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Pet grid cabin...your thoughts?

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posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 03:40 PM

Originally posted by spooky24

This is a picture of the cabin I built on the land here that is a modern copy of the one I built and stayed in over 20 years ago on land south of here.. It is modernized with solar array/110volt electric power, propane heat and other aids and I go there everyday to feed the resident cats. I mainly keep research files and works in progress here and I sometimes work overnight as it's a great place to think.
It was built in similar fashion with split eastern red cedar taken from the forest as the main building material. Insulated red tin roof and I had a stone mason build the fire place and chimney. The deck extends 27 feet and is 9 feet high.
The cabin faces south down a north slope and above the ridge is an old sandstone wall made from large chiseled blocks from a structure that may have been a cellar or perhaps a home that predates the civil war.

I have no idea how they got to where they are or who put them there-despite many, many years of trying. I thought about using them to build a cellar under the deck however perhaps it's best they stay where they are for a hundred more years or so-or better said I thought something bad might happened if I moved them. General Hood's retreat, from the Battle Of Franklin, came through here however if that has any bearing on the wall I will never know. The construction technique of the cabin is quite simple however the solar array and power system is quite complex and you can't see the panels in the photo. It works quite well and the reserve capacity is quite amazing-it can power anything indefinitely except a high heat source. Of course I had this professionally installed as I don't really understand how it works as well as it does.
The propane tank is stored under the deck and can power a generator as well as the vented heat. If you have any questions about building something similar just ask.

that's pretty cool!

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 05:59 AM

Originally posted by spartacus699
There's this one lake area I like going to in the summers. It has tons and tons of forest and lakes. Tons of little logging roads as well. So I was debating the idea of building a little off the grid cabin. I'm just debating it, and if I did it it would likely be "very small" like a micro cabin.

But I was thinking that if I could find a logging road that say hit a cut line, the if I drove up the cut line lets say, and then found a spot where I could park my truck where it would be hidden from view. And then from there hike say a short distance like a 1/4 or 1/2 mile into the bush to the cabin site. And build it near a stream and or lake. But still deep enough into the woods where likely nobody would find it. And also maybe camaflosh it with some trees and stuff.

The reason is I was thinking, since I come out here in the summers, it might be very handy to have a place to crash out. Like the only other alternatives are motels or in my truck, which aren't really good options. The only thing I'm a little nervous about are bears, that's why I don't think tents would suit me as I can't sleep well in them as I get too nervous. But if I was in some kind of micro cabin made of say plywood, Likely any animal would have a hard time getting in. Likely even if it tried by that time you could have some weapon ready to kill it with. But at least I could probably sleep at night. Even then it would take some getting use to. But the point is it would be free to use for the short time I spend in the area each summer. One alternative might be to buy a small piece of land, but I checked and they want like 50k for the smallest piece. And then you're just as likely to have bilaw officers checking on it to see what you might be doing on it.

Anyway what's your thoughts, is this a good idea or bad? I know if anyone found it it might be toast but if I don't spend much building it it wouldn't be a huge loss if anything happened to it. But again what do you think of this? Like this one option below might even be an idea. It's a mobile cart cabin so if you put it somewhere then if anyone asks you could just say "this is mobile and I'm just camping". so you likely wouldn't get into any serious trouble over it.

Your thoughts???

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My thoughts - build a log cabin high up in the mountains where you can get access to water sources. On the ground, you may be safe from prying intruders, but you need to consider the tsunamis/floods that may be coming our way soon.

posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 12:45 AM
If you're unsure about living off the land, I recommend the Foxfire books. They started being written in the mid 60's after interviewing people living in the Appalachians and how their daily way of life was. This includes everything from how to build and use tools, to canning, making a log cabin, etc. - All you would need to know to live off grid.

An example of experiential education, the magazine had articles based on the students' interviews with local people about aspects and practices in Appalachian culture. They captured oral history, craft traditions, and other material about the culture.

And here is a link I found to it online:

Outpost of Freedom - Foxfire Book vol 1

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