenda monetarily or otherwise because they don't "promote" it in the way that you promote on the web. The fact they don't might (probably) mean much more than you think it does. So, you seem fairly sharp and sweet natured, but possibly a tad naive and maybe even yourself susceptible to the type of teacher/student relationship cathexis often associated with Eastern philosophy and practice: The need for a Guru.

Well, nice words sir.

Not naive, just enjoying the method. I like a "guru" not because I think of them as a guru and hang on every word (i've had a couple really piss me off, attributable not having entirely gotten their game together to a degree where I wasn't getting knocked in the face by their process) You always get "something" out of it , for example 11 years of Shotokan before Wing Chun, obviously Wing Chun is far more versatile, better for you as a whole, but I learned stuff, i'm not limited to one style because Sensei thinks I should be, know what I mean? But i'll devote to the process completely (unless it's harming me) before I attack it for it's faults is all if the Devil be behind it I don't care, i'll know that eventually and have insight to the Devil that's a positive in my book.

And I don't know even when I have suspicions my breath isn't wasted anyway and I just loose what I could gain. Some people just can't have these things explained to them, don't know how to describe it but there are people who zombie into whatever they find no matter what, weak willed? Spiritless, just plain dumber than dumb. I don't know... I always let the librarian finish the story when I was a kid.

posted on Jun, 4 2015 @ 10:16 PM
You're playing blind and evading tactics.
But you keep pushing yourself as a female.
For what intent? enticement? allure?
You're a genius. Always on your "behalf".
You mustn't be a genius after all.
You're just either be a cheap female pretending as off-world or
an off-world genius but not a female.
"Spill the beans" Direne.

Better yet I hear you say, "Yes, I'm a cheap female and I do have my female needs and I'm just one of you pretending "we're not".

Enough with your bull#.

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 12:05 AM
Couple of times removed.

Nevermind the above post Dwryne.

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posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 12:48 AM
a reply to: joshint

I think it's just "part of the program" my friend. At the basest root, whatever this is, it's about communication with alien intelligence. If your thing was communicating with "alien intelligence's" why would you want to communicate "what you're doing" by identifying your name, who you are where you live, what sex, religion etc you are? It would kind of ruin the research if the topic was to be of any real use. The whole point would be to interact without knowing those details, that's "the game"

How do you communicate with the unknown? She's the "unknown" and people are posing reactive and somewhat charged statements. Wouldn't that be in the end the first or one of the first ways to cause a conflict with a more advanced species, just a bit less worse than I dunno playing "grab arse" with an aliens spouse on board the mother ship or kicking one of it's young? lol. Kind of like saying "pull your ugly arse tentacled face out of the helmet ya varmint"

Once upon a time. When I was very, very young and not too wise. I had a very dangerous idea.

That idea was to play the role of Dungeon Master as an actual character like in the stupid cartoon.

You know what those B@$t@rd"S did? They asked how many HP I had, when I told them they killed the DM. I had to pick a number and they decided I couldn't have more than double Zues making the "new rule" on the fly, summoned in their own deities, a couple had lucky roles and the Dm was dead. Didn't matter at that point how much effort I had put into it, if it was important in the continuing story, whatever, No Dm... last Line "The stars start going out let's play asteroids."

The stuff is about communication, the rule is "I reveal nothing about me" and there's no reason at all to do so. Because you know, no one on ats uses too much personal info if offered to utterly refute everything you have to say on ATS lol, lol, lol...

Like let's say Phage tomorrow posted a thread entitled, "i'm a Republican Muslim HS Janitor everything I know is from Popular Science" changed his Avatar to a picture of Daffy Duck... Planet X would be roaring through ATS unstoppable in under 2 hrs...

In a thread about "communication" I could just see something like a Billion reasons to just... stop asking whatever "it" is, what "it" is, it wont work if you have details because the entirety of the communication changes to "known's" and you're no longer operating from a place of trying to communicate with an unknown. Attempting to get "information" from an "unknown level of intelligence", not knowing sex for sure, not knowing if the information being given is real, race, age, location even subtle suggestions of not being human...

Brute force "ends the scenario" which if it had death lasers lol, is the end period right?...

I think aside from a lot of good posted links, the only thing about communication with an "unkown" being learned thus far is it get's frustrating fast and resorting to "attacks" becomes an option waaaaay faster then you would likely want it to if you were really trying to communicate with an "unknown intelligence" we get mad if it's beliefs differ from our own even though it "may" be right and things become hostile.

Now this isn't at YOU... this is for the whole thread.

Direne said: With an unknown/alien intelligence. You can't communicate much more than:

FOOD (which i'll relate to fight, food is ending the others existence) and GO AWAY. For a few pages now, we are at that point. Go away reveal yourself, explain it or i'll "eat you" fight you, out debate you. be mean whatever... A real alien at this point would leave or kick arse...

So i'd say... it makes sense, languages make us alien to one another and leave us in a state of "food or go away" in the due course, she never said "a dog really doesn't understand a Bone" I believe she said, these are the 2 things you Can communicate... so if you wanted to understand communication with alien intelligence you'd do it so it generates "the conflict" the impasse so to speak... you can't know who she is or it can't be demonstrated... be it real or role play doesn't matter

Or i'm just a cup half full kind of cat... I look for insights regardless of the circumstances "what can I learn from this" but whatever. I see correlations from earlier statements and the way this is going "Cognitive Dissonance" arising because we can't rectify the unknown aspects or ones you expect in communication.

Things like male or female are "really mattering" lol, You ask ASL the answer is stage 11,6,touch if you get one (please go figure out what sex 6 is lol) (don't pick 3 it's tentacle up the....)

Food or Go Away, I have to say at this point score 1 Direne, humanity zero. regardless of who, intent or whatever else is on the other end of the keyboard.

Reaching this point in the game that is.... Where you don't have any cards in your hand and you top deck an effin land... (minor language warning)

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posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 01:29 AM
a reply to: criticalhit

Well, my friend.

She mentioned this:

Yes, I agree with you. Yet, a prey is just a prey when there is a predator around, while predators are always predators, even if there is no prey around. On the other hand, communication is not enough. Telling the truth when you communicate is. You can always use communication to deceive your prey.

No offense Direne. I understand it's always on your behalf. To each on it's own.

Let's proceed...
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posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 02:09 AM
a reply to: joshint

But again, in the context of what is going on, we have not made determinations on "predator" we have no way to be able to do so and now, frustration. In a "real world situation" this would be "breaking down" and let's be real Predator and Prey aren't "steady states" a Cow is Prey to a Wolf but Predator to Grass and all interactions would work that way, everything is prey to something even if just a virus.

This could be a 9 year old's "experiment" or "the Navy's" "a bunch of goth kids" as someone said 100 posts back somewhere, "a small think tank of professors", "someone from Ats..." It's still an"experiment" or "project" whatever you like to call it...

My draw to this was the topic of communicating with an alien intelligence, i'm very interested in AI, Very Interested.

This is "thought provoking" which is more than I can say for a lot of ats, (where I still don't know who the hell i'm talking to btw, mainly at least) except the topic is arm chair generating the "War with China" or "Jews and Muslims who should die first?"

And seriously, if seeking to get answers from someone and I know they don't want to blink and there is no locus of Fear to make them... let's say contact is digital like this, you'd want to "get" everything you could right? The way to do that is to "keep them talking" which is nothing more than "bad cop from a worse movie" sort of stuff... Personally, i'll say NO forever if people yell at me... that's just me, but still....

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 02:36 AM
I'd think it would be pretty hard to communicate over time and not give away data, if someone could truly do it, that tells me something too, it's not really rocket science or effin magnets how do they work?

See that, "effin magnet's how do they work" Insane Clown Posse reference (yes i am shamed for knowing that to a degree)

You just learned a lot of things, like, i'm from a white trash neighborhood originally and i used to get pissed in my living room when life wasn't going right and beat the crap out of pillows, drink Boone's Farm and stuff to bad music... JK, mostly, lol

and from that you can discern it wasn't a joke it was last Thursday

Nothing will "slip" if someone's on the defensive, useless method of getting info without a legitimate fear factor.

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 02:48 AM
a reply to: criticalhit

Well, my friend.

I've been on the "Guessing Games" for almost a year and I always try to understand them.

Some of the ATS member were even almost 2 years. Like Kantz.

I'd like to hear Kantz gathered information from them.
Give away Kantz.
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posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 03:45 AM
a reply to: joshint

I agree and utterly understand that.

At the same time as a guy who plays with the internet for a living if all that website is, is a pile of gobbledegook with some really good links to interesting info you would have had to at least... done some real homework to look it up and fit the context and likely did the reading too because why the hell not while there, 176 tripped out vids and counting and well... effort.

As a guy being honest about who I am, that's... "quite an Internet thing" you did there..." from a Pov of it's all bs for whatever reason, i'm still very interested in the thought's of the artist agree or disagree, definitely not a "dummy"

The thoughts of the person behind it would still be of interest to me, things they link on subjects... are interested in.

Viral experiment, whatever... it's cool.

I totally "get" I read the thread 4 days ago... yah, but the little not hidden name drops are interesting pieces of work, etc, etc... I've got a lot of good reading from this so far! great topics. I'm not interested so much in "getting to the bottom of who or why" there's just a lot of "Candy"

Remember, I also own social network pages on art, 2 at the moment, Fantasy and Japanese actually, 5 more coming up one of which is "contemporary art" as topic

Damn fine Contemporary Art right here I say as a content seeker, this is "original" in whatever scenarios....

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posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 03:52 AM
a reply to: criticalhit

Yeah, I agree with you.

Sure there are lots of interesting things to pick up.

But as time goes on, you already have your formed picture in mind.

That's why I'm interested with Kantz gathered information about them as she's the oldest one.

But the Interest goes on: They're really good on Arts.

Unique Style: Weird and Mysterious. Mostly Abstract.

a reply to: Direne

Sorry for the RANT Direne.

What I meant to say was you're open about your gender but I don't understand why you don't answer straightforward to some questions.
You seem to give more importance that we know about your gender rather than the teach/learning process.

It's just funny that you seem to be enticing and many seem to fall for it and I don't like it.
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posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 04:10 AM
a reply to: joshint

Oh yeah... I even like the way it's laid out given the kind of sound experience it is... jumping from one thing to another sound keeps playing from the others independently and overlaps and it's really cool.

I'm sitting on some Heavy memory, Graphics and even Heavier Bass here lol...

I can drop 20 of those You Tube vids running at once. And I have lots of big screens. 3 or 4 like I said for just my workstation setup the main machine alone is hooked up to 3 subwoofers and a bunch of speakers.

My place is far from the little pigs that had the sense to use brick either... whole thing vibrates haha. I like.

Also why I have a semi wild Coyote as my best pal... best guard dog ever.

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