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Joe Ledger Series

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posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 10:24 AM
I just finished reading Extinction Machine and thought I'd give some props to the author, and the series.

The books, 5 in total, focus on Joe Ledger, an ex-military, ex-cop, all around tough guy who gets recruited by a shadowy branch of the government known as the DMS, Department of Military Sciences. This division is set-up to handle the cases that are a bit too far out there for ordinary channels. They got cutting edge, as in several generations ahead of anything, tech and they've had run-ins with zombies, vampires, genetically engineered soldiers etc. The stories all seem to be fictionalized (I hope) versions of things we find on ATS.

The most recent book, Extinction Machine, covers aliens, crashed space craft, reverse engineering, alien human hybrids, majestic 12 etc. The author, Jonathan Maberry, used consultants like George Noory, Bill Birnes, Peter Robbins and Richard Dolan and even throws a couple of them into the book for good measure.

His books are all fast paced and fun but this last book was insane in that it seemed like everything he threw in there was something we've all been talking about for years.

I read that the books have been optioned for tv as well so, if you want to get your ATS style stories in long form fiction, you'll get your fill.


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