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Medical & Pharmaceutical Reform AZP

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posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 09:25 PM
The current medical and pharmaceutical industries are profit driven, but at what expense?

The current system profits more from keeping people sick than it does from keeping them healthy. While this does lead to more profit for the involved industries, it is destructive to society in general (including those who are profiting from it!).

From a standpoint of reason, a healthy populace is not only a happy one, but it is more productive. When people have to take time to focus on their health, such as myself, it does not allow as much time to be used for helping those around us (and through technology, helping the entire world). In keeping large portions of the population sick, we are directly inhibiting our progress as a whole.

This is one of the areas where I feel it would behoove the governmental body to strongly focus on keeping their people healthy. Not through restricting choices, but through providing proper care. Instead of focusing on profit that is shown in individual bank accounts, it should be a focus on how to maintain a society which can most effectively contribute to progress.

This affects every arena imaginable from art to food services to invention.

It is more beneficial, for everyone involved, to reside within a healthy society. Not only would it naturally increase hard numbers like the GDP, but it would increase the quality of life for every individual involved (including the greedy). Instead of waiting for medicines that can be made proprietary and patented strictly for profit, it would be more beneficial to approach this in the same free information culture as presented in my other thread.

We are currently going in the opposite direction of what I am suggesting with things like Obamacare. Where medical services are not provided for the overall benefit of the entire society, but as a forced tax to attain more profit. This type of strategy has been used in many corporations up to this point, and it should not be a surprise that in a corporate run government we are beginning to see the same thing.

Instead of holding peoples health for ransom, it is likely to create a more profitable environment overall by keeping the population healthy. If looked at as an investment by the corporate government, it is one that will yield massive returns. Not only through direct means such as increased GDP and even the value of a specific currency, but also through more obscure means such as an increase of quality of life for everyone involved.

What can we do, individually, to start creating such an environment? Do you think that keeping people sick is the best way to satisfy both the need and greed of every individual involved in the system?


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