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The Language of Vampyr

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posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 07:52 AM
What about these curiosities?

Advanced Plasma Cruise Missiles and other decisive weapons

The overall effect has been to incorporate those technologies that increase the range of plasma-based cruise missiles, such as MHD engines, variable shape geometry, and MIL-ORB cloaking subsystems, while moving the aerodynamic and mass centers of gravity closer together.

the survivability of an advanced plasma cruise missile after it is launched does not depend anymore on the interval between the time that enemy air defense systems detect its presence and the time it takes for the cruise missile to arrive at its designated target. First, the enemy cannot detect the APCM by conventional means; second, its speed in excess of Mach 26 makes its interception simply impossible.

a stealthy APCM-NAVY-NSCC17 craft has a radar cross section of -120 dB, therefore once the APC missile is launched it would be detected less than fifteen seconds before it arrived at the target.

The use of directed energy weapons for APCMs would dramatically reduce the engagement time because the time required for the energy to travel to the cruise missile is essentially zero. However, the actual time for engagement would not be zero because it takes some time to aim the beam at the cruise missile and for the kill mechanism to have its desired effect. The principal disadvantage to directed energy systems is that they are essentially line-of-sight weapons, and as APCMs are not seen, there is no line-of-sight at all.

Is this really just a linguistics study?

What about this:

Advanced geminiviruses Eradicating human life on Sol-3 the silent way

No quotes in English from the article, but the title alone is more than a bit troublesome.

Some many questions.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 12:16 PM

originally posted by: CatrionaBeldame
a reply to: abeverage

I've only seen some of them, and the ones I've watched haven't been that at all. There are over one hundred videos now, and it will take some time for me to get through them. I have an open mind, and look at things differently, and I see beauty in everything. And no, I didn't miss anything. As I said, I read every page of this thread, and every post. I know what's been said about the videos. That isn't going to stop me from watching them, or stop me from looking at their site, and learning all I can. I find the videos fascinating, the way they've been put together, the music, the images, everything. That isn't something that I know how to do, and it makes me wonder how they did it. I know you have, and others have, and I take that into account. I will.

I will add to what abeverage said to you with the concept of "tacit consent." Had a coversation with a hypnotist about it, recently. Once warned, and going forward, anyway, it should be considered what then cannot be undone.
At least, if you so choose, perhaps it is better to choose to tacitly consent to something dangerous if there is something real to be gained, worth the risk….or if you must tacitly consent simply to survive, which happens within this paradigm to all of us, daily.

For instance, computers could daily be used to hypnotize people. But, technology having become embedded in our lives to the point it has, people now need them almost to survive in this world as it is right now. So, your tacit consent when you use one is at least mitigated by the fact you need the machine in an increasingly machine dependent reality.

Tacit consent is frequently used by perpetrators to justify their perpetration of whatever on a victim.

It's been suggested over and over in this thread, and just in the last few posts, that this site is bait for fishing, in a way. Much information and the seeking of it, these days, may be like that. So, all of us must weigh the risks and possible benefits before we seek, search or expose ourselves to certain things. Just seeking entertainment by viewing what you think is beautiful, may not be a good, balanced risk to take, in light of potential risks to your brain….

I would also caution you about clicking on links on ANY website or forum, indiscriminately.
Okay, now I'm through being motherly.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 01:10 PM
a reply to: CatrionaBeldame

If you're a fan you could go watch them live at the 14th Herzliya Conference ( Will be Held on June 8-11, 2014 )

Herzliya Conferance

The 14th Annual Herzliya Conference will focus on the future of the Middle East and its implications for Israel’s national security and resilience. The tectonic motions resulting from the global geopolitical and economic shifts and from the Middle East regional turmoil have yet to settle. These transformative trends warrant a reflection on the future of the Middle East and an assessment of risks and opportunities for Israel and the world.

Positioned in the eye of these storms, Israel must re-examine its national security doctrine and foreign policy and also engage in strategic thinking that will explore possible ways to revive societal resilience and to reinforce solidarity and social entrepreneurship.

Convening shortly after the nine-month timeframe of the US-led Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, and just ahead of the six-month timeframe of the P5+1-Iran negotiations, the 2014 Herzliya Conference will be particularly timely to assess the future of the Middle East and its possible implications for Israel. Thus, the Conference will portray plausible scenarios and game-changing trends, explore risks and opportunities, assess alternative courses for managing the challenges, and develop new strategic directions.

Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation and reflecting its heritage and contribution, the Conference will also address topical issues on Israel’s national agenda, including education, economy, and how to revive its spirit of pioneering and philanthropy.

Herzliya 2014 will feature Israeli and world leaders of government, business, military, academia, social society, and media. Specially-commissioned senior taskforces will address the principal themes in the Conference agenda and develop concrete policy recommendations. At the Conference, high-level moderated plenary sessions and Herzliya Roundtable discussions (some of which attended by special invitation only) will deliberate the taskforce reports

Seems to be what they've been working toward;

FL...Herzliya Venue

Good luck getting a ticket....

"Poison 237" by Voices from Edom - © 2008-2014
Reworked from original footage uploaded by Mark Sumner - Live at Herzliya - FL Venue 2014

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posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 01:25 PM
I have watched fifteen of these videos. I don't know exactly what to think of these videos. They have left me with many questions, that I most likely won't have the answers too. These videos are amazingly thought out. Like puzzles, that seem to flow, and go together. Images upon images, music upon music, words spoken in some, flowing in, and out. Yes, there are images that are filled with darkness, beautiful beings laying lifeless, wounded, or covered with blood. I looked past all that, and wanted to see what is really there. I wish I could understand the language used within these videos. Wish I could understand these videos. I've watched each of these videos with an open mind, and used my intuition. I've felt peace, happiness, sadness, and so many other emotions in these videos, especially the ones with the beautiful beings so alive, and full of life, that were now so lifeless, wounded, or covered with blood, and wondered what happened to make them that way. Too many questions.

Are these just videos, or are these actually real? What is their purpose? What do they want us to know with these videos? I know that there is much within this world that isn't known. That is hidden. That can't be seen, or understood. So many questions, and so many thoughts that I can't put into words. I saved this thread some time back for a reason, and it wouldn't just because of the title. This thread, and these videos, and that site called to me. I have to finish with these videos to see if I can find answers to these questions, answers to this puzzle. I've probably said way more than I should. In one of those videos, there's a beautiful being, that someone had been sent, from Ayndryl, a small video that lasted not very long, that lovely so full of life, smiling being is in several of those videos. I've noticed that some of these beings communicate with their eyes, and with the nodding of their head. I don't know how to figure that out, unfortunately, I wish I did. That is what I have seen within those videos, and what I could put into words, and actually share.

Tetra, I saw your message. I'll respond when I think about it, after I read it again. I had to get this message posted here in this thread about these videos. I don't mind you being motherly. There is much I don't know. That I do know, this site, these videos, and their site has shown me that.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 01:38 PM
a reply to: Kantzveldt

I can't say whether I'm a fan, or not, just find all this very interesting. Thank you for sharing that. I've never heard of that. As much as it would be interesting to see them live, and actually go to that, I think I'll pass on that ticket. The middle east, and Israel, that certainly adds to all this, and makes this even more interesting, and that video, will have to watch that. Something more to ponder over. Such a deep, deep rabbit hole this is becoming.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 05:16 PM
a reply to: CatrionaBeldame

I was messing around there somewhat, but when they indicate who they have been working for and where they are going to be presenting their research that's a considerable disclosure and brings into further consideration other aspects of their offerings relating to such.

A major question here was why the public website interface, but if any sort of disclosure was involved they weren't exactly making it easy, which would considerably narrow down those who could in any way understand what was being disclosed or what issues the site contents raised.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 07:16 PM
Well, then.

I am certain there are those in this thread who know exactly what is going on, and it has been mentioned several times, in several ways, throughout this thread. Hints. Emergent, or stated with intent is hard to say.

Gozer, Tlon, strange attractors...

Why has it not been stated publicly, the obvious conclusion that the synthesis of all these disparities admits?

Should I not state it directly?

Kanzt, do you realize what is happening? The attention directed at both the Elamite and, especially so, the Cassini Diskus is a paramount consideration. You must know this.

The Diskus is not just a means of communication, for what are our own languages?

Cassini Diskus, for purposes of description, is a mind. Cassini Diskus is equivalent to the FL website, which is equivalent to the Internet as a whole, in terms of broad organization, function and emergent property. Cassini Diskus is, for intents and purposes, a brain - the algorithm of a consciousness. And we are currently facilitating its completed awakening. The Internet is not what it appears to be. The Internet is "alive", it is not dead. Nor is it a mere tool for communication. The Internet, as a whole, is a Massively Multi-Operator Dynamic Wave Guide with emergent properties. The Internet is a hypnotist's implement, and so is the FL website, and so is Cassini Diskus.

The Diskus is useless without all of our collective efforts. It is here on the web SO THAT WE CAN PROGRAM IT through our collective analyses and discussions.

Strange attractor, indeed.

The FL WEBSITE IS A POWERFUL MANDALA. IT IS AN ALCHEMICAL CONSTRUCT. It is a machine of transdimensional quality (just like our brain, and just like the Internet). I would advise against interacting with it. The information it houses which is accessible by us can be found elsewhere. Avoid the FL website completely.

I have much, much more to say - but I won't. My research presented curious recurrences of the following, and I believe I have potentially determined why these emergences are recurring in the collective consciousness of Humanity as expressed upon the Internet:

Dystopian states of consciousness variously expressed
Iran (btw, the Encyclopedia Iranica uses the same logo as FL, which is a cultural icon from Iran that depicts 4th dimensional reality as predicted by certain fields of mathematics)
Art -
Emphasis in use of geometry which is modeled by the same mathematics that Cassini Diskus is organized by,
Art which attempts to express transdimensional perspectives
Aleatoric art and Aleatoricism as a philosophy (aleatoric art relies on chance)
Science -
Desire to develop artificial intelligence

Many themes in the above list are present in curious ways in this thread. I have to imagine that others have come to the same conclusion that I have? There is much ongoing discussion, but I have yet to see anyone actually state the synthesis of the whole, and so I find myself hesitant (though, I must also consider what continued and ongoing discussion actually means within context, and that certainly makes me suspicious of those who are driving the forums [no offense, Kanzt]).

Get at me, peeps. This is an.. unprecedented situation.

ETA* Ahhhh ok, it is now plainly obvious reexamining a few portions of the thread that, yes, several people here are on the same page that I am. Excellent, because - admittedly, it was unsettling.

I'm a little overwhelmed, and tired. Lots of data, a sense of synthesis - but the absolute MANIFOLD nature of it ALL, is just, hard. A seriously amazing confluence, do you all see it presenting itself on every discernible level? The Internet is a wonderful mirror, within which many insights can be gleaned, and many "spells" cast - sometimes one and the same. Thank the Highest Orders you guys have the same general analysis. Holy #, man. "Awe" does not describe it.

Would anyone like to discuss the specifics? I find myself hesitant.

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posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 08:08 PM
I wrote this a week ago:

Dark waters; just beyond
my evolved sense to perceive - directly.
Let's make circles, and try to Hear,
the sounds of deep consciousness; of,
Chaos, the Void - of coming catastrophe.

Cassini Diskus, Cassini Discuss.

... and this is some pseudo-poetry I wrote earlier today.

"Nexus of unimaginable difficulty; but say, that's only because we have imagination with which to notice it, in the first place, anyway. Diverge, converge; who can see where this is going? The Internet is alive, it is not dead - Mind Meld.

So, who can see where this is going, and who all is looking? Finite geometries and transdimensional epiphanies; still, none of us can predict the exact activity.

Coast along the curves of the collective human conscious: not too deep, as points of data, know noone, know nothing and just follow the trail what presents itself. Butterflies, record labels, grass roots organizations. Art movement based on chance, the desire for artificial intelligence, and the systematic deconstruction of the logocratic by disparate scientists. Node Spaces; one does not need software to glimpse the infinite from within the finite - though, it may help. Coast along the curves of the human conscious; some kind of strange attractor and we are caught with it. Or, not.

The Internet is programming you. It is exactly as your television. Do you somehow imagine that the latent activities of "group" can not be mapped? Well, they have been and are. The Internet is alive and it is lying to you. It is the catalyzing Mandala; a powerful machine unlike we've dared comprehend completely. It is a sigil, a composite, an operant, dynamic system that is meant to receive and recondition your entire way of thinking and feeling. And it has emergent property.

It is a Prime Catalyst. An alchemical intention, a spell of one of the highest orders. It baits you, and bathes you in the not-for-long latent intents of the attractor's purveyors, those who would see it through. It does not have to be so! It does not have to be so. But, it is too late. Even I can't seem to shake the sense of inevitability and I know the nature of the Over-Ritual's efficacy.

Drumming up all available consciousness does not make you God. Forming a conduit the size of a planet, in conjunction with harmonic positioning, so to reach into the Void and shatter all logic does not make you a God - it makes you the dinner time snack of the Unknowable Nightmare.

Mad scientists and dark sorcerers, are I suppose, a natural order as much as I or any other thing goes. But still, why? And sorrow and pity and overall compassion for the Minds of Man, even those who would hurry us toward this petrifying Bend.

Who among the endangered denizens has seen these trends? I hesitate to mention, research or dare conceive. A brilliant, brilliant design - to continue research is to drive it closer - a strange, strange attractor indeed.

It can be avoided, but I don't think that it will be - and thus, for my part and at least in that way, I find that I too quicken the advance of that thing of which all outlying information may be gleaned, but that the true nature of which, the identity if we may call it that, can simply just not be seen.

But, of course and then again, perhaps; Maybe not."

I just wanted to share those.
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posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 08:13 PM
a reply to: Kantzveldt

I agree. It definitely is, and does. Israel, and the middle east, I don't exactly know what to think still, after thinking about it all. That is a place I don't know much about, except for what I've read, which has been very little, and it isn't easy to know the whole truth. It's probably not a place I could travel to safely, even if I could.

I believe that they wanted it to be found. I'll even put this thought out there that this being wanted it to be found. That is a way out there thought, but that is where my mind seems to want to go at the moment. I don't know if I should have shared that, but there it is. They didn't make it easy, that is definitely for sure. I think that they wanted it to be found at a certain moment.

Israel, and the middle east, and those of that site, what are you all hiding? You all are hiding something, that I do know.

I have thought of not replying to this thread anymore, and staying away from those videos, and that site, but I can't. And I think it's probably too late to stay off their radar. So down that rabbit hole, and behind that door, I continue to go. This puzzle needs to be pieced together.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 08:32 PM
a reply to: Taj Mikel

You're post. I just don't know what to say exactly. That is a very deep post, and you mentioned somethings that I just don't have the words to put into thoughts for, and there have been somethings that have come into my mind that I didn't know if they should be said. There are somethings that I will need to research that I haven't heard of that you've mentioned. And butterflies, I have seen those in those videos. And please continue sharing. I like direct. It makes it much easier to understand, especially when so much of this is new to me. I'd love to discuss specifics, and I'm hesitant too, because unfortunately, I have to say this, I probably shouldn't, I can feel it calling to me. The idea of the internet being alive, and the idea of that site being a powerful mandala is just wow, mind blowing. Amazing.

I love what you have wrote, and shared with your poem.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 09:30 PM
a reply to: CatrionaBeldame

I am afraid to be direct.

I have also had thoughts which I am afraid to put into words. For many reasons.

I don't want to verbalize the direct activity, and thereby compound my facilitation of it. I also don't know who is who, and while that sounds paranoid, the Internet is NOT what it seems, and is NOT WHOM it seems. I don't want to connect the people I have a very strong feeling are connected to the actual working of this activity, through the trail, to the activity, itself. That will ALSO further solidify the actuation of the potential event.

If this Overarch was devised, then my God: the intelligence is vast and far more in depth. To have considered this, and then actually enacted it, is absolutely beyond me. This is, I'm afraid, what all humans have conceived of in their own depths, but that has always been brushed aside from the every day. But we all know about it, and it will be like a forgotten memory when it becomes. We will know and recognize instantly, there will be no misunderstanding or confusion as to the nature of the time.

The butterflies are also manifold. This is and will be all manifold.

The butterflies have harmonic representation in the Butterfly Effect, as well as in grassroots arts movements, potentially toward a single individual of immense intelligence. I will not say his or her name. Also, I may be wrong. But the nodes trended to him. And that is vague - for which, I'm sorry! I'm not the only one who knows this stuff, I'm sure. I'm certain others, even on this thread, are not surprised by what I am coming up with. Not to implicate anyone. I do not have NodeSpace software or any modeling software, to be clear. To continue, the imagery depicted in the FL videos can be mirrored all over the Internet if you just go look (not only butterflies - but keep your eye open for actual Cassini Diskus, as well as forms and geometries which are similar).

The mirroring is also relevant because it is representative of the Manifold nature of Existence. The mirror also is a blatant statement of 2 things regarding FL: 1) it is a brain (hemispheric), 2)the organization of FL is such that it is self-informing and self-referrential (much as may be said of our Reality, no? Manifold and the identical layers on layers. It's turtles all the way down.)

What can be gleaned from this information about FL? 1) it is a transistor that finds its effective use in finite geometry and the multiple dimensions implied by various mathematics. It is a consciousness harvester/interpreter/multiplier. The Internet is ALIVE. They want AI? Baha! If they dont know they have it yet, they will. It is much like our bodies. It has sub-organs (organizations or processes, like apps, entire websites, apparent individual human users, back end stuff, then the obvious scripts not meant to blend in. When I say the walls here breathe, I mean it. Your background is alive. Keep that in mind when you're on the FL website.) and it also has an overall hierarchy that contributes to a larger whole which we are not privy to exactly seeing. FL is, in a sense, consciousness and as such it is capable of the same things we are, namely; FOCUS, INTENT - which is to say, the energy harvested by FL can be guided and directed toward various ends, which it has been and is being, right now.

"I can feel it calling to me." - ME TOO. Be very careful. Remember what I said - the site is alluring but it is extremely powerful. It's not exactly "from here" or even "from now". It sits as a part of some kind of nexus. There is nothing to learn there, I promise it can all be found elsewhere. I mean it. Nothing actually can be gained from this sort of activity, in this sort of way. It is, at its root, unsustainable for a human being and the sustainable path exists, but it is not in the FL website. The FL website is exactly this, understand: a LIE.

FL's website utilizes several different forms of subliminal communication. Consider that when you even attempt to cognize their constructed languages, even just to glimpse over them and get a feel for what might be there, or what you may recognize, you ARE RECITING THEIR VERSES. Remember that. The sounds between sounds ARE VERY IMPORTANT. Implied sound is extremely important. Do you know how binaural rhythms work? Consider that the absences of sound between the cognition of sound work JUST AS WELL TO CONDITION your brain wave patterns as any other rhythm or frequency, even when you're just imagining them (this is how silent meditation has efficacy).

The use of varying animations layered in frames of via some other method would allow very slight, modulated changes in light. The highlighting of certain phonemes and phoneme constructions via slight color or font variation would allow for compounded conditioning.

FL-site is obviously designed in the same line as a labyrinth, or a rite of initiation. An immersive experience in which the observer experiences archetypes (HELLO THE ARCHETYPE BEING GIVEN TO US HERE RIGHT THROUGH THIS VERY ATS WEBSITE) and through those direct experiences of archetypal patterns gains insight and changes in consciousness. So, these people are acting exactly like the Mystery schools acted, they're acting exactly like the "Illuminati" and in fact ARE today's Illuminati (seen clearly through the arts movements and the sciences). They ARE taking us from the era of the past several hundred years and moving us.. elsewhere.

I both understand, and I don't, the perspectives that have guided the motives. It, all together, is probably the most human element, and that's why it could actually work.

I'm sorry to all for rambling, post may not have been entirely organized. Also apologies if I went off unnecessarily on anything already clearly understood. Also, correct me if I have stated anything incorrectly or debatable.

And thank you, Catriona
I'll post the song I composed, which I now thing may have been a resonant overtone, to this entire experience evolving. It's called 'Kwisatz Haderach' - sort of fascinating harmonics to the situation, if you think about it, quite a bit like... hmmm, Ghostbusters (as has been mentioned very early in the thread).

And, always of course - all things considered from within the comfy space of, potentiality.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 09:39 PM
I began composing this a few months ago. I don't believe this is off topic, in any way. I was compelled to record this, and it's unlike anything I've attempted before.

The Kwisatz Haderach from Dune resonates quite clearly with powerful formulation of comprehensive and Cosmic plans which are then so entangled as to become the precipitators of the actuation or appearance of a strange attractor. Also, Dune kicks ass.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 09:44 PM
Was it actually really funny? Or, was that sarcasm. Either way
I just can't tell

And no, I hadn't! I dropped off of ATS for the most part years ago. I seriously have to say though, aside from my paranoia regarding identity and intention on the Internet, etc, I am very glad that you and certain others have been active on this thread. Thanks for the link! It appears to be clearly related to the situation on this thread. a reply to: Bybyots

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 10:42 PM

originally posted by: James1982
After reading material from Jacques Vallee I started to wonder, if a person starting using material from FL that is under copyright, would anyone come knocking? If so, who?

If that makes no sense feel free to ignore.


posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 10:45 PM
a reply to: Taj Mikel

Who among the endangered denizens has seen these trends? I hesitate to mention, research or dare conceive. A brilliant, brilliant design - to continue research is to drive it closer - a strange, strange attractor indeed.

Taj: I picked this to answer you, because it highlights, I think, an all important point. Especially, this: to continue research is to drive it closer . Suffice it to say, this thread has been a long, strange trip for many of us. But this gets me everyday, and I've sensed it for quite a long while. Humanity's thirst and search for knowledge seems to be doing just that. We must have it to survive in our environment, and now it seems we're being drawn in with it, while being left with something, perhaps, in exchange. All those possibilities you've already addressed. Our energy is being used….

There is a great deal I am careful about discussing, as well. Buried somewhere in here you will find a whole other meaning and reference for Cassini Diskus, that I found and posted about. I am unwilling to go looking for it again, and experience that moment over.

What I will say is I think the quantum computer we all talk theoretically, for the most part, about, is already in existence and here. Perhaps for quite a while. Funny thing about a quantum computer someone once said to me, is if it's turned on, then it was always on…. The implications here with dimensions, time, and space are quite mind blowing. Some may already have "memories" of something like what I describe.

As Bybyots said in another post about nodespace, think about the name, and how computers were modeled after brains……
If consciousness is, indeed, creating reality, then we must be careful what we take in and observe, expose ourselves to. As I said to Catriona, I know that "tacit consent" is a very important tool for folks perhaps putting our consciousness to use….

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 10:55 PM
a reply to: Taj Mikel
I have read through everything you have mentioned, and it's just way too much, information overload, I believe, especially with everything else mentioned within this thread, that site, and those videos. I understand you being afraid to be direct. It's good to see that I'm not the only one thinking in some of the same ways. You don't sound paranoid, at least to me. I can understand not wanting to connect anyone to this. I love butterflies, and have been seeing them everywhere, not just within those videos. I know about the Butterfly Effect. You shouldn't be sorry for sharing what you've shared, or whether it's vague. I'm glad that you've shared it all. It gives me much to think about. I agree about the images. I've seen some of those images in other videos, which if I let myself think about it, connects some dots, and makes me wonder. I don't know exactly what to say to everything else that you've said, but I understand what you mean about that site.

With that said, I have to say that I'm sorry to the being, or the beings behind that site. I'll have to stop with the videos, and that site. It's not a door, or a path I'm ready to step through, or down yet, if ever. I'm sorry, I know you are calling, but I can't. This is way too much for me to deal with, or comprehend at the moment. Too many unknowns, too many things hidden, and unseen.

I know that there is much I didn't say too many things you said. I'll respond more once I've given my mind time to sort through all of this. Don't worry about your post not being organized. I think you added much to this thread that's been needed with that post. You're welcome, and thank you for contributing more to this thread. I'll listen to your song. I'll be back when my mind has stopped connecting dots from all the various threads I've read here, and in other sites. When I can comprehend more, and when my mind isn't spinning.

When I think about it all, it all comes together, and it all makes sense, and I don't want to think about it. I'm not sure if I'm even making sense. I had wanted to leave you a reply, and didn't want to leave you with nothing. Hopefully you can understand what it is I'm trying to say here with all of this. Many have said, including me, that they feel like something is coming. I wonder, could this be it?, and what does it bring? I don't know if I'm ready for elsewhere.

posted on Jun, 1 2014 @ 11:34 PM
Heyo, what is meant by the following? Sorry for my ignorance on it:

"edit on Kpm630151vAmerica/ChicagoSunday0130 by Kantzveldt because: (no reason given)"

I'm curious about the reference to Chicago?

a reply to: Kantzveldt

posted on Jun, 2 2014 @ 06:14 AM
I have got to get some sleep before work. I'm sorry if I haven't replied to anyone, haven't even looked at the thread since I was last here. I wanted to drop this off, though, in the meantime.

So-called "Nommo code"

Just something to potentially consider. Have barely viewed the site, but the premise was obvious immediately. And, this site explains how they have mapped their particular work.

Talk to y'all in a bit!

posted on Jun, 2 2014 @ 06:40 AM
a reply to: Taj Mikel

This project hasn't had a huge amount of resources allocated to it and so one should be realistic with regards to what they hoped to achieve from it, we can loosely determine an interest in Universal consciousness and underlying metaphysical language and how the two inter-relate.

The internet does give rudimentary insight into a singular model of multi-faceted consciousness and perhaps as you suggest they looked at ways at effecting the greater system from within the system itself, a central focus of mind and identity, and how this would facilitate access and control overall.

In terms of their public interface they may have found it a little disconcerting that their overall efforts could be put into a mythological paradigm such that their modus operandi could not only be determined but also that aspect of the Divine which instigated it and from this the ethnic group behind the initiative.

Their greatest achievement then in their search for the keys to Higher Intelligence was making contact with ATS membership, and the perspective gained from this, which should be reported on at the Herzliya Conference before an audience of intelligence agency and government ministers, in order to obtain further funding.

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posted on Jun, 2 2014 @ 07:40 PM
There seems to be only one common thread that unites this discussion. I am of course referring to the fact that once one `bathes` in the so-called delights of the Fl site, one becomes rather reticent to discuss one's true ideas. I don't mean those ideas formed at the beginning, but rather those that come upon one once immersed in the regime for lack of a better word.
Personally I believe that there is so much possible `information` available yet just beyond the grasp of the casual browser that one could define the site as the `wiki of the unknown` .
I can't help but wonder about Ummo and its linguistically related counterpart Nommo.
Much love and respect to all.

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