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Girl Under Scan [EWC]

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posted on Jul, 7 2013 @ 07:40 PM

Girl Under Scan

[EWC] Short Stories contest entry - see disclaimer below.

Transmission One.

Lily, a petite brunette with mysterious blue eyes and long flowing hair, had just finished getting dressed for another day in her first few months of a new career.

She was thoughtfully planning her day, in her tiny but cozy apartment with that still appeared freshly remodeled, when suddenly was caught by attention of what she had left on earlier. It was a "Ghost Box",which scans between electronic transmissions, had preferred as her equipment for her ghost hunting hobby. The words came through, loud and clear, as opposed to being in static, "Very sad seen no way out"man's voice then continued in another man's, deeper, voice "It was a very sudden last resort."

Suspicious as to it sounded with possibly describing someone who had taken their life, seeing how that message probably did not relate to the paranormal or herself, she proceeded to write down the time date and quotes. After that, as figured, she did pick up people talking by radio wave or other electronic input...

Put on her coat, began walking into the crisp fall air...which brought back memories of life before her move,

How ghost investigating was a main interest of hers before she moved to the "big city", while studying in college. Almost in shock of how life is different in the city, she remained in amazement, but with her took being naive in safety of her former life. More and more she investigated into what she thought was wrong and needed to be brought to the attention of the public.

When she found an inside source, decided to investigate it, finding a dismaying truth of which she was unaware of prior. Lily broke the details in her blog which was her main hobby and a planned future career as a journalist, because she wanted more than what she had gone to school for. She needed to start somewhere even if it was risky, at least it seemed to be. She had a decent following, which appeared to garner the attention of people who did not like what she had to say, that extended beyond usual internet commentators.


Later that afternoon, after a short work day, she was heading towards her friend's house located miles outside of the city. With the city in the distance, the probability she won't have time to turn back she still wanted to check for an item she misplaced. With that idea she found a turn off on the side of the road, brightly lit by the afternoon sun,she began searching. She became distracted by a sudden mirage like shadow in the distant orange and red colored sky. By the time she looked up it was nearly to late to react. It was a vehicle in flight of decent size, dark in color, appeared to almost take a nose dive into her car. Heart pounding, head spinning, thoughts turn to fleeing... dropped her search of the item, then began on her way.

Or at least was trying, the car was having trouble starting yet her gas, battery, etc., was fine. This combined with the prior incident could not be in her head. She began to show stress in her face far beyond her late twenties. After numerous tries the engine finally turned over. With that there was no hesitation to get out of there going well over the posted speed limit.

She reached the destination safely. Her friend and colleague had asked, tall woman in her mid thirties, "Lily you look startled are you alright?" Lily in reply, "Oh you know me I am out of touch with these areas for the moment, thought I was going to slam into a deer who ran in front of my car." She decided not to share that encounter in fear she might be losing it. More than that the fear of not wanting her co worker friend from work to spread rumors, while likely in concern but will not come off as, similar to compared to a stereotypically scoffed at loony Conspiracy Theorists. With a fake assured smile, she thought to herself surely it was an accident that was caught before disaster by a driver of...what she was not sure of. Deep down, however suppressed, it became clear that she was playing with fire.

In the Neon.

It's later in the week, Lily has awoken early, on a first day off in a while. Figuring it would be easier on foot to achieve her goals, in such a bustling city, she left home. It also became clear that there was a need to calm down after earlier in the weeks events stained her mind. A part of that plan would be to put into writing what she had concluded on her breaking information earlier in the week, as she didn't favor typing into a phone or other alternatively.

The coffee house being way closer than her home, she hurriedly walked down the decayed street in an older area of the city towards the direction in which she believed it to be located. Venturing past numerous stores, dark alley ways, shops, bars, clubs, convenient stores and well, entertainment, that reflected a shady part of the city. She stopped for more than a moment, at first lost in thought but then lights are almost hypnotizing in the neon glow of the numerous lit up signs, mechanical silhouettes moving with a rather drone like sound.

So distracted she didn't even notice the coming person, whose shoulders slammed right into her "Sorry ma'm" as the older man in a very professional looking suit scurried away carrying in the lite wind a low apologetic voice.

Hurried and almost panicked she soon came to her destination. A café came into view, distinct of the area, however sorely dingy and cold showing it's time. It had looked barely lit, with glows of computer screens being a more prominent source of lighting. She, upon walking in could smell the strong scent of an old building with old black paint that sucked in the light, less so that of one that is inhabited by people- not very many present. Rather than the scent of fragrance of coffee and other fine treats. Lily ordered a pastry and a dark wine, paid for spot then sat down at her assigned spot.

The computer was running smooth, same was the internet. That was until she started logging into her site and
data stored online, as if it almost knew who she was even thought not being on her typical computer or ISP. But what was it she wondered. Further uses the computer, but web cam filming indication comes on, messages appear with an image popup of her on the computer-obviously taken by th computer as she is facing the screen. A stark message displays, "You're not going to get away with this." Wasn't the only thing going on, she could not access her internet site's files, it closed her out, she could not log back in.

"That's it! You don't scare me!" She nearly yelled in an angry voice, only alerted what seemed to be one café patron who she had noticed glanced her way from time to time during her stay there. She rose from her seat after saving and logging out, and made sure to give the patron a menacing glance. The café employee at the main counter called out to her. When she addressed the problems, the older employee insisted that it could not be, but did give her change back. She didn't want to argue, she wanted to make sure she was out of the way of whoever is doing this to her, at least where she felt vulnerable. Then made her way home, walking at a fast speed, dodging people, taking shortcuts...

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posted on Jul, 7 2013 @ 07:40 PM
Transmission: Terminal

In suspicion but felt now who or why would someone be dropping subtle hints to her? What would it even be about she wondered. Then in plain sight is the conclusion, what she has shared and has to share. Someone or some group does not like that. With that reassuring thoughts resurfaced, making her feel as if she had gone mad.

Later that night after her mind was spinning she calmed down until a fly on the wall decided to come closer to her, buzzing around. Swatting and yelling for it to go away, had noticed that the fly looked...mechanical, or she was seeing things due to being tired and restless. She turned out the lights, not only in hopes to stop the fly from bothering her but because she felt dread and confusion. Staring out of the large window of her high rise, the city, in an immense glow, cascaded up and down the mountains in the distance sprawling as far as the imagination. Eerily silence had fallen within her mind, then an unexpected rustle at the door before she could react... she felt herself drifting into a dream-like state.

The next day it was all over the local newspaper, new to town employee of Rouge Firm, Lily D., was found dead of apparent suicide: "She was found later in the morning after taking her life by hanging."

Her informative blogs and articles surfaced in the media. That exposure greater than even while she was alive, shocked many. As well as the friend she had gone to see outside of town, had a incident similar to Lily's situation. Under curiosity and deep concern, later on found that Lily too, through a neighbor glimpsing what had happened but was too in disbelief. Her friend is further investigating the situation, has professionals on it, while releasing more of Lily's articles.


Disclaimer: My first Short Story entry on ATS please bear with me!

Story in dedication to those lost in the process of exposing truth against corruption. And for those who remain, stay vigilant.
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